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Justin Bieber Investigated for Assault in Canada

10/17/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is reportedly being investigated by police in Richmond, British Columbia after an alleged incident at laser tag facility ... this according to various reports in Canada.

Justin Bieber assault.
A 12-year-old boy claims Bieber (seen above at the laser tag place, with his father) hit him while playing a game, according to the reports, though he suffered no visible injuries.

A rep for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police tells TMZ the incident was reported to authorities by the boy's father. Though the rep wouldn't confirm anything about Bieber, they did say they are in the process of interviewing witnesses.

The popular Canadian blog says they spoke to a staffer at the facility who says that during the game, Bieber was cornered by several kids "and accidentally hit the kid while running away."

We spoke to a rep for Bieber yesterday who said it was absolutely untrue.


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thats amazing i hope in 5 yrs he still has a music career

1435 days ago


OK you retards need to read before you go off the handle it says he was cornered probably about to get zapped by the lasers not beat up by the kids and if he was running away why did he have to run kicking and screaming like a lil Bitch and hit somebody it's not that serious a game to run off kicking and screaming it' snot like it was paint ball what a ***** he is just a spoiled kid that thinks he can get away with whatever he wants & no one can do anything wish it was me I would have mollywaped his ass for hitting me then what he would have sued and everyone would of been like that kid deserves it for hiting Bieber or however you spell it so you hypocrites need to get a life and stop bitchin about this BS.

1435 days ago


The father of this kid needs to get a fricken job and stop sniffing around for a paycheck. What a fricken douche to even report this. His kid should be fricken embarssed to have this **** bag for a dad. But I'm thinkin like father like son.

1435 days ago


Please.....he is just a 12 year old kid. We may think we can impose adult values on him because he is a public figure. But HE IS STILL ONLY 12!!!!! My God...we can't let kids behave like kids now? Again....the path of MJ.

1435 days ago


who gives a ****. the kid was calling him a ***got and cornering him. What was bieber supposed to to? let the kid just call him a ***got? who CARES. it says he had no visable injuries so the dad should just let it go. its not like he had trauma or anything.

1435 days ago


Justin wouldn't hit the lottery... a bunch of jealous children making fun of him, nothing more, nothing less.

1435 days ago


omg it is so sad why did the boy tell im in jusins side big time c-mon jb is famous that little boy wants to be famous to so thats why hes makeing a big thing about all this wow thats like so bad 4 jb poor guy :(

1435 days ago


How funny is it that Biebs is a better dresser then his dad hahahah

1435 days ago


Um..."Popular Canadian blog"?? Hardly. Gets a few thousand hits a day and it's run by a douchebag named Zack Teperman whose dad is rich.

1435 days ago


Just another loser trying to make money off a celebrity instead of making thier own income the honest way. How disgusting!

Whether you like Bieber or not, as the facts are rolling in, you can clearly see it's a douchebag crying wolf hoping for their 15 minutes of fame and a quick buck. This is the world we live in.

1435 days ago


I really dont like Justin, but it does sound like somebody is trying to rip him off. I bet the kid's parents put him up to it to see if they can sue. All I ever see Justin singing is Baby Baby and it is getting old fast.

1435 days ago


bieber probably handled it pretty well, since the kid is a spoiled brat hitting upon justin seems to take frustation that he isn't winning at laser tag. Common psycological factors include placing unresolved anger for his father (who happens to be a lawyer) unto to bieber i think makes sense. i think the frustration that the kid felt was enough catalyst to make him confront biber.

1435 days ago


I Say good for JB this kid sounds like he was messing with him in hopes of maybe making a quick buck.. This is out of control If I was that kids dad I would be scared at the fact that JB has boat loads of money and can afford any laywer in the world.. to kick his A@@.. so I hope JB makse good sence out of this.. All these kids going around picking on other people and then end up loosing their lifes to it is simply ashame.. and something must be done about... I know people dont like JB but He is doing the dang thang and I cant hate on him one bit.. haters hate cuz they want what he has.. he went from almost begging poor to very rich in a yr or 2.. so Go JB.. they may hate on u but u know that saying if u dont have haters u aint doing noithing right..

1435 days ago


What a lucky guy .. not everyday you can not blackguard JB xD
And this boy's dad is a lawyer ! Hahah ,what a nice thing . happyendingnotforeveryone . but the most weird is that Justin did not had SECURITY ?! But what ever , u rock , buddy !

1434 days ago


I'm no Justin Bieber fan but it sure sounds like those kids and the father are trying to make a quick buck. It's called Laser "Tag" for a reason. The story does read "the kids cornered him" so what does that tell you, they went looking for him to do that. I am by no means a Justin Bieber fan and feel his music is not my cup of tea but these whinny kids went looking for trouble and knew Bieber was there and did it on purpose. It's a game everyone, if it was any other kid playing it would not have been such a big deal but they KNEW it was Justin Bieber. I guess it was another slow news day in Canada. First Justin rags on Tom Brady's hair now this. Maybe he is looking for some free publicity for a new CD coming out..Just guessing.

1434 days ago
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