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Betty Ford

Sends Michael Lohan Packin'

10/5/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan knows how hard it is to make it in the big city -- he can't even get into rehab.

We're told Michael headed for the desert last Thursday ... to Rancho Mirage, home of the Betty Ford Center and temporary digs of Lindsay Lohan.

Michael was turned away by security.  He was told visiting hours were over.  Michael tells us he asked if he was on a "no contact" list and they told him no.  But we're guessing his name is right under Osama's.

Michael says he's been on the horn with people at Betty Ford, asking them to please involve him in family therapy with Lindsay.


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He is a narcissistic arrogant manipulative conniving sociopath. He is the major reason she is so messed up. Of course Dina balances out the rest. The judge needs to issue a permanent restraining order, for LIFE.

1481 days ago


Plus he is delusional because the counselors at Betty Ford don't control who the patient wants at family therapy. He can ask all he wants--doesn't mean a thing.

1481 days ago


Very very good and WOW.... Betty Ford of reha Lindsay Lohn for keep out him and no visit his daugther. Better call order "RESTRAINING ORDER FOR HER FATHER"!!!!!!
Her father was very angry from no visit Lindsay.
She want alone from keep out her father now. Because he was no good father...... She is 23 years old and she was free adult now. Her father is mistake and angry and no good father from his three children......

1481 days ago


Betty Ford has a vert good program for family and friends, but it's on a invitation basis and I don't think Lindsay will put him on the invite list. Do to Hipaa regs, they can't even acknowledge to him that Lindsay is there without her permissiom.

1481 days ago


Lindsay tweeted this from rehab:

Ugh!Dad tried to visit me,I don't care if he sneaks in a bag of coke up his a** I DON'T WANT to SEE HIM! Well on second thought.......

via Twitter for BlackBerry®

1481 days ago


Michael Lohan is a crazy sociopath and he really needs to back off of Lindsay. I do not see any other "celebrity" (i use qoutes because Lindsay kind of is famous for nothing these days) fathers out in the media talking about their kids the way this man does. Even John Vought has shut his mouth about Angelina Joile.

1481 days ago

Frank White    

You need to start PROOFREADING your articles... mispellings and errors all over the place, hard to make a punch line funny when we can't read what the hell you are trying to write..

1481 days ago


It's call HIPPA Act people. Lindsay is a GROWN adult and medical information is protected now! HIPPA - Health Informatin Personal Privacy was past oh..about 8 years ago! That means "parents" who want information on their "children" CAN'T GET IT WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE PATIENT. Jeez get a glue.

1481 days ago


Dear Lindsay,
As much as you HATE your should really forgive. Don't wait till its to late. I have seen this happen. Let JESUS into your life and will see what happens. I highly recommend you watch the SECRET of Jonathan Sperry. My friend dissed her DAD and tragically her DAD past was to late for her...should of would of could of....GOD BLESS

1481 days ago


Who cares about this loser family, enough

1481 days ago


I wonder if LiLow let SaMan in for some tuna taco action??

1481 days ago


The reason he drove down there to see her instead of calling is THERE WOULD BE NO PHOTO OP INVOLVED IN THAT!. I used to just laugh at this loser, but I am concerned that this guy is mentally unbalanced. He is obsessed with his ex-wife, blaming her for Lindsay not wanting a relationship and everything else that's wrong in his life. I think he's a big-time sociopath and no good can come from this guy. It's crazy. He needs a restraining order from stalking her further.

1481 days ago


Michael Lohan is someone NO ONE would let back into their lives. All he ever does is betray Lindsay. He wants everything from her, control, money, career. TMZ didn't 'learn' he went to Betty Ford clinic, he TOLD them, another interview, another payday. Michael Lohan also lied, Betty Ford rehab would tell him NOTHING, plus visiting is on a Sunday only. So for him to say they told him it was too late is another blatant lie.

Lindsay is an adult and she has said directly she does NOT want to see him. He cannot be trusted, by anyone.

1481 days ago


Maybe try coming during visiting hours when she's at the stage of being allowed receiving visitors, Drama Queen!

1481 days ago


My guess is Betty Ford told him nothing. He lies all the time about stuff. How about the rehab clinic he was starting, the reality show he was starring in, and it goes on and on. He is overly focused on this one child to the exclusion of the others (cause she's the one with the money). Sad, sad, he's crazy and no good can come of anything he does.

1481 days ago
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