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Singer Mario Arrested -- Allegedly Attacked Mother

10/1/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mario -- the platinum-selling R&B singer -- was arrested in Baltimore this morning for allegedly assaulting his own mother in an apartment they share.

Mario arrested.

According to police, Mario's mother Shawntia Hardaway -- a former heroin addict -- told cops the former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant had been "throwing and damaging property" ... and pushed her around with his hands and forearms.

Cops say they found several broken items inside the apartment -- including a broken china cabinet, a busted mirror and a hole in the closet door.

Mario's mother also told police the 24-year-old singer had attacked her earlier in the week -- in which he pushed her "eight feet into a living room wall, where Ms. Hardaway hit her head on the wall."

Mario -- real name Mario Dewar Barrett -- was eventually arrested this morning for 2nd degree assault. He was released on $50,000 bond.


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I honestly dont believe it went down quite like that. I bet she relapse and he found her stash and when he was trying to throw it out she grabbed him and he pushed her out the way causing her to so called hit the wall. I believe he smashed up his own stuff and punched his own wall cause he has been taking care of her. That's his stuff. Based on his reality show u can see that dude has been in a lot of pain and his mom relapse on the reality show. All u idiots calling him a rapper have to be white. All I can do is SMH at you guys. All you guys calling him a wanna be thug how about u google him and do some research before you open ur mouths. I'm sure you can see his reality show on youtube or at least clips of it. His mom tells half truths.

1491 days ago


All of you sound dumb, no one knows what happened! She was probably stealing something and he caught her, she could have hit him and he shoved her! NO ONE KNOWS BUT THEM!!! SHE LIVES WITH HIM...........

1491 days ago


He attacked her? I thought the rappers just pee on people?

1491 days ago


I have seen this before where the kid ends up taking care of the s*** mother that never took care of them out of some kind of crazy loyalty.
When they try to intervene in their parents drug use the parent becomes violent.
Kids of addicts go through hell all their lives dealing with it. Its very sad.

1491 days ago


His mother is a heroin addict who has done this to him before. She makes these claims then it will come out that she did that to herself because he wouldn't do something or buy something for her.

1491 days ago


He attacked her? I thought the rappers just pee on people?

Posted at 12:14 PM on Oct 1, 2010 by OooooNooo!

Thanks for telling us what you like them to do to you. Next time don't drink all of the pee, it's affecting your brain...

1491 days ago


how deliciously ghetto. Maybe Mario can get Chris Brown's Anger Management Counselors number.

BTW, you never hit or push yo momma.

1491 days ago


How deliciously ghetto. Mario needs to get some anger management from Chris Brown.

1491 days ago


You guys can assume and believe what you see on the internet, but none of you were there to know what really happened. Stop hatin on him, hes a good kid. Keep your head up Mario, regardless of the situation, you still got people that love you , including your mom...Praying for you both.

1491 days ago


Wow at all of these comments. A lot of you have obviously never really been in the presence of an addict. What is the relevancy? Are you kidding me? The relevancy is that an person high on drugs is capable of da m n near anything. For all we know, SHE through all of that stuff around in a rage for not having her fix and him not giving her money. For all we know, she came at him violently and he PUSHED her to keep her from harming him or herself (any further). Humor me.. WHAT IF that was the case, w t f was he supposed to do??? I do not condone violence between men and women, but you better be for da m n sure that I would not expect a man to stand there and be assaulted by his own mother which is way more likely the case. Who believes an addict??? Wow.

1491 days ago


@ 101, i bet you defended chris brown nail and tooth when he battered rhianna. you're logic: " you don't know the situation. what did rhianna do to make him mad". there is no excuse for abuse, PERIOD. if Mario is a good kid, why was he in jail? please, take your bs somewher else.

1491 days ago


I'm sorry but being his 'mother' means nothing if she has been abusive to him in the past, and don't tell me a admitted heroin addict hasn't been abusive to her kids, family and friends.. they ALL are! She said he 'pushed her around' ... oh well, pushing is not hitting, sometimes pushing is the only way someone can get someone else to stop hitting them! Pushing is sometimes the only way you keep someone else from hurting themselves, .. or breaking things. I hope he is able to walk away from his 'mother' and just take care of himself, that's usually what happens to family and friends of addicts...especially heroin addicts.

1491 days ago


Let me're all crackers which is why you think he's a rapper when he is in fact an R&B Singer and his t-shirt is worth more than the trailer park you're renting. Am I right? Sure I am!

Glad to NOT be poor white trash! :-)

1491 days ago


I don't know the whole story but I have a feeling his mother's addictions pushed him too far but there's no excuse of course. I think those two should separate from each other.

1491 days ago


People argue, people fight, and people push others, and break things. Get over it. Not every act of physical violence is abuse especially if it was provoked which with her being a former addict, I'm sure it was. Mother or not you people are such hypocrites to condemn others for getting physical with other people when I know all of you have hit, pushed, or broken something in anger at one point in your life. Arresting people for family fights that aren't THAT serious is just another way for police departments to scam money out of the public.

1491 days ago
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