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'View' Stars Fight with Bill O'Reilly ... Storm Off Set

10/14/2010 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a fit of rage, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar angrily charged off the set of "The View" this morning in the middle of a screaming match with Bill O'Reilly over the mosque near Ground Zero ... and moments later Barbara Walters railed on the women for being unprofessional.

Tempers flared on both sides as O'Reilly argued that the mosque has no place near the World Trade Center site because "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

Just as the women stormed off stage -- a rattled Walters proclaimed, "You have just seen what should not happen ... we should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking off stage."

Walters continued, "I love my colleagues, but that should not have happened."

Whoopi and Joy eventually returned to the set ... though Joy did not return to her usual seat, located right next to Bill ... instead sitting on the end of the couch.

BTW -- we think both shows should announce the results of this poll.


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#4- Your ignorant!!! Terrorists criminals attacked us on 9/11 not muslims. These people DO NOT represent Islam and they DO NOT represent 1.6 billion Muslims in the World! And they do NOT represent me!

1449 days ago


You know damn will they would have a different opinion if they lost loved ones in 9/11.

Hey what's going on with this mosque crap anyway? Wasn't the origional plan to build a memorial for the victims?

1449 days ago


More crap comes out of Bill O'Riley's mouth, then the other end. Islamic Extremists attacked us on 9-11. Not Muslims. Extremists did. You go Joy and Whoppee. Bill wipe your mouth with toilet paper.

1449 days ago


Starting Monday CBS has a new female talk show with some very interesting hosts, check it out.

1449 days ago


The fact is is they do have the RIGHT to build in that location. SHould they? Personally no. BUT, we claim to be the land of the free and religiously neutral, hence one of the reasons we were founded...BUT, this entire debate shows we are NOT religiously neutral. We are an amazingly biased country. Probably one of the most biased not only by religion, but race, sex, sexual persuation, financial and of course political stance!

This country is falling apart. And I hate to say it, but having a black president doesn't help. It just showed us how uncomfortable people are with a black president. Is he doing a good job, kind of. It could be better, but he is doing his best with what was given to him. So I would support him and vote for him but most Americans won't.

We are a country of hate filled and hate spewing people. We only care about ourselves.

1449 days ago


I consider myself a moderate liberal, however, I am embarrased to watch two clowns like Whoopi and Joy. I find myself cheering for Bill.
Those two need to start a commune for middle-aged, no-talent, has-been, meno-pausal pigs, and just drop out of the public eye.
Whoopie used to have a film career while dating Ted Danson, but what the hell has Behar ever done, besides doing her Arnold Ziffle impressions?

1449 days ago



1449 days ago


When are Americans (and the media) going to stop calling this a Mosque. It is NOT a Mosque. It is a community center.

1449 days ago


as always Mr. ******* O'Reilly is wrong. muslims didn't kill all those people on 9/11. extremists did. whoopi and joy were right to walk off because he would not let them speak their mind. Mr. ******* should go away, he is one big hate monger

1449 days ago


Why is it that big media never talks about the real reason for 9/11, which is American foreign policy!Were it not for all of the bombings & interventions of the last 60 years or better, there would be no such thing as "terrorists hating us for our freedoms". Wake up people!Is death any different if it comes from 30 thousand feet from a Tomahawk cruise missile, or a depleted uranium cluster bomb or how about an unmanned predator drone?The American Empire & the military industrial complex have been arbitrarily killing innocent men, women & children for quite some time now & we just got a little taste of what they have felt for years!Unfortunately, so called " journalists" like O'Reilly & pretty much everybody else too,conveniently exclude informing the American people about this because they get paid not to!

1449 days ago


Whoopie and Joy had enough of this crazy talk. This is the UNITED States of America, and New York City is the most tolerant of all cities. Be real people and get a grip on the important issues. We need jobs. The people on Fox are clowns, ALL OF THEM.

1449 days ago



1449 days ago


I don't know why Mr. O'Reilly keeps going on The View. Every time I watch they treat him worse than the last time, even when you think it wouldn't be possible. Joy and Whoopi are very unprofessional, whenever he comes out they always look like something is stuck up their butt and they have a puss on their face. They're very ungracious to a guest of their show. Like I always say, they only believe in free speech when the speaker agrees with them. That must have been some after the show meeting today!

1449 days ago

the sea    

O'Reilly got the reaction he was after. Goldberg and Behar are idiots for falling into his trap.

1449 days ago

Shanan Li    

This is why I watch Bill and not the one-sided view!! Go BILL!!!! Joy is such a pain in the bum!!! She is a bully that needs to grow a heart.

1449 days ago
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