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Arquette/Harper-- Weird Coincidence

10/11/2010 7:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Best friends do everything together ... and in the case of the Arquettes and the Harpers -- they even call off their marriages around the same time.


Back before the two power couples each called it quits -- the foursome spent a whole lotta time together throughout the years ... because Laura, Ben, Courteney and David were all best friends.

So David and Courteney separate several months back -- and suddenly Ben pulls the plug on his marriage.  Coincidence? 


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carries big bucks only    

they broke up around the same time so it's only logical that Courtney was banging Ben.

1474 days ago


Courteney helped Laura move out after Angelina Jolie stole Billy Bob Thornton from Laura - from what I heard she didn't see that coming either.

1474 days ago


Don't forget that Patricia & Thomas Jane pulled the plug (again) in mid-August.

1474 days ago


I don't think Courtney was banging Ben. What I think is that it's true that Courtney and David separated MONTHS ago. I think Laura was absolutely humiliated when it was announced that her hubby dumped her-especially since it wasn't the first time that she was publicly dumped. I think Laura turned into a completely hysterical, sobbing mess.

I also think that Courtney felt really bad for her humiliated friend and decided this would be an ideal time to announce that she and David were separated. As a bigger star couple, it would immediately take all the attention away from Laura and Ben and also Laura would feel like she's not the only one whose marriage broke up. Why would David and Courtne announce their separation now if they separated MONTHS ago? It's obviously to take the attention away from Laura and Ben.

For all we know, David and Courtney may not even be separated at all. I smell a rat. I think that Courtney decided one needy, sniveling, publicly humiated friend-i.e. Jennifer Aniston-is all she can handle.

1474 days ago

Love you Laura    

Comment #4

Maybe Courtney couldn't handle Laura being in the limelight over her...

1474 days ago


Prediction: Laura and David. Ben found out (perhaps from Courtney??) and filed for the big D.

1474 days ago


Again.....WHO is Ben Harper?!

1474 days ago


Ben Harper is one ugly Sob.
Obviously with all these cheating scandals coming out the past year with texts, emails, black mailing and babies one of these two decided they had better come clean. Thus the break up and putting it out there before the scorned man or woman did. Or they are with them still like Kelsey Grammer was, is. Wow as the stomach turns.
Why these stars just cant break up if in an unhappy marriage and then date I will never know.

My bet is that Courtney cheated. We will see, but Ben? that is just ewwwwwwwwww he is ugly and went well with Laura Dern. But ewwwwwww yuck he looks like he recently swam the colorado river to get into the USA.

1474 days ago


@9 Ugly?'re opinion.

1474 days ago


Hey #2, why don't you stop enabling the REAL 'homewrecker' Laura Dern?! She 'stole' MARRIED Billy Bob from his WIFE Pietra Thornton and their two children and NEXT, she started fcking then MARRIED Ben Harper, when his wife Joanna was 5 months pregnant with their 2nd child. Dern then proceeded to get knocked up while Harper's wife was pregnant, which is why Harper's last wife, and Dern have children that are the exact same age.
No one was married in the Dern/Thornton relationship, they had dated, and they broke up, and Thornton started a new relationship (re Jolie).
You ever think that one reason Karma is visiting Dern is because SHE is the homewrecking ish??!! 2x that we know of.

1474 days ago


Ben is a handsome guy and a great musician. Lura Dern is a homewrecker who broke up several marriages. Next Demi Mooore and Ashton Kutchner will be calling it quits.

1474 days ago


ben is douche.always has cheated.always been a phony. even though laura was the other woman when she met him i heard she was led to believe he was separated.he is liar.

1474 days ago

lucy in the sky    

no, no, no, people! It is not Courteney banging Ben, or Laura hooking up with David. I think Ben walked in on Laura and Courteney doing some funny business together with the kids in the house, and he decided that was the last straw. Plus, I think we'll find out that Ben has another baby on the way that is due in about.... oooooh let's see..... 2-4 months. This is only my prediction, and any relation to the truth is merely a coincidence!

1474 days ago


Well, I bet Jennifer A. feels a lot better about herself. Dave A. just seems so different from Courtney. Very mismatched.

1474 days ago


Many women are like apes swinging through the jungle.
They do not let go of a vine (man) unless they have another one firmly in hand.

1474 days ago
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