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Oksana's Lawyer Pulls Plug on Oprah Interview

10/5/2010 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva will not be doing Oprah Winfrey's show, but contrary to a CNN report, it's not because the judge gagged her ... it's because one of her lawyers said, "No way."


There's a report out that Judge Scott Gordon ordered Oksana to pull the plug on "Oprah" ... we know that's simply not the case. 

Judge Gordon did not order Oksana to stay clear of "Oprah."  Period.

Sources connected with the case tell us there was a conflict between Oksana's lawyers -- Anne Kiley, her family lawyer, was strongly against Oksana doing the interview.  Sources tell us ... Daniel Horowitz, who arranged the interview, wanted her to do it -- as did Oksana -- but ultimately Horowitz deferred to Kiley.



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Hi Everyone. I don't usually go back and read old posts, but since I was a little punchy yesterday (no pun intended) and got on a rant, I went back today.

Thank you all for the well wishes, it's nice to see there are still some decent souls left on the planet. :)

Posted at 6:32 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Jeffro11

Jeffro, I was not on the boards at the time of your post but I did read it this morning. MY thoughts and prays are with you and your family, my friend.

1297 days ago


hey Jeffro11 morning and hugs:)

I read your older post, sorry for what you're going through mate!
You have your plate full for the moment:(

I shall pray for you and your family.

1297 days ago


Get a Life -
Free hell! I'd demand a damn fine steak dinner with chocolate mousse and champaign for dessert first. =P

Jeff! -
Hiya handsome, consider yourself thoroughly hugged and bring a hug or two home to your good lady wife.

1297 days ago


I will be back


1297 days ago


Anyone that has sex with Oxsana should be arrested for violating a corpse. She looks like she died years ago and was pieced back together by her plastic surgeon.

Posted at 4:26 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

So then , Racist Mel should be arrested on multiple counts ?

How dare he do a corpse ! when he could be banging all the fat , old , jealous , lonely and looney TEAM MEL members ( for free !.,.,,,,,lol )

Posted at 6:29 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by get a life ho

Sorry ho' I know it bugs you and many others but some of us aren't fat or lonely or jealous or want to bang Mel. It's a nice way to try to dismiss us though... but it's been done already. Like a zillion times.

1297 days ago


It's obvious that Mike, Ho and Scotty are links, one always appeared when the other loses the argument.

Posted at 6:34 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by KoalaBabe

That is why I will no longer directly address any of their posts. They want people to do that very same thing to give them more space and PR time. Let them talk to themselves only makes them look that much sillier.

1297 days ago


If one of the blows hit that baby on the chin, there would have been serious damage. Most DV victims would make damn sure if fighting was escalating, those kids would not have been in the same room, even if she had to lure the abuser away to another room, to keep her children away from it. Oksana doesn't know this because she is a liar.

Posted at 6:26 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by kickaboo

did you hear how this was explained "away" by People rep on the Today show...apparently OG said something to the effect that one of the punches(there were 2) as it continue to follow through after hitting OG, hit Lucia on her chin causing a small cut... is that different than what she said before? if she was holding the baby in front of her, how can the punch follow through after it hit her mouth then hit the baby?

what are those people on Today show doing? MSNBS, Dateline can do a do***entary! i am just "frothing at the mouth" i would like to punch OG to get some sense back into her head, you know like when someone is having a tantrum, just shake and slap her?

1297 days ago


Hugs Jeffro11

1297 days ago


Everyone knows that posters like Mike and Get A Life Ho are just miserable PR posters who come here to insult and ignore facts.

And they do a terrible job at it as well.

1297 days ago


Who's That -
You're much kinder than I would be.

Genna -
Le Wink

1297 days ago


She can get any many versions out as she wants. Nobody believes her any more except for the paid ones, and even they have trouble sometimes.

Tee hee

1297 days ago


Today show and People are looking like a bunch of fools as well. How anyone can try to explain that baby pimple as anything but a pimple is beyond me.

1297 days ago


MAC Hugs:)

1297 days ago


Actually, I rather like Get a Life, and I know he/she couldn't care less what I think, but Get strikes me as having a sense of humor and far quicker wit than say Mike or Mo.

Hiya Crazymom :)

1297 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Totally off topic (as I usually am), I can't help but share this story some of you may have not seen...

1297 days ago
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