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Polygamous Family: TV Show is Worth the Risk

9/28/2010 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The polygamous family featured on the TLC reality show "Sister Wives" is speaking out after learning they've become the target of a felony bigamy investigation in Utah ... claiming the show is a "risk worth taking."

TMZ just received a statement from the Brown family -- saying, "We are disappointed in the announcement of an investigation, but when we decided to do this show, we knew there would be risks."

The family continues, "But for the sake of our family, and most importantly, our kids, we felt it was a risk worth taking."

Yesterday, the Lehi Police Department in Utah announced that the family is being investigated for felony bigamy ... and plans to turn over all evidence to the Utah County Attorney's Office for review and possible prosecution.

The show features a 42-year-old man named Kody Brown -- who has 3 wives, a prospective 4th wife and 13 children.


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1st of all, he is only legally married to one wife, the others are not legal. The wives are obviously over 18 and all but one work and have a job. If they are not hurting anyone, and not doing anything illegal, who cares!! let them live their lives. Stop judging other people.

1450 days ago


I watched it and looking forward to watching it again. Couldn't believe tlc would air a show like this but I watched it and found it interesting. That guy sure is a busy man! One thing I can say he sure is dedicated! More than a lot of men out there. I think it would be cool to live like that!

Been married for over 30 years myself here and now that the kids are gone I am the loneliest person on earth. And it would be nice to have someone close to talk to and be with like these gals do.

I have to agree with Prancy stated about the Duggers! That upsets because they keep pumping kids out and the older ones have to be parents when they should be kids. And these kids at least have four moms and a dad!

And they live in a nice home as well and look like they are taken care of very well. And why do we or the law always have to decide if this is not right or not to be married to more than one person? Its none of our business!

1450 days ago


This family is so full of fail. The kids have more sense than these so called "adults" Marriage should be just between two people (whether they are the same sex or not). This guy just comes off as a selfish egotistical jackass. And the "wives" seem brainwashed.

1450 days ago

Allie M.    

When the children start being hassled at school and the parents face a judge, they might consider doing the reality show a mistake. Fame costs.

1450 days ago


If the state of UTAH is investigating you for Bigamy then you're in **** water!!! Utah the state of many wives..related or not.

1450 days ago


My god what has TV come to. I dont want to watch a man with four wives who he claims he is in love with,. They have 13 children. Who supports these children and these woman are dumb as hell. Our society is messed up enough without having this crap on tv. I wont watch and I hope they all get arrested.

1450 days ago


After seeing his wives its obvious he is going for quantity over quality.

1450 days ago


Gay marriage has nothing to do with this, morons! Anyway, please come up with one logical argument, backed up with CREDIBLE evidence, against either one.

1450 days ago


Yet another family destroyed by TLC.. That network should be ashamed of themselves...

1450 days ago


They might be married "In Spirit", but unless they actually applied for multiple marriage licenses to try to get 'legally married', or are perpetrating a welfare scam like someone about mentioned, I doubt there's been a violation of the law. It's rare for there to be a law on the books about adults living together, even sharing/hopping beds, even if there are children involved. Basically, the guy and wife #1 have 2 roommates and are working on a 3rd. If gay couples can live together, even adopt, without being harassed by the law, these folks should be in the clear. That said, if they have applied for marriage license #2 or #3, there may be no saving them.

Unless the kids are experiencing some kind abuse, the authorities will make some threats, get some publicity, then go away with nothing accomplished.

1450 days ago


i don't see what the problem is. this is supposed to be a free country. like someone said if gays want to married than everyone should do as they please.

1450 days ago


I think what one does, as long as it's not evil or harmful, should be their own business. I, myself, think it's disgusting! I would LOVE to see how this man would feel if each wife brought a boyfriend into the picture. Maybe a second husband? Obviously you can't be legally married to more than 1 person at a time & don't understand why they would risk it. Just pretend you're married if it's so important. He's a pig.

1450 days ago

Bob Barker    

HAHAHA - 6.5 wives. ROFL.
Excellent Janine.

1450 days ago


Honestly...what does it matter. He's not married to any children, his kids look heathly and happy, and they support themselves. Who is anyone to judge whats normal and whats not normal? As long as they aren't a drain on society and are productive members, I say let him have 10 wives. He's the guy that has to listen to more woman nag him. If he can handle it, why can't people just let them be?

1450 days ago


Bigamy is illegal - they should be prosecuted!

1450 days ago
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