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Soulja Boy -- 'I Know That I'm Rich As F**k!'

9/30/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So ... we saw rapper Soulja Boy in NY yesterday and asked if he knows how much money he's worth.

Good thing he's so humble ...


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You're just another stain on us black people and on what's supposed to be music.

1486 days ago


People like him need to STFU. I wish him nothing but ill will and bad times.

1486 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

What he does not realize is that now is being allowed to get used to being rich. He was already ignorant and stupid that a horrible combination then to add arrogance well .... his fall will be imminent. Unless he bends over to keep that doe he is used getting.

1486 days ago


The music industry (i.e. record labels, distributors, radio stations, etc.) is really no different than our dysfunctional government. They force this ridiculous, dumbed down "music" down our throats, and even worse, kids actually BUY this garbage. Soulja Boy NEVER had anything REMOTELY resembling talent as far as music is concerned, and yet, somehow this guy has all that money. WHY?!

I remember as a kid, I grew up to stuff like Eric B. & Rakim, De La Soul, Gang Starr, NWA, and later on, groups like Wu-Tang, Erick Sermon and his whole crew (Keith Murray, Redman and those cats), Pac, Biggie, etc. I mean, back then, even if you didn't like what they were saying, or the lyrics were too violent or whatever, there was NEVER any denying the talent of those artists.

It's sad to see what has become of rap and hip hop music. And the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the music industry for shoving this down our throats just like Obama did with this whole health scare scam.....

1486 days ago


Hood rich. This is why people like him never become wealthy. Trips to gucci and louis Vuitton after making a little money on one album, not realizing he has to pay all his agents, managers, etc. Who really makes that much money solely in the music industry anyway anymore? The only people who make money to become rich/wealthy have branched out to other areas. Certainly don't see anyone running to pay him for endorsements.

1486 days ago


Now that's class isn't it? I guess all that money can't buy him a personality.

1486 days ago


Your stupid as F**k too!

1486 days ago


Like most of those morons he's rich right now. In 5 years he'll be broke and doing Cash 4 Gold ads like MC Hammer.

1486 days ago


i dont see the picture

1486 days ago


The poor brotha just doesn't know any better! Let him enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. He'll be yesterday's news soon enough. Hey, Soulja Boy! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

1486 days ago


I'm gonna Superman that stupid, rich ho.

1486 days ago


Spoken just like someone who has nothing in his bank account. Hell can he even spell bank account. Poor chile cause that's exactly what he is someones chile with a coke addiction.

1486 days ago


Wall St tycoons who make millions not okay. Rappers who objectify woman and promote violence making millions celebrated?
I thought the mantra was, “all profits are bad?”

Oh yeah baby, you're doing a fine job running America into the hypocritical toilet
So I’m wondering TMZ will it be long before SEIU hires day laborers and busses them all to Soulja Boy’s house and protests him? Somehow, I doubt it very strongly.

1486 days ago

o rly    

Soulja Boy Tellem is a cokehead.

1486 days ago


Well somebody has to be temporarily rich and eternally stupid, might as well be him.....

1486 days ago
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