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Sherri Shepherd:

O'Reilly's in

'The Pinhead Category'

10/16/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sherri Shepherd isn't finished with Bill O'Reilly for the things he said on "The View" -- telling TMZ his comments about the mosque at Ground Zero land him straight in the "pinhead category."


Shepherd was at LaGuardia Airport yesterday, where she also insisted that Bill knew what buttons he was gonna push when he said, "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

As for dirty details from the set of "The View" -- Sherri seems to be under a gag order ... telling us, "I can't talk about that."

We're guessing the powers that be are holding that story for Monday's show ...


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so Bill O'Reilly is a pinhead for telling the truth?? lol these cows just dont get was funny when he brought up obama the first things out of their mouths were he inherited it..i mean really he knew what he was getting into when he ran for president now that he is being seen as a crappy president they all want to blame bush.i feel sorry for Elizabeth i dont know how she puts up with these liberal nut jobs.

1446 days ago


How low is this woman's IQ? It probably is on a par with her waist measurement. She and the other two (2) women who walked off the set are upset because O'Reilly said moooooslums were responsible for the attacks on America on 9/11/2001? I guess they think those attacks were made by Catholics! Or maybe Jews! Perhaps Buddists? Or even Episcopalians.

But this one was so stupid she wasn't even following the flow of the conversation. When the other two morons walked off, she didn't even have enough understanding or sense to join them!

What anal orifices all three of them are!

1446 days ago



1446 days ago


The women on the View are the Pinheads, except for Elizabeth.

1446 days ago


Wow, when the topic involves women of any race the sexist and racist comments really come out..UGLY!

1446 days ago


Even my dog knows the Earth is not flat

1446 days ago


I Can't wait for the CBS show to start. No Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her expert shoe designer comments on absolutely everything!!!

1446 days ago


I am no supporter of Bill's but in this case, he is correct. The hijackers were Muslims. To state anything else is disrespectful to those who died that day and stupid in general. Whoopie and Joy supported who did this to us by denying that very fact. It's important to know who our enemies actually ARE. Shame on these Americans. I have to wonder why they are feigning ignorance in this.

1446 days ago


These two women are just stupid. No matter any party affiliation. Dumb and uninformed is still just dumb and uninformed.

1446 days ago


If they do pull of this ultimate in your face insult and manage to get this thing built anywhere near ground zero it will be burned to the ground very fast.

1446 days ago

Not April Margera    

Maybe she doesn't remember when she said her aborted babies are in heaven waiting for her and when she get's there they'll say "hi momma, we love you."
She really said that, and just how many baby's has she aborted?

1446 days ago


The View women are all liberals except for Elisabeth, they are so rude to conservatives, and I quit watching long ago. I saw Bill O'Reilly was going to be on so watched it. I'm not surprised by how rude they were, they cannot stand honesty!! Bill spoke the truth, the majority of the American people think the mosque near ground zero is a slap in the face of the victims and their families of 9/11. I think Whoopi, Sherry, Barbara and Joy are wrong and there are many mosques in New York, they can build it somewhere else, but the imam wants to slap the Americans in the face!!! I think The View needs to be taken off the air, they talk over each other, rude to guests and Joy especially is so ignorant!!!!!!!

1446 days ago

Anastasia Yeager    

Sherri. Your comment was 100% on. O'Rielly is a pinhead. Don't bother with the Faux News bobbleheads on this blog. Whoopi and Joyce were 100% to walk off a bigots platform. He was a guest and spouted his racial hate as if he does in his own backyard. What a jerk!

1446 days ago


Let's see how people will like it when the mosque becomes a shrine where muslim terrorists come to worship their victory against the US on 9/11. Why do you think they picked this spot to build a mosque? Do you all really want to see a mosque when you visit ground zero? The muslims have won again and no one sees it because we've have all been brainwashed. It's more important to be PC. I'm so ashamed of this country now. We had a good run but it's over.

1446 days ago


Anastasia Yeager: Speaking of ignorance, when did muslims become a race? It is a religion. At least get it right when you're calling others pinheads.

1446 days ago
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