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Paul Wall -- Sorry For Laying Down that Beat

9/28/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Paul Wall is apologizing for belting a concert-goer with his mic in Texas this weekend -- saying he shouldn't have let himself "become distracted" by a middle-finger flippin' fan.

In a statement released to TMZ, Paul says, "I want to sincerely apologize to my San Antonio fans ... for allowing myself to become distracted during my recent performance."

Paul continues, "I apologize for temporarily taking my eyes off that goal. I will learn and grow from this incident and be a better person, artist and performer as a result."

As we first reported, Paul got violent with a fan at the Low Low Car Show on Sunday ... after the dude stood in front of the stage and flipped the bird right at Paul.

So far, no police report has been filed.


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I don't think you did anything wrong, Paul. If this were corporate america, you'd have reported it and the offender would be called in and spoken to, with a reprimand placed in their file.

1454 days ago


What a dumbazz!

1454 days ago


Oh good grief, Grow Up, Your supposed to be a professional. If he give you the finger so what he had a ticket.

1454 days ago


It just proves you are HUMAN!

1454 days ago


Paul, you are such a child !

Did he offend your last feeling ?

1454 days ago

Get real    

Well, it is a free country and the fan has a right to express his feelings. Now, with that said, the government is actually the only one stopped by law from restricting speech, so by wacking him with the microphone, Paul was expressing HIS freedom of speech. Seeing as that is potentially considered assault, it would really be between the parties involved and the courts now. So, good luck with all of that. I can see the court papers and the judge asking, "So, if I read this right, he made and obscene gesture and you wacked him with a 8 oz microphone, is that right?...hmmmm"

1454 days ago


So the guy flips you off and you resort to violence? Sounds like somebody needs to grow up. "Wah! He disrespected me. I have to prove my manhood and whack him." Get over yourself, dude. That half assed appology to the fans wasn't very thuggish, in fact you now look like a fool. Paul has hit a wall on this one.

1454 days ago


Oh I guess we can let it slide this time, but your music is still garbage

1454 days ago


So apparently, the guy who got hit was being disrespectful during a moment of remembrance for deceased artist Pimp C.

That does not excuse Wall's actions, but I can see how he could have lost his temper.

1454 days ago


Can you say law suit?

1454 days ago


yeah cry me a river

1454 days ago


1. Who?
2. Grow some balls. You can't handle it if someone lips you off?
3. Seriously, who?
4. read between the lines of his statement: "Please, please, please don't sue me. I'm sorry I got caught on this, but please don't sue me."

1454 days ago


You need to grow up! I hope he sues your A@@. Only losers use their fists, men use words and real men ignore stupid gestures. Spoiled (like you) take things like this personally. Anyone can give you the finger, maybe he didn`t like the song!! I hope the DA charges you with assault with a weapon. In fact, I`m going to e-mail him after I finish this post. You apologize to the fans but not to the guy you assaulted, what a loser! Guess which finger I`m holding up.

1454 days ago


To Barb you stated: You need to grow up! I hope he sues your A@@. Only losers use their fists, men use words and real men ignore stupid gestures.
Barb, you own a c#nt, you would not understand the issues of men. Just like men don't need to understand why women must own a minimum of 500 pairs of shoes, in order to feel like women.

That portion of society that own c#nts, should stay out of the affairs of men......Artofwar

1454 days ago


Radaronline just reported Paul Waul did us all a favor and ate himself.

1454 days ago
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