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Maid Co. -- Meg Whitman's Nanny Lied to Us Too!

9/30/2010 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The company that Meg Whitman used to hire her maid Nicky Diaz Santillan back in 2000 claims Nicky deceived them about her immigration status before the company referred her over to Meg.


The owners of Town & Country Resources tell TMZ that when Nicky filled out the standard candidate questionnaire, she "indicated she was legally able to work in the United States" ... even though Nicky knew she was in the country illegally.

T&CR add ... "Further, Nicky provided us and our client with the documents that our client would need to complete the I-9 form as was their legal obligation as an employer."

The company owners -- who claim they only took over in 2008 and had no part in referring Nicky -- claim the policy has changed in the past few years ... and potential workers must undergo "a rigorous background check, verified by a third party."


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I agree with the first post...We all know what Gloria is...Surprise Surprise the illegal immigrant lied LOL. That isn't really breaking news. And Meg lied about getting a letter...There isn't one person in this entire case that is honest...I say send all 3 of them to Mexico!!

1448 days ago


And you have to wonder how many people lie about this stuff anyways on a daily basis and don't get caught? This is nothing new...

1448 days ago


Illegal is the key word here. I don't care if you're from Canada or Armenia, if you're in this country Illegally you are breaking the LAW!!!

1448 days ago


why is this mexican woman still free?
she should be behind bars or deported asap
is there any law in US?

1448 days ago


DAAAAAnnnngggg!!! i had NNOOOH idea that it was this difficult to get a maid!! lying, cheating and stealing!! do they have a stock market exchange number??! cuz i'm in on this business then.

1448 days ago

Lindsey Kelly    

What made Rosa come out with this since she is illigally here. Isn't she afraid to be deported?
How much money is she getting from Gloria or what is Gloria offering her.

1448 days ago

reality check    

There is an easy answer to miss Niki Diaz's problem SEND HER BACK over the porder where she belongs and don't let her back in this country unless she has a legal right to be here !!!!!!!

1448 days ago


Thou shalt not bear false witness!! Wonder where that came from???? - Hmmmmmm - back to building the gallows again - I see that they are needed and the town is in a rage about this and we need a good hangin anyways - keeps the villagers happy!!!

1448 days ago


Meg Whitman's lies are putting her in a pile of doodoo. She's pack-peddling as fast as she can as her campaign falls off a cliff. I was considering voting for Meg, but the last thing we need is someone who can't be truthful over something so simple. You could easily see Meg Whitman was lying at her press conference. She's the last thing we need to save California!!! I'm not sure Jerry Brown is the answer either... but he's better than that conniving b**ch!

1448 days ago


If this woman is not prosecuted for fraud and/or deported then it shows that there is no real effort on anybody's part to get tough on illegal immigration and the whole issue should be dropped completely.

1448 days ago


In a household like Meg's where she works full time at Ebay, it was very possible she never received the letter herself stating that there was an error in the SSN.

The SSN letter didn't state anything about immigration status. It made it look like there was an error in the number when it was entered.

It's entirely possible that her husband got the SSN letter and passed it back to Nicky asking her to check it out. My guess is that Nicky never followed up. Nicky made the letter disappear without disclosing her false immigration status.

Then 2009 shows up and Nicky confesses and is therefore fired immediately.

Ultimately, it comes down to Nicky being the fraud...

1448 days ago


I don't know if Meg is lying or not, but to me that's not the point. The woman was making $23.00 an hour and she worked for Meg for 9 years Why is she suing her? I haven't heard one claim for monetary damages or anything that Meg has done wrong other than she knew that she was illegal so what? So is my lawn man what am I supposed to do? Obviously California doesn't have a problem with people being illegal because they aren't trying to do anything to Nikki who has not only admitted to being illegal but she has also admitted to identity theft.

1448 days ago


I'm very concerned about whose identity she stole using that SS#. I mean, that person has a caous eof action against the illegal since she's been falsely obtaining things under another person's number.

I believe that Meg hired this woman thikings he was legal because you don;t report earnings to the IRS if you know the person is illegal. I believe a letter was sent in 2003 to Meg and her husband. Now, for me to believe that the illegal DIDN'T steal the mail, I'd need confirmation that's Meg's husband handwriting on the letter. Once that has been established, I'm still on Meg's side b/c the note telling her to check this indicates that Meg's husband didn't think illegal and thought Nicky had made an error in recording her number. He filled out the form with what he knew to be true and gave it to Nicky to check over and mail. I think, once he did that, he thought she'd record the correct number and send it off, thus ending the whole matter.

1448 days ago

Liza G.    

I bet Jerry is laughing his $#$@#!#@ off!

1448 days ago


Nicky is not employed today and the reporter asked Allred how she supports herself answer. Is Nicky or has Nicky received Unemployment payments? Food stamps? How much is she illegally receiving or has received on the txpayer (legal taxpayer) dime. Her family was born here as anchor babies at least two? How much can California pay for? This needs to be fixed for the whole country. Meg or not...the light is shing America...we nedd to fix this problem and deport now. Candidates should run on this maddness. Most Americans are sick of this outrages abuse of Americas generosity.

1448 days ago
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