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Bristol Palin -- The Cheesiest Evidence of All

9/29/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the newest, tastiest twist in the underage bar investigation surrounding Bristol Palin -- photos of the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant stuffing her face full of delicious NACHOS!


So why are the nachos important!?

Alaska officials have reportedly launched an investigation into Bristol's night out -- because state law would only allow the 19-year-old to be inside Rumrunner Bar and Grill if it's been designated as a bona fide restaurant, and she was there to eat.

As TMZ first reported, sources extremely close to Bristol are adamant that the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant was all clear to be inside the place when they shot a segment for the show last Friday ... insisting she only consumed the nachos.


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Why is this an issue? In most states, once someone has a child they are considered an "emancipated minor" and have the same rights as one over 21. ?????????

1450 days ago


Surely there are more pressing matters that the 'officials' could be seeing too? If not, I have to question the relevance & necessity of the jobs in question.

1450 days ago


Just ask yourself WWGAD? (What Would Gloria Allred Do?)

1450 days ago


Is this what happens when Lindsay goes off to rehab? Nachogate? Come on, get real.

I'm not a fan of the Palin family but this is sooooo not a story.

1450 days ago


holy crap why is she not allowed to eat, why would you even put this photo up! Your losing it have you looked around your tmz news room half your staff have been stuffing nacho's down their throat and not been dancing for 8 hrs a day and looking after a baby. Take this picture down!

1450 days ago


The issue is she is a liar like her mom!

She went to the bar and she most likely was drinking. I mean, she said she wasn't having sex, yet she got pregnant. She is not a super trust worthy individual, again, like her mom.

And I am a republican!!

Holy cow does this family/woman make me ill!

Again, another "celebrity" that has done nothing but gotten knocked up or said they have foreign policy experience due to being close to Russia. I mean, you know Russia has tried to conquer Alaska SOOOOOO many times!!


1450 days ago


Nachogate? Stupid, how slow of a news day is it? She didn't drink in a bar that she's legally allowed to be in, time to move on. Can this be the end of the non-story now? doubtful

1450 days ago

Jimmy Jam    

She seems like an OK girl. Who cares that she is in a bar/restaurant. It is her prerogative. Plus, she has wonderful natural breasts.

1450 days ago


"stuffing her face"? Nice, TMZ. There's never a way to look good trying to eat something like finger food anyway. You always are going to look bad. What a non-issue. So if for some reason, they feel she shouldn't have been there what happens? Fines for the bar? Fines for Bristol? What?

1450 days ago


Big deal.
By the way....she can't dance and she, like her mother, says some pretty crazy things.......but I'd still do her. Yeah...I'd love to put my face between those thighs and after that......just do her. I bet she gives some crazy BJ's, as she looks up to see how you are reacting to her work. Yeah....I'd do her. And so would a hell of a lot of guys out there, given the chance.

1450 days ago


Bristol palin is a good eater! Bristol should be careful she is already chunkier and softer than her mother Sarah. I love bristol, Chunky Monkey....Ka Chunka...

1450 days ago


Wow...with the expression on her face this should make the PERFECT image for use with Photoshop and ANY phallic symbol!!!!

1450 days ago


So a kid eating snack food takes precedence over married Tony Dovolani doing his much younger partner?

1450 days ago


you should do who you rather with her & mom poll

1450 days ago


Leave her alone a**holes!
She is just a kid.
I guess she should be avoiding food according to you?
Does anyone at TMZ avoid food?
I thought we neede it to survive, I guess I was wronge.

1450 days ago
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