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Katherine & Joe Jackson Do 'Oprah'

10/11/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine and Joe Jackson sat down with Oprah Winfrey this weekend to tape a segment for O's show ... and TMZ has the first photos.

As we first reported, production trucks for Oprah's show were parked outside the Jackson compound in Encino for the better part of Saturday. In the photos, Oprah can be seen meeting with several family members and getting the tour of the house.

We're told the interview focused heavily on Michael Jackson (duh) -- talking about his life, his kids and the book Katherine put together about his life.

No word yet on when the episode will air.


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Noprah's bookclub.
So the book is going to be a best-seller!

1473 days ago


This will go on and on until Mr & Mrs Jackson die, then the MJ3 will take over, doing interviews, talking about their Dad. They have learned from their grandparents now, realizing how much money can be made.

Michael was nothing but a moneymachine for family, "friends" and associates - during his life and after his death.

1473 days ago


Can`t believe they speak with this ...


1473 days ago


So media whore LISA MARIE PRESLEY will be using Michael Jackson (divorced 14 YEARS now) to promote herself on Oprah in November. Remember, people, Jackson is no longer here to confirm or deny anything she says, and she has proven herself to be a manipulator who trashed him all over the place after he dumped her around 1999. Just check out YouTube for her former Oprah and other interviews and Google her print interviews.

She has now moved to London, and is desperately trying to relaunch her "music career," even though she has no talent. Apparently, she was told that her music was too bleak and had too many sharp edges, and she claims that London and its people and its culture have now smoothed her out. (Translation: her "bully pulpit" angry lyrics written to retaliate against ex-husbands were a big turnoff and she was told to grow up and lighten up. Let's hope they washed out her potty mouth with soap as well.)

According to Wikipedia: "In an interview Presley said that she is currently recording a new album in London." Well folks, that says it all. Apparently she wants to capitalize on Jackson's extensive fan base in the UK and hopes that all those Jackson fans who bought tickets to 50 sold-out O2 concerts will rush out to buy the mediocre CD of a Jackson ex-wife of 14 years ago who cruelly trashed and abandoned him when he reached out to her in his time of greatest need (i.e., the 2005 trial). In fact, she used the publicity surrounding Jackson's 2005 trial to promote her CD at the time, all the while trashing and severely damaging the reputation, career, and earning potential of her ex-husband, during a time when he most needed those who cared about him to defend his character and reputation. Thanks, you're a life saver, Lisa...

Let's see how much she milks Mike's death to promote herself THIS time on Oprah in November.

Her book about Jackson will be coming next, since she insisted as part of the divorce settlement that she be allowed to write a "tell-all" book about their marriage. (What kind of a VINDICTIVE CREEP would do such a thing???) Her mother probably has a book in the works as well...

1473 days ago


Joe????? No!!!!!!!!!

1473 days ago


All I have to say is OMG & WTF!!!!!
I don't like Oprah & haven't for a long time, & as for LMP - don't get me started LOLOLOL!!

1473 days ago


An auction of some 100 items of Michael Jackson memorabilia has fetched more than $1 million, with a basketball autographed by the late singer and Michael Jordan netting $245,000.

Showing the lingering appeal of the "King of Pop," the sale Saturday in the southern Chinese city of Macau drew bidders from around the world.

An unidentified Internet bidder paid $180,000 for a black crystal-studded glove and an arm brace Jackson wore while filming a promotional video for his 1995 album "HIStory." An Internet bidder also bought the basketball.

Of the 435 total items up for sale, other non-Jackson items sold included a costume worn by Bruce Lee during the filming of "Game of Death" and a costume Madonna donned during her Girlie Show world tour.

Read more:

1473 days ago


Katherine and Crazy Joe do Oprah? Stedman won't even do Oprah..

1473 days ago


I just saw Janet's interview (with NOprah) earlier this year telling that there were many drug-interventions.
And I also saw another interview with Janet where she told the same.
I hope that NOprah will ask more about this as well. And how things are going with the "investigations". Because what is it? Nothing has happened yet.

1473 days ago


So some think that Lisa Marie only goes to NOprah to promote her new album..
If she does that its really pathetic.
I wonder what Joe will promote at NOprah's show. If I recall it correctly Michael was not even buried and Joe was promoting his new recordlabel.
Maybe he can tell it to NOprah how "Ranch Records" is doing. ( I really see him do that)
For those who forgot it

1473 days ago


Katherine, how about an interview on Martin Bashir show? Hope God takes his own measure (whatever that may be)....otherwise,you are going to ruin Michael Kids' lives.

It is another death for Michael today.

1473 days ago


Oh, forgot to mention that I won't pick up your book if I found it on the street; let along spending a penny for it.

1473 days ago


Who knows what we will see written in an article on tmz about this interview.The mother made Michael a liar on the bashir do***etary (the footage we were never meant to see)by saying that j never hit Michael he just as she stated "disciplined"their son.
I hated this woman ever since and all she has been doing after Michael's murder for a "grieving" mother is despicable.
He adored her and as for j to me he his nothing more than a monster.Yes they are Michael's parents but did they ever respect him? Not only does the child respect the parents but the parents respect their child as well.

1473 days ago


NOprah takes abuse very seriously..

1473 days ago


Posted at 1:41 AM on Oct 11, 2010 by TSIG
This is an excellent and well researched post. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of LMP, TSIG. Seriously, LMP has either ridden the coattails of her father or her ex-husband for her entire life, with no persona of her own. I'd rather watch Katherine peddle her book than to watch LMP spew her sophistry of her farce of a marriage to MJ. However, I like LMP 100X more than I like Priscilla. That facelift-gone-wrong of Priscilla's was no accident. It's karma, baby.

1473 days ago
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