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Octomom -- Accused of Hiding Tons of Cash

10/7/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who owns Octomom's house claims the mother of 14 has plenty of cash lying around to pay off her debt ... but for some reason, she's purposely "hiding the money" from him.

Octomom money.
Amer Haddadin -- who's given Nadya Suleman until Saturday to pay up -- just showed up to Octo's  lawyer's office in L.A. to collect some of the scratch ... but was turned away after being told the lawyer was "busy" and "had no money today."

Haddadin is ticked -- telling TMZ his credit is taking a hit for Octo's shortcomings ... and that he's ready to "sue all of them."


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Miss Mary    

Go for it dude! She stinks.

1476 days ago


Go ahead, do it. Don't let her put you in financial ruins like she did to her parents. Why should you suffer, she's an adult & has made decisions she should abide by.

1476 days ago


Go git 'em Amer. No one doubts she's got the money - no one who is destitute sets up corporations to hold their assets and they don't pay $375 an hour for an Orange County lawyer to "represent" them.

1476 days ago


I don't know why he let her live there in the first place. Did he really think she was going to be a huge TV star or what?

1476 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This guy must have alot of patience. Other people would have already thrown her ass out. That is what happens when you take too much nonsense from people. They take advantage. This guy is being toyed with and he still hasn't done anything about it but talk big about foreclosing.

1476 days ago


Throw the trash and her freak, alien larva in the street. This Octo-freak needs a dose of REALITY. Throw her out sue her and sell your house.

1476 days ago


Throw the cow out.

1476 days ago


WHEN exactly is Child Protective Services in the lame-o state of California going to step into this situation? OH, right, we are talking about California....will they step in if she does porn? No. Will they step in if she goes on the dole? (Probably already is.) No. Whats it going to take Cali? One of these innocent kids getting hurt, abused, neglected?
Get off your asses out there Cali, and do the responsible thing. Screw this weird assed freak - let her be as screwed up as she wants to be...but those kids are going to cost the state money and are thus the state's ultimate responsibility. Call your state reps and tell them to do SOMETHING.
This is just another sign of how degraded we have become as a society.
If you squeezed Octo-****s head you would get nothing but crazy juice.

1476 days ago


Sounds like something she would do, shes a skank!!!!

1476 days ago


So give her a 30 day notice! Hello! If you are the landlord, give her a 30 day notice. She has been late enough to do so.. Get over it.. Just as bad as she is in the "spotlight" department!

1476 days ago


This guy obviously figured either she would make a lot of $$ and he could offload it on her, or the value of the house would go up after she lived there and he could profit from it. Your loss buddy

1476 days ago

Elekktric Blue    

Why is this news?

Amer has been threatening all sorts of legal governmental foreclosure against her for the past 18 months.


I suspect this is nothing but a ploy against ALL parties to ac***ulate the requisite SOB cash funds.

Don't buy into it!!

1476 days ago


Octojihadi... where in any of this news does it say the children are in danger. I am not supportive of her in any way shape or form... but I guess you don't know the reasons to take away children.. it's not from not paying rent. It is very difficult to get children back once they are taken from the home. If so, its in the best interest of the child.. and no matter what we think of Ocotomom... we don't know if they are in danger or not. Get a clue! No matter if she has them or the State has them, it will cost money.

1476 days ago


He's IS the bank. She was supposed to be making payments to this guy, then she defaulted. He holds a deed of trust on the house with a power of sale clause. That means if she defaults, he has every right as lender to start foreclosure on her. It takes about 3.5 months to complete the process. If she fights it, such as by filing a BK, then it will take substantially longer. It's not cheap, this guy has to pay all sorts of legal fees to get the process completed. Here's some advice....never carry paper on a property, you'll get screwed.

1476 days ago


You rock Amer! Finally! Someone who is going to stand up to Bad-check and notamama. This should be a great week... Haddadin filing on Monday and Kamrava's court date the following week. Everybody get your popcorn! LOLOL

1476 days ago
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