Obama Streaker to be Paid 'Extremely Handsomely'

10/14/2010 7:00 AM PDT
The guy who whipped out his stump and streaked through President Obama's speech on Sunday is going to be paid "extremely handsomely" ... despite the fact that he didn't fulfill all the obligations of the $1 million dare.

Alki David -- the billionaire who issued the challenge -- was out in L.A. yesterday with his very attractive fiancee Jennifer Stano ... and told us that Juan James Rodriguez did not meet one major requirement of his challenge: He never got Obama to personally eyeball his stimulus package.

Still, Alki -- who owns battlecam.com -- says the guy won't walk away empty-handed ... but even though it's unclear how heavy the consolation check will be, Alki insists Rodriguez will be "overjoyed ... beyond his wildest dreams."