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Michael Lohan Goes Conservator Shopping

10/2/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan thinks the guy in this photo could save Lindsay Lohan's life.

Michael Lohan is eyeing Dana Cole, a prominent Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, to serve as the conservator for Lindsay Lohan. 

The two met on Thursday, though we're told Cole did not sign on -- but he listened.

As we first reported, Michael wants to file for a conservatorship, but he knows the judge would never appoint him as a conservator ... for numerous reasons.

But Lindsay is adamant ... she's not going under a conservatorship -- period. 


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Jim in Cali    

somehow someway, Michael Lohan and Spencer Pratt have to related in some way.

1448 days ago



1448 days ago


@57 I think it's best to simply ignore you from now on. As indicated : even IF the judge would have contemplated this course of action- regardless of the fact if she qualifies or not, I'm no lawyer and I suspect neither are you - it is made impossible due to Michael Lohan's action to pursue that course ( and the subsequent reaction by Lindsay Lohan ) .And you are still unable to spell my name right ,if you're going to try to single out a person for unfounded attacks you can at least have the courtesy of spelling their name right .Otherwise the whole endeavour looks like of stupid.

1448 days ago


This man is a disgusting excuse for a human being. He pimped his own daughter out at a young age to support his drug and booze habit. He and his horrible ex wife should hang their heads in shame!

1448 days ago


What would you expect from someone that went to prison for stealing someone's money!

1448 days ago


In my opinion, Michael Lohan is one of the major causes of Lindsay's problems. It appears to me that he uses every misstep of hers as a reason to get himself in the limelight. I think it is ridiculous that he holds press conferences outside the courthouse before and/or after her court appearances and then appears on multiple tv shows to get his own face on tv even more. I wish the networks would stop allowing him to use her for his own publicity and stop airing his comments. She has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with him, and his constant presence and attempts at interfering with her life can only be making this situation much harder for her to recover from. I think he needs to respect her wishes and disappear from her world so that she can heal, get well and stay alive. I am concerned that his behavior will push her over the edge to the point where she will be incapable of recovering and will die.

1448 days ago


I know that Michael Lohan is all the negative things all the previous posters have noted. However, I have a question. Why a criminal defense attorney as a conservator? To me that's a truly odd choice. Lindsay is adequately represented by counsel and her legal issues actually are only a small part of her life.

And by the way, if someone is deemed by the court to be in need of a conservatorship the fact that they don't want one is not all that relevant.

1448 days ago


Don't give it to either of her parents. Hand it over to her lawyer, she's the only one working for Lindsay, not for Lindsay's money.
These parents are freak jobs! And we wonder why Lindsay prefers drugs????
She needs to cut them all loose go her own way. I had to do that with my entire family, and I have a good life for having done it. I hope she is strong enough when she leaves rehab to tell them all to F**K right off, put restraining orders against the lot of them, and move on with her own life, WITHOUT these parasitic wing nuts!

1448 days ago


@68 are you a lawyer? Nope ,nor am I . We know s**t about the law ( oh, you can google all you want but that doesn't mean you know anything ) .There isn't a single attorney at law here who has proven to me - because that's impossible - a judge would be unable to do this. However: being able to do something doesn't make it plausible and we all agree it isn't plausible anymore - if it ever was - for a judge to take this course of action due to all that has happened in past week. So I don't see what your problem is with my analysis. And I'm not going on an on about this: I already said appointment of a conservator is impossible ( it most definitely is now ) .

Quite the contrary : it is YOU trying to find anything- anything at all will do- I post and then criticize it ( without any sound argument or knowledge ,just for the hell of it ) and I am wondering what possible reason you have for doing that. In conclusion: you're no lawyer and neither am I so we are BOTH speculating.To act as if you KNOW something even though it isn't your field of expertise - never mind education - is arrogant in the extreme.

1448 days ago


@70 Don't for a moment assume stuff about me ( again: you don't know me yet you act throughout as if you do ) . Let me try one more time though : do you honestly believe BOTH Dina Lohan's legal team AND Michael Lohan's team would examine the possibility of conservatorship if that was legally impossible? Do you honestly believe the criminal defense attorney mentioned in this article would even get into his car to chat with ML about this if it was out of legal bounds?

And no: I won't go away just for your convenience . Might I make a final suggestion though : just ignore my posts ,because I sure as hell will ignore yours from now on.

1448 days ago


From Hell hath no fury like a father scorned NY magazine:

The Post’s Cindy Adams, who once championed (MiLo's) his creativity, dismissed him last week by reporting that he calls up columnists “crying on the phone.”

. Lohan explains that he is not going after Lindsay’s money, but his wife’s cut of Lindsay’s money—and he says he’s doing that only because he sees so many other people living off Lindsay’s career. He’s her father, after all.

But during our lunch it becomes clear that the alimony suit is not Lohan’s endgame. He slides a settlement proposal across the table, which goes something like this: Let’s forget the whole restraining- order thing and put the divorce on hold—just long enough to make a reality show called Living With the Lohans: Over, or Starting Over? The treatment reads, “Join the Lohans as they invite you into their home, their lives, at work, play and even through their personal trials, as they go through what could be one of this decade’s most high profile and controversial celebrity divorces.”

“We as a family have been offered a deal with one of the biggest production companies in reality TV,” Lohan says. “It’s a multi-multi-multi-million-dollar deal.” His “Term Sheet for Divorce Action As Per Living With the Lohans” boils down to an ultimatum: If Dina agrees to make the show, then at the end of shooting, she can have an uncontested divorce, assuming she still wants it, and will not pay Michael “one red cent”; Michael will keep the licensing rights for Living With the Lohans. Otherwise, prepare for a nasty court fight.

What an arrogant controlling ...

1448 days ago


And this is the reason why this girl is so ****ed up right now. Everyone in her life has used her! All of the common and dirty **** Michael has done to LiLo he honestly believes that he can be the conservator of her money. Lindsay will be broker then what she already is if Michael gets his hands on her money. I cannot stand him or Dina!

1448 days ago

Peter Sc    

It must be hard for addicts to recover if they have such parents.

1448 days ago


The first attorney told him to pound sand, payment in free advertising using the famous Lohan name wasn't going to cut it. She doesn't qualify, you can piss the money you earned away because it's your money. If you are foolish you get to live with the consequences. He's lawyer shopping to find one dumb enough to try to get him or "his people" named as a conservator. It's not going to happen. I see Bloom is hiding in her closet with a rifle for protection now that she was Lohan's lawyer. Hahaha. Dance with the devil there Lisa?

Mike's got a raging case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and if his behavior triggers relapse in his daughter he doesn't care, it's all about Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkeeeeee! It's his world and we just keep having to see stories about this disgusting douche bag. Thanks TMZ. Between you and Radar he's making a good living and we'll never be rid of the parasite!

1448 days ago


Haha.. some of ya need a chat room

1448 days ago
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