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Katherine & Joe Jackson Do 'Oprah'

10/11/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine and Joe Jackson sat down with Oprah Winfrey this weekend to tape a segment for O's show ... and TMZ has the first photos.

As we first reported, production trucks for Oprah's show were parked outside the Jackson compound in Encino for the better part of Saturday. In the photos, Oprah can be seen meeting with several family members and getting the tour of the house.

We're told the interview focused heavily on Michael Jackson (duh) -- talking about his life, his kids and the book Katherine put together about his life.

No word yet on when the episode will air.


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Oprah and LMP has Michael to thank for their present "fame"Oprah is selling her old and oh so booooring shows
cheap, here they show 2 in a row during "dead" time as fillers.
Oprah and LMP should start by donating all proceeds from the show to "Justice for Michael Jackson.

1367 days ago


Hi, I leave in France (yes a frogy) sp I don't have the same "back ground" about Winfrey and the whole Jackson family ... In US you must be a little bit exhausted to heard about the jackson family statement, especially when this family involved La Toya...
However, let me say that I'm really deeply lover of MJ whom I consider as my "spiritual father", my mentor in many ways. I cant explain... just see this article published in France and translated recently in english (by the way I dont know by whom), article I wrote some days before the end of the trial.

Its the part " Why Michael Jackson is Innocent".

To come back to the issue, I hardly share your point of view about Katherine Jackson's interview with WINfrey.

You are too hard with Katherine. I do think its just a mother who really suffer. he has always stayed silent during all those years and I think it was the wish of Micahel, to protect her mother of those trashes. She was like an icon to him.

Never forget how much he loved her, and that she was from the first to the last day during the trial. I really think its just a mother who want to the truth about her son, her truth. Its not about monay, she doesnt need it.

Would you stay in silent if your son was destroyed by media during years ? No, I think you would express your love for your son to say FINALLY who he was.

The thing which really bothering me is that the ogre monster Joe was there during this first meet. I do not understand why she tolerate him.

About LMP interview with Winfrey I DO SHARE your point of view. You stay far away of him during 14 year, never try to protect him from tabloid and stuff, so now JUST SHUT UP LISA & GO BACK TO GRACELAND.

1364 days ago


lmp is a ****en whore and most people can't stand thie stupid liar and piece of trash! she really should forget about her singing career because she hasn't got a voice to do it instead she should have more babies to keep her busy with her useless life and stop pretending as she was Michael Jackson's a widower !Michael did shut his heart for her and didn't want her any more who would???she was chasing him all the time despite his rejected ! Listen piece of sh...t we really don't want to hear what you have to say about out an Angel whatever you say about him we won't believe you! get with you low-life and leave Michael and his kids alone and we really(fans) don't want to see your face on tv and stop giving stupid interviews regarding Michael Jackson's life. LMP had been married to Michael not event 2-years , they got divorced almost 11-years , Michael wasn't happy with their married that's why he didn't want her back THANK GOD! I resckon they shouldn't have gotten marries in first place She wasn't for him Michael needed nice, soft, with good heart , humble girl not this nusty creature! So LMP get lost!

1363 days ago

Kathy M.    

Now Joe Jackson will claim to be a close friend of Oprah's. I wonder how much money he wanted from her to just be in the same room with her. The whole family look at how much money they will be paid for any information about Michael.

1356 days ago


I grudgingly watched that fat biatch Oprah's show yesterday, & she was so 'true to form,' by bringing up those False molestation charges!It's sooooo Obvious that Oprah can't seem to get past that fact that everybody elses' family isn't as F--ked up as her own!! I expected it because I know how fixatedly STUPID Oprah is!! But, I was so PROUD of Michael's children, particularly when Oprah kept trying to press her theme of Michael being 'weird' in having covered his children's faces. Paris responded to that witch so thoroughly & intelligently by letting her know how ingeneous her father was, stating that he did that so that they were "Protected" and so that they could actually go out alone without him & nobody knowing who they actually were (thus avoiding the paparazzi). It makes Perfect sense & it really put Oprah in her place!!

I am still sorry that Katherine Jackson allowed Oprah the interview as Oprah truly does NOT deserve that "Honor." I really would have preferred Katherine had talked to Ellen Degeneres or someone else who would have been much more "respectful" and less intrusive!! Oprah seemed to actually relish Katherine's tears. I almost wished I could have jumped thru my TV screen to just slap the chit out of her!!

1354 days ago
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