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Octomom Delivers Miracle Payment, Saves Home

10/14/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's labor has finally paid off -- TMZ has learned the part-time bartender, garage sale saleswoman, and human photo prop has raised enough money to stay in her home ... for now!

Amer Haddadin -- the guy who owns the note on Nadya Suleman's L.A. area property -- tells us he had a "very constructive meeting" with Octo's attorneys yesterday ... they finally handed over a check for two months of back payments.

As for the additional $450,000 balloon payment that Octo still owes -- Haddadin tells us he's agreed to grant Nadya an extension ... and the two parties will establish a new deadline in the next couple of days.


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Ms. Marsee, to my knowledge Nadja is so far, not living on the tax payers money in CA. But I guess it is more acceptable if she were an illegal with six children, living on food stamps and welfare.
The hate that most people have for this woman is just crazy, but then our "Culture" has evolved into one of hate, self righteousness and anger. You have only to read these posts to see this.
I worked for over 33 years, and I raised my sons as a divorced/single mother. Yet, I do not begrudge this woman food stamps to feed her children, because the children need food, and no one should begrudge them of it, no matter how they got on this earth.
Self Righteousness is like filthy pus filled rags, it stinks to high heaven.

1438 days ago


Posted at 11:52 AM on Oct 14, 2010 by Jane Marsee

Oh stop Jane, you're embarrassing yourself!

1438 days ago


fix that baby's lip before your next slutty christmas card/donations request. better hurry, it's right around the corner. Not garnering much attention lately, are you? wonder what "resourcefulness" you'll come up with next. Just out of curiousity, have you EVER told Amerah you're proud of her for never kicking, biting, etc? She might like to hear that from you

1438 days ago

Jane Marsee    

Again, Kimba10 do you or have you ever held a job? It is a fair question. Why won't you answer it? How am I embarassing myself? I have worked for many many years and still get up every morning and go to work to support my family and lazy-assed hos (such as Nadya and far too many others.) Your refusal to answer the question only confirms my suspicions.

1438 days ago


Okay, I gotta recap.

Mrs. Suleman had money and was raising her six kids without benefits, using CC and student loans to get by since she couldn't get her old job back. When that money ran out she applied for food stamps and disability for 3 of her kids to help her until she got back on her feet. Around that time she was getting threatening phone calls from her IVF clinic that they were going to kill her remaining kids. Nadya who was already seeing life in her kids and being prolife, obviously wasn't having it and since she didn't have money to keep paying stores fees for her embryos-- rather then destroying or giving them away. She decided to tried to save their lives by implanting them all hoping one or two would grow and got eight instead. May or may not have signed some legal doc uments saing otherwise without her knowledge. However... her story got leaked and here we are... exaggerations, flat out lies and in your windows adding some truth along the way.

A mother of 14 struggling to survive and take care of her kids, remain off the system and had not become a burden to taxpayers again going on two years. She's been known to do odd TV appearences to make ends meat and has been successful with that going on two years until the well went a little dry. She pulled out more resources and came up with more plans to save her kids home, put food on the table and clothes on their backs (alittle mother pampering on the side). All without resorting too taxpayers, reality TV and exploiting her children. And this makes her a bad mommy?

I'm sorry, I don't see a problem here. Y'all let me know when she abandon, neglect, sale her kids, abuse, molest, mistreat or starve her kids in anyway? Do let me know when she become Andrew Yates and Susan Smith, will yah? Nadya's not a monster! She's just a woman who desperately wanted children and found a way to have them. Her lifes plans got thrown off track. That old saying is true. "WANT TO HEAR GOD LAUGH! TELL HIM WHAT YOU GOT PLAN!!!"

Nadya had plans people, but as she said; life happens when you're busy making plans and it takes you in a whole new direction which it has definitely done to Mrs. Suleman. But she's fighting and not giving up. Seeing this thing to the end. She has admitted to her mistake, regret the choices she made and openly apologized to the world and her family. You want her blood? Her head on the table?

People, okay so she cost the taxpayers of Cali some lost money that wasn't their to began with. But Nadya did not cost 911, she did not start WW2. So stop acting like it! Gees the way you all act is like she broke the city of Angel! Who has she killed, robbed and beat to death? IT'S ONLY MONEY! Money comes and goes... I rest my case. LOL

1438 days ago


what a deludinoid

1438 days ago


Posted at 12:17 PM on Oct 14, 2010 by Jane Marsee

This is not about ME. This is about Mrs. Suleman okay? But for the sake of argument. Yes, I am employed and have to work tonight, which I want to call out but won't, UGH! LOL happy now?

1438 days ago


you always call her mrs suleman... wouldnt it be mrs guiterrez? i think theres already a mrs m. sulieman

1438 days ago


Okay, here's a question for Gene and Scarey:

You talk about Octoscam needing to get into a bigger house and that she was under pressure to bring those tups home. Well, why didn't she think of that at the time she was home incubating those tups? Why didn't she plan on having a home for those kids? Why didn't she even have cribs for those children? Or blankets? What was her excuse then?

1438 days ago


IT'S ONLY MONEY! Money comes and goes... I rest my case. LOL

Posted at 12:18 PM on Oct 14, 2010 by Kimba10
If it's only money, then why are you working? You should be able to live without money, right? No, money is a necessity to pay for rent, utilities, car, gas, etc. To pay for children. Not to go out and get your lips re-plumped, go shopping at the mall, go to bars. If you had only a week left of money would YOU be spending it that way?

1438 days ago


At the time Nadya's dad bought this home, it's value was assessed at $350,000, and this guy owns the note for $564,900. This pig took advantage of her cir***stances by over inflating the mortagage amount. And since, has done nothing but shame her and bully her into making his outrageous payments.

NO WAY IN HELL HAS THAT HOUSE EVER BEEN VALUED AT $350,000! You cannot even buy a one or two bedroom condo in L.A./Orange County for that amount.

I don't know why this dip**** does not move to a more affordable part of the country. Oh wait, I know why. The paparazzi don't hang out in bu** fu** Egypt...the only place this ninny can afford to live.

1438 days ago

(vex) Clockwerx Automaton .:7:.    

The more I have watched this women in the media the more I have grown to respect her. Yes, she made mistakes which she has admitted to. She has proven she is no media whore trying to get free stuff like Kate plus 8, nor has she degraded herself or her family by accepting disgusting offers to do Porn.

Those of you who are so harshly judging her need to look at your own children, your own home, and your own hearts and see if you are half as good as Nadja in facing your mistakes and taking responsibility for them such as she has.

Posted at 11:07 AM on Oct 14, 2010 by Gene


Orly? She proved to you that she is not a media whore like Kh8? Hmmm... she's continue to put herself out for the paps under the guise of "save my home!", "I'm destitute!"

IIRC, she sold her tups' souls to ROL to a tune of approximately $40k per video from the get go.

She had "cleverly" disguised the word "exploit" and instead, used the word "do***entary" to describe the UK show about her life with 14 kids.

Fugs will never be able to have a respectable employment in Hollyweird simply because she's a freak that turns people off. She's shown the world time and again how incapable she is at taking care of her children. The chaos that rules the home sickens so many.

You said, "[S]he is no media whore trying to get free stuff like Kate plus 8". She's have gotten many free things from generous people. Money, for one. She managed to rake in more than $1 mil last year. She had a deal for that house, her 'tups were given a years worth of FREE clothes. A neighbour would leave bags of diapers at her doorstep all the time. etc. etc.

She's been flaunting herself publicly for nearly 2 years now. With no viable means of supporting her brood, ever.

How do you justify someone like NS who has NOT worked in 11 years, have NO income other than the fraudulent WC pay out she received?

When will this thing get a job and take responsibility in raising her children that she and her Dr. created?

Next year, where will the children and she be? Will she continue to ask for handouts until all of them reach the age of 18? You're only fooling yourself into believe all the lies she tells.

1438 days ago


People, okay so she cost the taxpayers of Cali some lost money that wasn't their to began with. But Nadya did not cost 911, she did not start WW2. So stop acting like it! Gees the way you all act is like she broke the city of Angel! Who has she killed, robbed and beat to death? IT'S ONLY MONEY! Money comes and goes... I rest my case. LOL

Posted at 12:18 PM on Oct 14, 2010 by Kimba10

Hey Kimba/Octo Pig: If it's "only money", then WHY are you standing on the street corner begging for it??? If it's "only money", why don't you tell Amir to shove it?'s "only money". Spoken like a spoiled, childish POS who has never worked a day in her life, has never earned a nickle, who has never owned up to her responsibilities, and has never taken responsibility for anything in her entire life.

Yeah right dip****, "it's only money". That's the reason 99.9% of the world sets their alarm, wakes up each morning, drives to work, puts up with the boss, works an 8 plus day, fights traffic home, then goes home deal with kids, spouses, pets and to rest up for the next day. They do it because "it's only money".

If it's "only money", why do you cash your welfare check, your SSI check and and take Medi-Cal and food stamps? It "it's only money", why not tell Kaiser Bellflower to shove it instead of expecting the State of California taxpayer to pay off your bill? After all, those hospital employees work for "it's only money" also and they sure as hell don't need to be paid. They don't need to pay their rent, support their kids, buy food and pay their bills since, gee people, "it's only money".

If "it's only money", why don't you Kimba AKA: Octo Pig, go live in the hills, grow your own food, sew your own clothes, use candles instead of electricity and wood for heat? There are people who do this in this country, the Amish for example.

Did you not pay your plastic surgeon since "it's only money"? I'm sure he agreed to do your tummy tuck, breast implants, lip infaltion for free, since gee whiz people, "it's only money".


1438 days ago


Why the FU*K did he agree to an extension on the balloon payment?
Kick the famewhoring slut OUT! NOW!

1438 days ago


What a shmuck. Nadya and her lawyers keep leading this guy on, and he lets them. SUCKER!

1438 days ago
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