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Oksana -- I Didn't Leak the Tapes!

10/11/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is stating it plain and simple on the subject of the infamous Mel Gibson audio tapes: "I've never given them to media and I've never sold them to anyone."

Oksana tapes.
In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Oksana likens the verbal abuse she claims to have suffered at the hands of Mel as "verbal rape."

Oksana also talked about what we previously reported -- that her sister did have a copy of the tapes, but she didn't have the tape that included the infamous line, "You look like a f**king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers it will be your fault."


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Someone needs to tell Oksana that when she uses such hyperbole as "verbal rape" it just makes people want to think she's exaggerating and not being entirely truthful. If she wants people on her side, she should can the rhetoric and stop talking to the press. This huge lack of dignity, coupled with her obvious desire for fame is making her seem like the villain, not the victim. Meanwhile, even though we have all heard the tapes of Mel Gibson losing his ****, people are being more forgiving of him, the more she talks and behaves badly.

1481 days ago


Mel is right. She is a pig in heat and will suffer the consequences of her lifestyle once all the real facts are out there.

1481 days ago


I'm curious. What time did the alleged violence happen to Oksana on January 6th, 2010? Was it late at night? Directly after she returned from her son's ballgame? Usually a middle school's ballgames get over earlier in the evening and if someone was yelling and carrying on....why did Oksana change into her nightgown? Did she want to remind Mel of something when she played the piano in her nightgown in the People magazine shoot? Is this how she manipulates him or people?

1481 days ago

LA me    

Who is her PR these days??? Remind me NEVER to use them!! Her Spin Doctors are only making her look worse!! She should have hired Stefanopolis (sp).

Note to Oxy:
I would say quit while you're ahead...but your head is already underwater. The only thing keeping you afloat is the botox in your lips.

Hey...great spin for Botox Sales Ads....

In case of a water landing, place Botoxed lips upward to use as a floating device.

1481 days ago


"All the recordings were made that one night."

In that case, she must have hours showing up on her phone if all we ever heard was the "one" tape.

Wonder what the carrier transcripts show.

1481 days ago


As I see it, the problem with her continuing to bring up the "tapes" is that, everything she has said and done since, just reinforces his opinions thereon.

The PR people (Horowitz, et al.) continue this campaign of trashing Mel in the media, and it's not going down well with the public at large, because their "client" is her own worst enemy. She is not a sympathetic person, nor will she ever be. IMHO she has no class, no grace, just a smidgeon of talent playing the piano, and in some cases, she appears to be flat out dishonest. JMO. that's a cya, here.

I am imagining her with duct tape over her mouth.

1481 days ago


OX is not is the biggest lying, gold digging, slut on Earth . She is obviously mentally retarded. Poor children.

1481 days ago


Where is the anger from Oksana to Radar Online for releasing the SEALED LEAKED tapes if she did not have anything to do with it? Instead she appeared to have a very warm relationship with Radar Online and confirmed items on their website, also Jaffe, her PR guru seems to have a partnership with Radar Online. If Oksana was so upset and embarrassed at the leaked tape or tapes...wouldn't she be pissed off at Radar Online and her behavior reflect that all along? (Oksana has shown herself to be a "sue'em" type person, so why no law suit against ROL?)

1481 days ago

go home!    

Nice jumping on the "bully train" oksana. Terribly classy.

1481 days ago


Hey Curious,

Welcome back. Missed your posts. I was away for the weekend myself. Heard an interesting tidbit while gone. For you and Fuddy.

Let's just say that I met socially, an anonymous source in the LASD, who referred to Dep. Mee as an *******! (source's emphasis) And went on further to state that was pretty much the opinion of the department.

Chuckle, chuckle.

1481 days ago


If she had stayed quiet she might have had a chance and she would have got people´s sympathy. But she obviously doesn´t know when to keep her mouth shut.

Too much talking, too much acting, too theatrical, too desperate to have 15 mns of fame. Too much of everything!

1481 days ago


I like this post from the People site:

Ok, and riddle me this Oksana:

You say Mel Gibson is destroying your name. However, where and when has Mel Gibson said ANYTHING about you or this incident to the public? It seems to me that you are the one intent on destorying his name and bullying him into getting what you want.

1481 days ago


I agree, kickaboo. She's sue-happy and if ROL got those tapes in any ill-gotten way, she would have raced down to the courthouse/lawyer and filed suit in 3 seconds flat. Really funny she's not outraged in the least.

1481 days ago



1481 days ago


Hiya Realist!

Thank you and welcome back yourself :)

Oh yes, that tidbit about Officer Mee is indeed chuckle worthy, heck I'll even toss in a guffaw!

1481 days ago
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