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Oksana Grigorieva -- Lawyerless

10/15/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has a bunch of lawyers on her side, but she doesn't have anyone anymore who specializes in the field she says she cares most about -- family law.

As we first reported, Sorrell Trope and his firm quit Oksana, although she claims she fired him.  Either way, Trope, Anne Kiley and the others in the firm are among the best family law attorneys in L.A., and sources are telling us Oksana does not have a plan B -- at least not yet.

None of the lawyers she currently has specialize in California family law, and she's gonna need an expert to go against Mel Gibson in the custody/child support war. We're told she's on the hunt for a replacement.

As for Lisa Bloom -- contrary to what we were told when she signed on, Lisa will not be representing Oksana in family court.

The buzz in the legal community -- if Sorrell can't handle her, good luck finding another lawyer who will try ... especially since Oksana has already left a trail of lawyers in her wake.


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Over 100 comments and only 2% of TMZ followers kind of understand what this mother is going through. I bet for all of you No money in the world can measure up to your child ( for those of you, who old enough to have one ). So you really think you are superior to this parent?
Harvey, following Oksana Grigorieva so closely seemed a little too personal, what’s up? Bad case of gold-diggers or Russian spies?
Saw your interview about the View…, never thought I‘ll agree with you. But in Oksana’s case – Please give me a break.

1467 days ago


Your only claim to fame is being knocked up by Mel Gibson and for stripping down. PUTA!

1467 days ago

anonym You can put your comment in this web site, because i suppose her relatives put a lot of trash in this site. i was banned in there.

1467 days ago


That"s good for her. It was like it was a big joke. to her

1467 days ago


I Agree with anonym Free Mel Gibson yeah he's a little nuts but Ox is a lot crazier then Mel Gibson will ever be The dumb bitch should not have talked to the press now look at her like anonym said she like the rest of the mistress' all they want and care about is getting famous at any cost and getting money at any cost as well.

1467 days ago


Tom Cruise been a while:)
you wanna leave some message for Mel? I am collecting wishes for him and it will be send by monday.

1467 days ago


messages can be left on this site thanks.

1467 days ago

KoalaBabe You can put your comment in this web site, because i suppose her relatives put a lot of trash in this site. i was banned in there.

Posted at 10:58 AM on Oct 15, 2010 by anonym

what did you post there anonym?

1467 days ago

Lynn M    

I think she's completely paranoid about going up against all of his lawyers that she's acting out of fear and feels very out gunned. She's also getting so much conflicting input from her attorney's she's afraid she's going to lose her child, that would make any mother half crazy. He beat her, threatened her with a gun, continuously said he would take her baby - in the end he wins by making her unable to focus on a strategy so her worst fears are coming true. It's very sad, David vs Goliath. She deserved better than this. Mel's a shameful man.

Posted at 7:14 AM on Oct 15, 2010 by Jinky

Oh, give me a break. Mel has his issues no doubt but this woman takes the cake. Her problem is that she's been caught in servious inconsistencies in her story of Mel hitting her. In one early story straight from her mouth, Mel choked her with his elbow and pushed in her face but in the People story, he choked her with his two hands. That right there is enough to discredit her.

I believe Mel's explanation of what went down on the night of the alleged "beating". It never happened and Mel was just trying to get Lucia from her crazy mom

1467 days ago


I get in anonym, but no one is commenting in there.

1467 days ago

Lynn M    

Opps...sorry about the triple post. My computer went crazy!

1467 days ago


Morning Lynn M:) you can leave your wishes too please!

1467 days ago


Well, she fired the lawyer who was responsible for the outrageous $20,000 monthly CHILD support she's been getting.

Posted at 9:53 AM on Oct 15, 2010 by sue

Remember through Oksana's len Mr. Trope had failed to secure $60... thousand and she only received a 1/3 of what she hoped to get. Why do I think she stewed about that and actually rationalized Mr. Trope's inability to get HER the RIGHT amount as reason for her to DO PEOPLE, OPRAH, etc.

1467 days ago


I wish all these foreigners would go back to their own country. Wise up people, stay with your kind!

1467 days ago


Thats what she gets..for looking like Octo-Mom.. Creepy bish...

1467 days ago
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