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Maid Co. -- Meg Whitman's Nanny Lied to Us Too!

9/30/2010 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The company that Meg Whitman used to hire her maid Nicky Diaz Santillan back in 2000 claims Nicky deceived them about her immigration status before the company referred her over to Meg.


The owners of Town & Country Resources tell TMZ that when Nicky filled out the standard candidate questionnaire, she "indicated she was legally able to work in the United States" ... even though Nicky knew she was in the country illegally.

T&CR add ... "Further, Nicky provided us and our client with the documents that our client would need to complete the I-9 form as was their legal obligation as an employer."

The company owners -- who claim they only took over in 2008 and had no part in referring Nicky -- claim the policy has changed in the past few years ... and potential workers must undergo "a rigorous background check, verified by a third party."


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An Awakening    

Thank you Gloria! I'm sure there is truth in this mess somewhere and hopefully it comes out soon. One thing is for certain, I will be doing my own housekeeping and gardening going forward and I'm sure a lot of folks will do the same...

1482 days ago


Gloria Allred>????? A example of Virtue...NOT how come it took so long for the "back" to file. Jerry's kids were desperate for the "issue". Jerry's Solution for Immigration problem??? Make em all legal, ESL classes and Medi-Cal cards

1482 days ago


Can someone tell me what is the difference between defending an illegal immigrant or hiring one? Seems to me the defender knows something maybe the employee didn't. Open the floodgates Gloria, is the pimp business a little slow these days? Or is the problem your ugly mug hasn't made the gossip rag pages lately these days? Or is it you are trying to manipulate the voters?

1482 days ago


23 dollars an hour more than twice the
minimum wage for that kind of money
id move to califonia

1482 days ago


Viva Mexico en California !

1482 days ago


Those of you trumpeting the fact that the maid was making a whopping $23 per hour. That was based on a 15 hour work week. Not a normal 40 hour week. Doing the math, she was paid $345 per week, not $920. Her claim is that Meg only paid her for 15 hours, not the total hours Meg actually made her work. Also, for those who still contend that these immigrants(legal or otherwise)are taking jobs away from legit folks. There was a recent study in the agriculture industry in Central California, and it showed very few of "us"(Anglos)applied for those jobs, and many of those who did, quit within a few days.

1482 days ago


#70- what difference does that make? If she didn't like the pay and hours, she didn't have to work for the Whitmans, or the agency. Also, I think you are missing the point that she was not only here illegaly, but committed identity fraud. Not feeling too sorry for her.

1482 days ago


Geez, and this just shows up 33 days before the election? How long has Gloria Allred known about this housekeeper, and why is she still here? Meg Whitman got her through a third party and had no intention of hiring an illegal person. Even if her husbands signature is on the paper it could mean a dozen things, all of which are not Meg Whitman's doing.

Who knew what and when did they know it? This smells of dirty politics, and of Governor Moonbean who I would never vote for. We need someone who has actually hired people and not on the Government roll.

By the way is it true that Gloria Allred is/was a superdelegate for the Demoncrat party in California?

1482 days ago


anyone hiring illegals should be fine a huge amount of money and borders should be secured that illegals and the bad guys couldn't come in illigally

1482 days ago


please....nicki cry yourself a free bus ride back to Mexico you media whore beeeotch, oh and please grab gloria the battle axe by the hand on your way la Mexico gloria! maybe some drug lords scorn whores can use some representation down there.....buh bye

1482 days ago


This whole organized political assault makes me feel sorry for Meg Whitman. I was kind of on the fence before, but looking at both candidates - she'd make a better governor. JB wasn't a great governor before and he was LOUSY mayor of Oakland. I guess if you vote for him, you'd know what to expect - the same level of mediocrity he has previously provided.

1482 days ago


gloria alred is s***. as for nikki like so many illegals is guilty of identity theft. i have worked with many such people
they do not care that they are breaking the law. i am an immigrant from mexico, my parents worked dammed hard to legaly bring there kids to this country. nikki makes me sick. people should really get behind the borders secured and then guest worker program. amnesty only encourages illegals and will not solve the problem. i like many others have compassiom for immigrants but let us fix the syste ps

1482 days ago


i'd say that the original employment agency was as much a fraud as Nicky the illegal alien. The agency should have done their homework. Meg obviously attempted to do the right thing going through an agency to get a person that can be legally employed.

It may well be in dispute about when Meg found out, but bottom line is that in the list of most disgusting behavior Nicky and the agency are far higher.

1482 days ago


Well, that's how the Democrats have to try to win these days - do anything they possibly can to tear down their opponent and make them look bad in the public eye cuz they can't win on their record that's for sure! Heck, they have to bus in SEIU protesters at Glenn Beck events. And...they pay them to do it. I don't think Chicago style threatening politics and Obama's failed policies, which are killing America, have done them any good. In fact, haven't you noticed all those Dems they told to vote the Party line on Health care, don't worry about your jobs, we know what's good for you cuz you're too stupid to their constituents, all of them actually ridiculing voters at Town Halls when they asked questions of their elected officials and all the other garbage they've shoved down our throats that take our rights away and make us more reliant on Govt plus the ridiculous spending spree they've been on (can you imagine running your house that way?)they're not dumping the money into alot of these races so not only did these guys really screw up their careers by ignoring the will of the American people, they've lost the obvious support of their Party.

1482 days ago


Why isn't the housekeeper in jail for stealing someone's social security number! She came forward and admitted she is an identity thief yet she remains free. I don't get it.

1482 days ago
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