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Sheriff's Dept. Interviews Oksana's Mediation Lawyer

10/6/2010 8:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... L.A. County Sheriff's investigators have just interviewed the lawyer who mediated Oksana Grigorieva's case with Mel Gibson, in connection with the extortion investigation.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... two investigators went to the law offices of Eric George, a well-known L.A. attorney.  As TMZ has reported, the Sheriff's investigators are looking into whether Oksana tried to extort $15 million from Mel Gibson, in return for the infamous audio tapes.  TMZ has already posted the signed agreement that Oksana later disavowed.

Our law enforcement sources say ... among the topics investigators covered:

-- How involved Oksana was in the mediation
-- How involved she was in the money discussions
-- Why she ultimately rejected the agreement she signed

In addition to meeting with George, investigators met with his law partner, Sonia Lee, who was also involved in the mediation.

Our law enforcement sources say the extortion file should go to the L.A. County District Attorney shortly.  The D.A. will make simultaneous decisions on whether to prosecute Mel for domestic violence and Oksana for extortion. 


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@ Jill
Re your post #1046 Finally someone who does'nt have a dog in this fight, someone who can think.

1475 days ago


@ Azlee ... your right ... I must correct.

So now in this new version ...

She says now that Mel DID NOT hit the baby ... the baby just got in the way.

And now ... at some point the baby was no longer in her arms but in Mel's arms because she says he ... threw the baby at her.

And now ... Mel wouldn't let her leave and pointed a gun at her when she was at the door. But before she claims she ran out into the back yard in her pyjamas in fear for her life. Why she didn't run out into the street and start yelling to arouse the neighbours is mind boggling. I guess that was because there would of been prove of a disturbance reported and I assume there was not.

Sounds to me more and more like Mel's version of she was shaking the baby and there was a struggle to get the baby away from her.

And the best is this whole time she feared for her life ... but now she would take him back!

Posted at 7:45 AM on Oct 7, 2010 by Belinda

Sorry ... I retract

' And now ... at some point the baby was no longer in her arms but in Mel's arms because she says he ... threw the baby at her.'

I relistened to the interview clip between Viera and the guy from People and he didn't say the alleged baby throwing was from the incident of January 6.

I'm really sorry ... there are so many different versions flying at us now I got confused.

1475 days ago



That is so interesting; it doesn't match what is on those tapes, either.

1475 days ago


You've probably already read this, and it's dated, but this is one of the best articles I've read thus far on the tapes editing.

1475 days ago


KB please give my condolences to your friends...I lost 3 brothers and a sister to that dreaded disease. I hope they will soon find a cure. God bless

1475 days ago


I feel sadness when I read stories here from people telling they have been abused in their earlier realationships! My heart goes to you! Susanne.

1475 days ago


I feel sadness when I read about people here who have been abused in their previus relationships. My heart goes to you!

1475 days ago


Does it make anybody else cringe when you hear each new demand from OG? It takes my breath away...she has no shame whatsoever.

Posted at 5:02 AM on Oct 7, 2010 by observer77

MY heart really goes out to Mel and his family...what kind of woman is she...I just cringe inside when I hear what she is demanding next...why should Mel have to pay for her new place , he is only responsible for Lucia, NOT HER , why is the judge so ready to go along with her and her lawyers...I really hope today is the end of her nonsense..

1475 days ago


hey Diane:) Hugs, sorry I am digging online for Mel and Oksana pictures from January 12 onwards.

I am getting cross eyed lol.

1475 days ago


comment people are sad. Get a job.

1475 days ago



comment people are sad. Get a job.

Posted at 9:49 AM on Oct 7, 2010 by Bonkers

lol, "me whistles"

1475 days ago


@fran (post #1096)

At this point, Mel Gibson is only going to do whatever his legal counsel advises him to do. Greedisana claims to fear Mel but at the same time she would be more than willing to take him back. He has to prove to the court that he's certainly no threat and will not restrict Oksana's choices within reasonable limits.

Frankly, I don't believe it's Mel Gibson she fears. This "female douche" is a control freak and things are not going her way. She can't face the reality that her lies and underhanded schemes are catching up with her. Some posters have mentioned that her family may have criminal connections. If there's any truth to their allegations, they may be putting pressure on "ole greedy", if she was stupid enough to borrow money from them. If this is the case, she certainly is in trouble; however, it's not Mel Gibson's responsibility to bail her out. Perhaps she feels a reconciliation will buy her some time. But after what she's done, I doubt seriously, if ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BE SO BOTHERED WITH HER. She's been working overtime "to cash in" by digging Mel Gibson's grave but it seems as though she'll be occupying this one, instead. It couldn't happen to a MORE DESERVING PERSON!

1475 days ago


Someone just posted this in the body guard thread. I though you all might like to see it in case you missed it:

-------------------------Kris is a fraud and has been for a very long time. Our agency had to go after him for misrepresenting himself as working for our clients. He puts on his suit and then shows up in celebrity trafficked restaurants and nightspots and waits for a celebrity to show up then jumps in front of the celeb and the photogs like he works for them. He then publishes the photos on his website to make it appear as if he is actually working for them. He's a grade A D-Bag and he's the laughing stock of REAL EP agents in Hollywood. Here's his webpage
This guy is a pathological liar and these people are NOT his clients. He's a self glorifying Mall Cop without an ounce of professionalism...Hes like the Tila Tequila of Executive Protection.....

Posted at 12:04 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by LABodyguard

1475 days ago

TMZ Staff

1474 days ago

The Mad Man    

MEDIATION? It is either a law suit or not! There is nothing to mediate here unless it IS all about the money!

1473 days ago
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