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Oksana: I'm Washing My Hands of My Bodyguard

10/6/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva says she was as shocked as the next guy after learning that her key confidante and bodyguard was a twice over felon with a history of impersonating a cop with guns ... this according to her interview with People.


Oksana told the reporter this about Kristian Otto Herzog: "He was somebody that was supportive of me.  I didn't know anything about [his record].  I'm withdrawing any communication with him."

TMZ broke the story, Herzog got out of jail several months ago after serving 255 days for impersonating a cop with a loaded gun.

Judge Scott Gordon issued a restraining order against Herzog Monday, prohibiting him from going near Lucia.

As TMZ first reported ... before seeking the restraining order Mel's people contacted Oksana and explained their concerns about Herzog, but she refused to take action.


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U and the Octo mom look alike.

1456 days ago


The couple visited Mel Gibson’s lawyer, Blair Berk, with the tapes. Ms Kowal said: ‘She listened and told us to go to the cops. She was pleased because this will help Mel.’ Mr Riley and Ms Kowal went to the police to report the approach from Herzog. Ms Kowal said: ‘We are now waiting for them to contact us again.’ Ironically, Gibson initially denied his affair with Kowal, stating at the time their affair first emerged that ‘it’s an absurd fabrication’. Ms Kowal said: ‘He’s not denying it now . . . I have never wanted a penny from Mel Gibson. All I have ever wanted is for the truth to come out.’ Stephen Jaffe, a PR who represents Ms Grigorieva, last night said: ‘Mr Herzog is not Oksana’s bodyguard. He is a friend, not an employee. Oksana does not know Ms Kowal and had no idea what Mr Herzog may or may not have said. Any claims she did know what this man was saying purportedly on her behalf are false.’ Mr Herzog’s lawyer, Martin Garbus, said last night: ‘The allegations are untrue.’ Mel Gibson’s PR Alan Nierob said: ‘I can’t comment.’
Read more:

1456 days ago


My hope is that any real abused women do NOT follow in this woman's footsteps. Rather than get face time on television they'd be more apt to end up very seriously hurt by their abusers or dead.
She's just proven beyond a doubt to me that she has not suffered abuse. She just wants face time on tv.

1456 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Tell People the truth!:

Email the editors of PEOPLE magazine at
Or call us at 1-212-522-6699
As found at

1456 days ago


Is Oksana related to Capt Renault?

1456 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

How could she not do background checks on a bodyguard who is supposed to protect her and her kids. Seems like a unbelievable story, unless she is brainless like Racist Mel.

1456 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

And the light dawns for the Chimp! yay!

1456 days ago


IMO the story about felon bodyguard Kris Herzog is the reason the Oprah called off the interview. Pretty sure that Oksana and Horowitz both wanted this show. Waiting to see if People Magazine will still prints the article. I hope so and I hope Judge Gordon then has written proof that Oksana broke the gag order in a national magazine.

1456 days ago


She is so full of lies... Money hungry hefer.

1456 days ago


I anyone wants to send an e-mail to People Magazine for the shabby and one-sided job they did with this "interview", you can send an e-mail to:

1456 days ago


OMG, her lies are getting so old and tired. She has to be completely obtuse to think anyone would believe her.

1456 days ago


She looks like MOSAD agent to me.

Posted at 7:50 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by American

Maybe, she could be a psy op. Her eyes are so glassy and souless.

1456 days ago


The embattled actor-director’s estranged wife has hired high-powered attorneys Martin Garbus and Daniel Horowitz to represent her, according to TMZ.

You wonder how much those in Hollywood are out to get Gibson? Who owns Gossip Cop? Ha! Since when has Oksana ever been Mel's wife? Garbus is Oksana AND Herzog's lawyer? Hmm. Rex Sorgatz designed the Gossip Cop, and is the new site co-founded by Mediaite publisher Dan Abrams.
And is also the Gossip Cop editor Michael Lewittes. Very interesting, no?

1456 days ago


Everything that comes out of this woman is a lie. Take the tapes for instance. Only 3 people have copies of those tapes: Oksana, her lawyer and her sister. Only one of those 3 people could have sold those tapes. I don't believe a lawyer would risk doing it and losing his/her license, and she already said that her sister didn't have one of the tapes that was leaked, so it couldn't be her. That only leaves ONE person who would leak the tapes. It makes me sick that she gets $20,000 a month, plus she lives in the house for free. Mel also was orderd to pay her lawyer fees. Add that to whatever Timothy Dalton is paying her. She's loaded with money! She preys on celebrities.

1456 days ago

say what?    

Be careful might be the next one he pulls over.

1456 days ago
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