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Oksana -- I Didn't Leak the Tapes!

10/11/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is stating it plain and simple on the subject of the infamous Mel Gibson audio tapes: "I've never given them to media and I've never sold them to anyone."

Oksana tapes.
In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Oksana likens the verbal abuse she claims to have suffered at the hands of Mel as "verbal rape."

Oksana also talked about what we previously reported -- that her sister did have a copy of the tapes, but she didn't have the tape that included the infamous line, "You look like a f**king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers it will be your fault."


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MG is a bully? she's standing up to a bully? i don't think so. she's exploiting MG and probably figures she'll laugh all the way to the bank. and don't bring others who have suffered rape and other domestic violence n2 your plan oksana. there is no pot of gold for other victims....just 4 u.

1436 days ago


curious, you understood what realist said?! lol. I guess I better go read because I was going to type "HUH"

1436 days ago


Spanish Inquisition took the tapes! Nobody expects them. The comfy chair with you all.

Oh and Danger Mouse, Penfold and Chris Knight were also under the bed.

Oksana should do 12 days of Christmas song for under the bed.

1436 days ago


Dumb russian ****.. jump off a bridge kthnx

1436 days ago


Dumb russian ****

1436 days ago


She makes such a fool of herself when she says she wants Mel to grow up, take responsibility and be a father. Look at his actions and look at hers.....who has the freaking problem of not growing up, taking responsibility and being a real parent here? Seriously she has to be the most Narcissitic-Sociopathic personality around.

1436 days ago


Oksana has dissed the police, Judges, FBI, courts, DA, her own lawyers, Mel's lawyers, the public, Mel's estranged wife and their children and anyone that gets in her way of $$$$$$. Pure evil from someone that probably doesn't even have citizenship in this country.

1436 days ago


I hate the censoring of spelling here, ok realist now I get it.

1436 days ago


Cc Uu Nn Tt

1436 days ago


TMZ don't change what she said! She referred to emotional rape not verbal rape. Get your story right. So sick of spin!!

1436 days ago


To use an old Phyllis Diller joke... "My friend had a baby. Oh, the screaming, the crying, the complaining. And that was just during conception!"

Posted at 9:31 AM on Oct 11, 2010 by Fan
Loved your first post with the poem, and this was great too.

1436 days ago


Harvey has got to be preparing the ground for another bombshell. I can't wait.

Oinky is strangling in her own web of lies

Posted at 9:34 AM on Oct 11, 2010 by Frieda


Yes, that is the way he works it. The letter or something concrete is coming about the tapes. LOL

1436 days ago


@ azlee -
Yep. Officer Mee was the one who arrested Mr. Mel in 06 and accused him of anti-Semitic slurs as well as calling a female officer "Sugartits". Officer Mee is currently suing the LASD for prejudice since he's not been promoted for years. V did her usual excellent digging and discovered Officer Mee has had a lackluster career due to his superiors being less than impressed with his performance.

@ Kilmerfan -
ROFL! Comfy chairs . . . Dangermouse & Penfold . . . oh man, wheee!

1436 days ago


She keeps saying he is ruining her good name, but he has said nothing, his lawyers have said nothing, we didn't know who she was before Gibson, what does she think is ruining her name, maybe she needs to look in a mirror.

1436 days ago


So -- according to the text of this article, the piano player displayed at the mediation the so-called tapes where Mr. Gibson was allegedly making crude ethnic remarks.

And the domestic allegations came on Father's Day (5 weeks) later? Who is she kidding?

Maybe that is like her so-called 'patent.' Could she get a patent for 'invention' of the recordings.

I love her interviews -- such a fabulist.

Tee hee

1436 days ago
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