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Octomom -- Accused of Hiding Tons of Cash

10/7/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who owns Octomom's house claims the mother of 14 has plenty of cash lying around to pay off her debt ... but for some reason, she's purposely "hiding the money" from him.

Octomom money.
Amer Haddadin -- who's given Nadya Suleman until Saturday to pay up -- just showed up to Octo's  lawyer's office in L.A. to collect some of the scratch ... but was turned away after being told the lawyer was "busy" and "had no money today."

Haddadin is ticked -- telling TMZ his credit is taking a hit for Octo's shortcomings ... and that he's ready to "sue all of them."


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Amer made a bad decision when he loaned money to Octomom, but there isn't any reason to think that he is lying. And since she owes him a lot of money and hasn't paid, he is perfectly justified in being upset about the situation.

Octomom, on the other hand, doesn't seem to think that telling the truth is important, and has been caught in many lies. I'm surprised that anybody is on her side in this matter. (Of course, I feel sorry for her kids - they've all had a terrible mother forced on them.)

1442 days ago


Amer, just foreclose on her already and kick her butt to the curb!

She's had her chance to do right. Nobody is going to judge you for doing what you have to do. you've been more then generous putting up with her nonsense. It time to treat her just like anyone else. No sympathy!

1442 days ago


Although he looks angry, I just think this is more drama for the camera (and more money for the scammers). They're probably giving him a commission. Seriously, if you are owed money for something, do you just show up expecting a check? No, you would call ahead. And then, once you show up TMZ just happens to be there? I bet so much money is pouring in to her that when Nadya sees the mail man she has an orgasm.

1442 days ago


No,no,no Edward, that's just too nasty to comprehend on both counts!

1442 days ago


sorry dude, but it sounds like yer gonna be the one who's gonna end up having to go to the welfare office on monday, not nadia....good luck man.

1442 days ago


Okay all you haters....I was at one time too. This lady has special needs children and so many more. How can you be so cruel as to think you are any better then this woman! The doctor is to blame, cause you sure can't ask a mother to get rid of the certain embryo "how do you?" that she thinks might not make it....shame on you twits. She has 14 kids and deal with it. I applaude you Nadia, cause I know you didn't ask for this, but you are responsible for all....keep your chin up woman...cause I know I could never do it if the chance arrived...Power to Nadia

1442 days ago


You are not very informed about the subject. She did ask for this.
She had eleven embryos implanted. Standard medical procedure is more like two embryos. She wasn't worried about getting rid of embryos because she wanted as many babies as it took to get pregnant. She wasn't even using up old, frozen embryos. She used fresh harvest cycles every time. Busted

1442 days ago


Correction: She wanted as many babies as it took to get rich and famous.

1442 days ago


Take your best shot you terrorist, Amer Haddadin. Just where is it you think Nadya would GET any effing money? Your theory is baseless and you are really obnoxious. Go away or suffer the consequences of spewing this nonsense.

1442 days ago


How can you be so cruel as to think you are any better then this woman!

Posted at 3:40 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Teri

I did not artificially create 14 human lives for the purpose of commercially exploiting them. I have worked every day of my life for the past 35 years. I have always supported myself and my family from the proceeds of my own hard work. I have never lied about being poor in order to beg money from others. I have never lied about being injured in order to gain an undeserved economic benefit. I have not spent my family's household resources on frivolous cosmetic procedures for myself. I did not create more children than I could personally afford to care for and educate. I am honest on my taxes. I pay my bills in full and on time. I donate to multiple charities in my community. I help my family, my neighbors and my friends when they are in need.

I AM better than Nadya Suleman. And so are the overwhelming majority of people in this country.

1442 days ago


Take your best shot you terrorist, Amer Haddadin. Just where is it you think Nadya would GET any effing money? Your theory is baseless and you are really obnoxious. Go away or suffer the consequences of spewing this nonsense.

Posted at 4:08 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by JLS

The consequences of this "nonsense" as you call it are that she's going to be getting an eviction notice if she doesn't come up with the full payment P.D.Q. As the note holder on the loan, he has every right to demand that the terms of the agreement be met.

1442 days ago


I believe this. Stupid broad just wants somebody else to pay it, raise her kids, and let her be a celebrity vagina.

1442 days ago


JLS...."effing money",you say. Well now..let me see. Where would Madya find some effing money.? My first thought...her corporation....Whoremoney...oops,sorry.....Harmony Enterprise....As well,she can accept Vivid's second offer of a porn film,or the easy peasy thousand dollar a day offer as a a " fluffer" ...followed by the "Wash and Clip Pubic Hair" offer......

1442 days ago


DO IT! Just do it already! It's your damn house & your damn money, you know she's hiding money & no one will (that matters) think you're a bad guy. It's time SOMEONE holds that worthless pig accountable. The state & gov't have their heads in the sand & the retards of the world are supporting the pro-scammer. We the people will applaud you IF you stop threatening & do it! YES SHE HAS THE MONEY! She calls it her runny face fund. Latest video shows her with so much botox that her face is so tight, it looks like it will split open & expose her horns!

1442 days ago


if he had only been nicer in the beginning, im sure things would be better at this time. that's what happens when money is all u care about, it warps your brain causing you to lack judgement, trust me i know my hub has a minor problem with loving $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ toooooooooooooooooo much!

1442 days ago
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