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Octomom -- Accused of Hiding Tons of Cash

10/7/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who owns Octomom's house claims the mother of 14 has plenty of cash lying around to pay off her debt ... but for some reason, she's purposely "hiding the money" from him.

Octomom money.
Amer Haddadin -- who's given Nadya Suleman until Saturday to pay up -- just showed up to Octo's  lawyer's office in L.A. to collect some of the scratch ... but was turned away after being told the lawyer was "busy" and "had no money today."

Haddadin is ticked -- telling TMZ his credit is taking a hit for Octo's shortcomings ... and that he's ready to "sue all of them."


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Kimba/Sarcia/ Nadya GET OVER THE other reality families and move the frick on already. Tired of hearing about it. It is old. Nobody created your life for you except YOU! Free Will , deal with it. No ONE owes you anything. Get help please. If your friends jump off a cliff would you? Just because some people do stuff and get away with it , does not make it okay. If you really believe all that crap than do the fricken porn and shut up already. You sound like a 12 year old. GROW UP! Momma never said life was fair or easy. ARGH. Pay your bills and be accountable SIMPLE.

1484 days ago


I live near her. The home is not worth what he claims. She needs to move and get rid of him. These poor kids.

1484 days ago


scare of Uncle Sam are you?

Wait, as a matter of fact. You better be scare of Uncle Sam. Because if you're employed and you don't pay him, you try to avoid paying him. He'll throw your sorry arse in federal jail. He'll take everything you own and repro it. He'll leave you jobless, homeless, broke and hungry if he wants too. Shooot, you better be glad Uncle Sam allow you to receive welfare and disability, because if he didn't... there but the grace of God goes you, me and Nadya Suleman's. LOL

Now I see why you all beat up on Nadya, scare as hell of Uncle Sam. Because Uncle Sam is the devil, baby. And he has us all under his spell... You better believe it!

1484 days ago


Oh pay this mutha fk'er, so he can STHU already! Nadya just give that ignorant bastard his money so he can get out of your face and stop running to the media and tabloid junkies putting your business out there. Geez!

What the matter Nadya? Are you pissed off and calling Amer a mutha fk'er because he wants his rent money? You have some balls calling a man who put a roof over your kids heads "an ignorant bastard". If this man is an ignorant bastard, YOU are pig ****. Are you upset that this man just does not GIVE you his house? Are you pissed off that somebody actually expects you to pay your own way instead of the free ride you have been skating on for the last 12 years? I guess you think you have the right to spend money on **** from Target and trips to Disneyland but you will be dammned it you are going to part with YOUR cash to put a roof over your kids heads...that is somebody else's responsibility, NOT yours.

Why in the hell this man wanted to help you out in the first place is beyond me, but now you have royally screwed him just like you did to your parents by driving them into bankruptcy.

Go Amer! Sue this POS AND her POS lawyer or whatever that a-hole Czech is. Throw her psycho ass right out into the street. The State of California will NOT let those kids end up homeless. They will be placed in foster homes. Not the best solution, but hella better than living with this irresponsible train wreck and her constant, never ending drama.

1484 days ago


Oh shut up Sammy, you can't even posts under your original signed up name and you want to lecture me? Coward! lol

btw birdbrain, I'm not Nadya Suleman.

1484 days ago


@ Kimba10/Ms Sarcia
This is a video of Nadya taking Caleb and Calyssa to pre-school
at a private Christian school. It's on utube, you can go to utube
and watch it. It shows Calyssa with a white pacifier in her mouth.
You have to watch closely, right before she goes past the little
white sign that says pre something.It was taken TODAY.I didn't
know you could go to pre-school with a pacifier in your mouth.

1484 days ago


@Sarcia whoops whatever name you are tonight." beating up a defensless mother of 14" LMAO. You are a joke. So defensless she drove herself to a doctor time and time again for injections and stir ups , and later YEAH legs spread to have embryos stuffed up her. That is a choice not defensless. She is a mother by ULTIMATE choice you idiot

1484 days ago


Posted at 8:08 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by jr

I agree Jr.

Oh Btw. let me correct something before the spelling police get here. I meant repo as in repossess, not Repro.

1484 days ago


Posted at 8:19 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by blondie

Yes, I know Caleb and Calyssa are in school now. But I haven't seen that video on YT and the link you put up isn't working.

1484 days ago


Oh I found it... here's the real link

Yeah I saw Calyssa with a binky. Oh hell she's only four. I saw a woman in the grocery store yesterday carrying her 5 yrs old son because he didn't want to walk or sit in the cart. He perform like crazy, so she just picked him up to keep him quiet and continue shopping. And what about the women still breast feeding their kids 5-9 and 10 years old even?

1484 days ago


You are such a POS Kimba/Nadya. Why are you bitching about "Uncle Sam"? You should be on your knees kissing Uncle Sam's/the taxpayer's ass. You have raped Uncle Sam and the California taxpayer for millions, yet you have the balls to bitch about it? How much in taxes have YOU paid compared to the millions you have leeched out of the government? You don't get up everyday and go to some job, you stay home, sit on your ass, troll the malls and get mani's & pedi's. And don't start bitching about how the government pays for wars and other people on welfare, we are talking about YOU, you assclown.

Nobody owes you a damn thing and your argument that that POS house in La Harba is the only home the octuplets have known is a joke. So what??? I'm an Army brat. I grew up all over the world and we were transferred an average of every two to three years and my brothers and sisters and I all turned out o.k. By o.k. I mean that none of us has fourteen kids we cannot feed, none of us is on welfare or food stamps, we all have careers, we all work, we all contribute and we all pay taxes.

1484 days ago


What about the woman? Kimba WTF there you go again , it is okay no matter how bad for other people so , therfore it is ok with you/ i mean Nadya . Grow up.

1484 days ago


Kimba, you`re worried about correcting "repro"? Why don`t you do us all a favor and go back through all 5,000 rambly, nonsense posts we`ve been forced to endure and correct both the spelling and sentence structure in each one. Go ahead, we`ll wait here.

1484 days ago


Posted at 7:22 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Kimba10

claimed and taking off disability as Nadya stated the kids on it was temp. Calyssa is not on pacifier and that child speaks clearly

@Kimba10/MsSarcia, But I put the link up because you said the above.
I just wanted you to see that Calyssa does have a pacifier IN HER
MOUTH.We're not talking about half grown breast sucking kids, even
though I find that DISGUSTING and SICK!

1484 days ago


Sammy AKA bellestarr21445 and God knows however many names you hide behind... stick a sock in it! lol

1484 days ago
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