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Tommy Hilfiger's Son -- Weed Case Up in Smoke

10/3/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tommy Hilfiger's son is free to exhale a smoky sigh of relief -- because TMZ has learned he won't be prosecuted for his felony weed bust.

1001_tommy_hilfiger_son_EX_gettyAs we first reported, 20-year-old Richard Hilfiger -- who dabbles is rap music -- was pulled over in West Hollywood in July ... when cops allegedly found a fat stash of weed in his car and then arrested him for felony possession with intent to sell.

But the L.A. County District Attorney just declined to prosecute Richard -- because our sources say he was only busted with around two ounces of the sticky icky ... and it generally takes a half-pound or more to constitute intent to sell.

And even more good news for Richard -- we're told he also won't even be hit with a possession charge because he has a valid prescription for the stuff.


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Yep I said that    

His father should be arrested for making that god awful clothing he sells

1481 days ago


He obviously had a medical marijuana card. When you get said card, they make it very clear that if you choose to transport marijuana (meant, primarily, to protect those traveling from dispensaries), you have to carry the paper with the doctor's original signature AND your card. Sounds like an oversight on his part (albeit, a stupid's two pieces of paper, dumbnuts). No crime here. We can be in possession of weed, even in a car, for those afflicted with "medical" conditions. Gotta love Cali. *insert Amy Poehler imitation*..."Jealous?" :P

Now, if he was under the influence while driving, that's a whole different argument. I'd rather have a stoned dude behind the wheel than a drunk...but, that's kinda like saying, "I'd rather be stabbed than shot." They both suck.

sidenote: LOL @ Yepisaidthat

1481 days ago


Didn't even know Tommy Hilf*cker had a son. Now I see where he gets ideas for his ghetto wear collections.

1481 days ago


20-year-old Richard Hilfiger -- who dabbles is rap music --> WTF.

Who dabbles "in" not "is" rap music. Do you read your own material before you put it out for the world to read???

1481 days ago


Why would he have a prescription for this stuff anyways????

1481 days ago


Of course he won't be prosecuted. Basically what you're saying is it took 2-3 months for daddy to grease everybody's palms.

1481 days ago


The entire legal system in California is a joke!!

From Hilfiger to Lohan to the housekeeper scandal this week...OH! Last but not least O. J. Simpson!! We can't forget getting away with a double homocide.

A total joke!!

1481 days ago


ACK........... Who woulda thought his kid would look like that?

1481 days ago



1481 days ago

Drew Davis    

Nice neck tat douche. Thank God I live in a state where weed is still illegal. Dude looks like a total winner to me.

1481 days ago


Who would think otherwise? Love the neck tats! So,basically.... puff on dude. Ha!!

1481 days ago


#14 Go **** yourself.

1481 days ago

dan the man    

It baffles the mind how weed is still illegal. If alcohol and weed switched places within the legal system, violent crimes and other crimes would dramatically decrease as well deaths caused by driving with said newly legal substance.

1481 days ago


I can't believe so many people get bent out of shape because of herb. Relax, take a deep breath, and chill. Yes it's legal in Cali to smoke pot if you have a valid prescription 'card' and I for one am very glad for that. Without their medication many of these patients would be in worse shape than they are now. So back up off the marijuana. Oh and I agree with who ever said someone driving loaded (pot, pills, alcohol etc) is always a bad option.

1481 days ago


Ha ha f the stupid cops that tried to bust this guy!

1481 days ago
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