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Oksana -- I Didn't Leak the Tapes!

10/11/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is stating it plain and simple on the subject of the infamous Mel Gibson audio tapes: "I've never given them to media and I've never sold them to anyone."

Oksana tapes.
In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Oksana likens the verbal abuse she claims to have suffered at the hands of Mel as "verbal rape."

Oksana also talked about what we previously reported -- that her sister did have a copy of the tapes, but she didn't have the tape that included the infamous line, "You look like a f**king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers it will be your fault."


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Lynn M    

I've always felt Oksana directly or indirectly was responsible for the release of the tapes. The indirect part may be simply giving a legal opening for a courthouse opportunist to have obtained them when both the civil action and custody issues hit the court. There was a small window before Mel was able to get the . I believe ROL alluded to the possiblity in an interview of the ROL head guy back in July. He didn't say the material sealed. Something about the civil filing changing public access. I'm not sure of how it happened but the hinted ROL guy hinted at it.

Bottom line is the tapes were illegally obtained by Oksana, and therefore, should have been destroyed.

1438 days ago


Lets assume for a moment Oksana did not leak the tapes to her
publicist at Radar Online.

It took a few weeks for them to come out, one by one. During this
time Oksana maintained the friendlies relations with Radar, giving
them daily exclusives accusing Mel of one thing after another. She
then gave Radar Online photos of her alleged abuse.

After the first tape was leaked, did Oksana contact her lawyer to
try and stop the tapes from being released?

Why did she keep giving Radar Online exclusives on a daily basis
as the tapes were being leaked?

Why did keep her publicist at Radar Online when the tapes were released?

At the time, why did she not once mention her that she was upset the
tapes were being leaked?

She leaked the tapes, plain and simple. Whether she handed them over
directly to her publicist or had a middleman hand it over for her, it
was her doing.

Oksana, it is you who are raping the American justice system with your
lies. How many lawyers have you gone through?

How much of the taxpayers money has been wasted in our court system
dealing with your lies?

Dan O'Malley's decision to help a pathological liar, Oksana will cost him
the election.

1438 days ago


Has Oksana ever said why Mel Gibson enjoyed visits with Lucia but when Father's Day came around, Oksana denied those the visit? (as agreed upon by the mediation) What was it about Father's Day that set Oksana off? Did they have another fight or was Mel seeing someone else, taking the baby to a celebration with his big, orginial family?

1438 days ago


I never gave these tapes to ANYONE, ok well except for my lawyers and sister....pfff

I don't know whose advice it was to make these People vids, but if she wanted to get rid of her most loyal 'fans' then she did the right thing. What a pathetic woman.

1438 days ago


Ox cut the know damn well it's called "PLAUSIBLE DENYABILITY". These tapes just didn't grow legs and walk over to ROL.

What happened to her Battered Wife Syndrome ploy?

1438 days ago


Hi all!
I have been gone since last Wed. on a business trip to Texas, and
look what I get to come back to! I just can't believe how she
goes on and on about Mel ruining her name, what name??? First
of all, no one knew her, and second, she is the only one
running off at the mouth, not Mel. I SO hope Harvey has
a bombshell up his sleeve. I think he does.

1438 days ago


Where are Mr. Peabody and the Way Back Machine when we need them?

1438 days ago


Dan O'Malley's decision to help a pathological liar, Oksana will cost him
the election.

Posted at 10:07 AM on Oct 11, 2010 by LISA

I hope so, I hope he learns something along with the Women Groups that supported him, not all about O'Malley is good. He's a gold-digging vote getter, clinging to free publicity. Hope he falls. Oksana hurts true DV victims with her lies and quest for $$$.

1438 days ago


I always found it funny she was extremly calm on those tapes like she was egging Gibson on it worked.

1438 days ago


Oksana's interviews should come with a warning "Don't try this at home."

1438 days ago


How much did she get paid for the interview? Notice how Gibson was not on the cover with her and the baby...He wanted nothing to do with her then. He knew what she was going to pull.

1438 days ago


Check out her body language, when she says she didn't do it for money she looks down, typically a sign she doesn't have confidence or very much belief in what she is saying. She is such a liar

1438 days ago


Good grief. Does she ever stop with this compulsive, neurotic, nauseating need to tell "my side of the story" over, and over, and over again?

Hugs to all... =D

Welcome back, Curious...hope you enjoyed your trip!

1438 days ago

Lynn M    

Oksana has a problem. Even if what Mel says in the tape is an accurate represntation of the conversation, Oksana HAS to prove they have not been tampered with. Under the law, she needs to supply the original tapes and the original recording device. I am certain investigators are trying to sync the phone call lengths to the tapes lengths. She knows she cannot do that and admitted to it in the People article.

What she doesn't understand is this is no longer about Mel. She's already humiliated him personally and hurt his future earning ability. She is the one who continues to poke the wound.
At this point, she is the one hurting her image.

Oksana has overplayed her hand on this one.

1438 days ago


I agree, kickaboo. She's sue-happy and if ROL got those tapes in any ill-gotten way, she would have raced down to the courthouse/lawyer and filed suit in 3 seconds flat. Really funny she's not outraged in the least.

Posted at 9:53 AM on Oct 11, 2010 by WhoKnows
ROL is owned by National Enquirer and maybe they are the ones who hired Oksana to go after Mel in the first place.
National Enquirer once hired an aging hooker to go after Frank Gifford and make a sex tape to they could get a big story and drag Kathie Lee through the mud at the same time.
Maybe they're behind this. They were the first to report Oksana's pregnancy rumors. Maybe they've been photographing her from the beginning and maybe they helped her make the recordings and edit them.

1438 days ago
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