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'South Park'

Smooshes Snooki ...

Snooki Loves It

10/14/2010 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki was a moving target on "South Park" last night ... seriously, they actually tried to shoot her ... but the "Jersey Shore" star is taking her animated ripping as a badge of honor.

South Park Jersey Shore
In case you missed it -- watch it, it's hilarious -- the episode culminates with the Gollum-esque "Snooki" character getting socked in the face after trying to rape Cartman.

After the show, the real Snooks went to her Twitter page and wrote, "snooki want smoosh smoosh. im going to have nightmares tonight lmao!!! we've officially made it. goodnite my bitches."

Check out the entire episode at ... it's frickin' hysterical.


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Boxon Chaves    

I knew nothing about jersey shore but still found the episode hilarious. I cant help but notice that all the chat about this episode is related to the reality show. Im scottish and when i watched the episode i thought there would be a lot more of a mention to the scenes where al quaelda are crashing 747's into americans (regardless of whether or not they were from new jersey.......... i cant see that being a jersey thing either...... my bad couldnt resist onward with serious point). As far as i can tell there has been no backlash against this which points to one of two interesting conclusions. 1, sep 11 was long enough ago to not give a **** about or 2, reality tv about vain and shallow people is more more relevant to american viewers lives than portraying terrorists in a good light. Dont confuse this as a criticism of the episode, It just continued to back up the case of south park being the best show on tv by a mile.

1470 days ago


I didn't know that SP's Snooki was someone in the Jersey Shore, since I don't watch this kind of TV shows. After a research on Internet, well SP kind of nailed it !!

1470 days ago


STD's, rip the right people. It is Comedy Central without the backbone to rip on Islam. In three separate episodes South Park has been censored post production because of the lack of testicular fortitude, but Matt and Trey are not the ones lacking.

1469 days ago

This Guy    

Boxon Chaves -

I think the point about the terrorists was that these Jersey people are so terrible that we even prefer Al-Qaeda members over them.

In the end though, Bin Laden was killed, which made it easier for us to take, I think.

1469 days ago


Yea I think south park made her Look sexier then she is in real life did the animators realize that

1463 days ago


STD's you are so wrong. Matt and Trey created an episode that was all about making fun of muhammad called 201. Comedy central then censored every image of muhammad and bleeped everything out right before they aired it because of death threats from radical muslims. Matt and Trey had nothing to do with the censoring and were really pissed that comedy central gave into the threats. Matt and Trey stated that they make fun of every religion and the only ones who go making death threats like that are the muslims and to them that just gives them more reason to make fun of them.

1442 days ago


To #15 "you know it"...

That has to be the most casual and humurous simulation of rape ever. It wasn't even rape at all, rather snooki rubbing herself on people in a very comical way. Do you even know what sex is?

1442 days ago


South Park is the only reason we have an iota of sanity left in this world if it wasnt for southpark... who would rip on all the crap thats out there these days... Thanks god for south park

1419 days ago

shelby tanase    

I love snooki, she is a cute character in the show :3

1389 days ago


love southpark. love snooki.
classic ep. some people wont get it but.
its a jersey thing i guess.

1380 days ago


ronnie got punch so hared lol thats funny

1360 days ago

El Sapo    

The rat named Snooki in Southpark is exactly the same as Snooki in real life, she's a troll and want a lot of s_x

1308 days ago


someone needs to hit this mut with a bus already..

1225 days ago


wtf i wanna watch the entire show

1187 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHA i know this is old post but it seemed fitting. **** YOU TMZ. how does it feel south park just owned your douche bag stalker asses. everyone who works for tmz can burn in hell. love how you used the snookie clips from south park and now the last episode is calling you guys out for being rats. HA HA HA. oh ya harvey you call yourself a vegan and love dogs and all the bull ****. but you hate on the most loving and loyal breed of all. the pit bull. just because you listen to gossip and lies. hahaha shows why you became the head stalker. you stupid ass little bitch. have fun continuing to be a bitch ass RAT. bet you wont be using south park clips now you little *****. cant wait till your stalker asses who post straight garbage for "NEWS" (haha) is off the air. once again. go to hell harvey. my pit is ten times smarter than you. get educated before you open your mouth. **** you from matt and trey as well.

1100 days ago
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