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TMZ Live: Oksana, Britney, and Jermaine Jackson

10/4/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions today on everything -- including Oksana Grigorieva being guarded/advised by a convicted felon, Jermaine Jackson's Las Vegas tribute to MJ, and Britney Spears getting back in the studio.
Plus: Susan Boyle backs out of "Dancing with the Stars" performance.


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Is Oksana's bodyguard still on parole?

1481 days ago

Shelly B.    

DEXTER- Did you see the mazuzah's all over the house they were looking at in Dexter last night?

1481 days ago

The Internet    

It would be really nice if you guys apologized for what you did to Charlene Yi and Oxfam. Perhaps even make a decent donation to the charity to show the world you have a shred of humanity.

1481 days ago


Right the Justin Bieber video about him being a pedophile fake ?

1481 days ago


Is it just me, or does Harvey need a booster seat?

1481 days ago


Day after say these two bloviate back and forth about diet and getting fit. While they do it they show their disrespect to the people who wrote in by ignoring their questions.

Some day someone will try to follow your diet and exercise ideas and get hurt. Know this; step one is a physical and advice from a doctor not the half baked ideas of a video blog host.

1481 days ago


Max, Harvey and Mike - You're right Max - anything CAN be incorporated into our diets. How often we eat it and how much matters though. I eat 1 or 2 desserts once a month, at our monthly retirement luncheon - the rest of the month - none. And just like you Harvey, I weigh myself once a week, staying at 120 or 121. (Been that for a year now - was originally 143) I don't eat meat much - but sometimes I eat chicken and fish and try to get vegies and fruit every day - also eat alot of grains. (whole grain cereals and bread, nuts and seeds too) I'm not anal about anything - eat all day, get on the treadmill for 40 min once a day and do a set of exercises every other day. Seems to work for me. Congratulations Mike on your weight loss -you're looking great and I love the genuine concern you always show for people.

When I first saw TMZ, the TV show, I thought it was very mean- spirited and stopped watching - until I discovered TMZ Live, which is SO different. I see alot of genuine concern and admiration for some of these celebrities - but you still tell it like it is - you make a heck of an effort to anyway and correct yourselves if you need to. I look forward to seeing you all every day - keep up the great work!! :)

1481 days ago

Misha the CrackHo    

Watching TMZ live is a waste of time. Mike, no one cares if your ugly ass loses weight.

1481 days ago


Harvey: "Yeah, we'd love to have one of the Jackson's come on the show!"

Wonder if they have exceptions to any of them...

Gotta wonder, since this would be something that LaToya especially would be ALL over the invite like white on rice.

Yanno, Ms. wide eyed innocent (gag) mouth running, backpedaling, huge loose cannon delusional lying attention whore that she is.

Hmm... So what's up Harvey? Did you really mean, any one of them but her? lol

1481 days ago


Sign me up for the TMZ Fit Club! It's about time I lost some weight.

1481 days ago


Mike: ignore all the haters on here. I think your personal story is interesting and inspiring. You're putting yourself out there and that can't be easy. Good for you.

Harvey: What a wonderful idea to take your platform and do something as simple as entertain and give good advice.
I've had an especially hard time loosing the weight after my third child. Doesn’t seem to matter how much running around, eating well, and exercise I do during the day; I always throw all away at night. Once the kids are down and it’s quiet, I start to get depressed (my husband is deployed and it seems to only hit me when the kids are asleep) . . . then, ice-cream, cookies . . . blah blah blah everything goes to hell. How do break that cooping habit and move forward?

1480 days ago


Mike, Ignore all the haters on here. I want to hear more about TMZ fit club. I've been trying to loose weight for years and it's great to see normal people out there and what they are doing.

Harvey, How about a do and don't list for foods. Most of the foods that I thought were healthy turned out to be not. A little simple advice like that would be great.

1480 days ago


Why can't the laywers for Mel or the Sheriff or DA just supena Radar Online for the name of who gave them the tapes of Mel's rants. If releasing them broke the law shouldn't that be enough to force them to say where they got them?

1480 days ago



The easiest way to rev up your metabolism is to eat 5-6 small meals each day within a couple of hours of each other. Snack on unsalted nuts such as almonds and fruit which is filled with fiber that makes you feel fuller. You can eat starches, but keep them for breakfast and after a weight-lifting workout. Starches after a weight lifting workout help build muscle due to the high glycemic index.

Also, when you are doing cardio, intervals help burn fat at a much faster rate and in less time. For example, on an elliptical, go hard for 20-30 seconds and then ma oderate pace for 10-15 seconds. Do 2-3 4 minute sets and you'll burn much more fat than you would if you worked out an hour at a easy pace.

Now that you guys are in such good shape, I suggest there be a Harvey vs. Mike Who'd You Rather?

1480 days ago

Micheal Jackson    

All about Micheal Jackson biography -

1480 days ago
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