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Oksana's Newest Lawyer

Angry at Mel, TMZ

10/17/2010 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's latest addition to her legal team is lashing out after our story yesterday -- that Oksana has had at least 39 lawyers working for her in her legal war with Mel Gibson -- claiming Mel has an armada of lawyers and others trying to stomp Oksana down.

Lisa Bloom claims "Mel has a fleet of highly aggressive law firms fighting her at every turn, including one which calls itself a '450+ lawyer business litigation firm -- the largest in the United States devoted solely to business litigation.'" 

Although the current war is over custody, support and alleged crimes and not business litigation, Bloom adds, "This is only one of at least four known major law firms behind the scenes, as well as publicists, marketers, and public relations agencies."  Bloom says, "Oksana is a single mother of two who's gone into debt fighting for simple justice."

TMZ broke the story ... at least 18 of Oksana's lawyers have submitted bills to the court totaling more than $1 million, and they've asked the judge to make Mel foot the bill.

Bloom says Oksana has had only "a handful" of different law firms in this case, adding, "Though occasionally other lawyers in their firms may have pitched in."  Bloom says, "It is totally false to say she's had 39 lawyers."  We have listed all 39 lawyers -- Bloom has not said which of the 39 she believes were not working on the case. 

Click here to read Lisa Bloom's full statement. 


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The problem with this whole case is, it's not about Mel or Oksana any longer. It's about the election.

The person who is the decision maker for the court, is involved in an election next month.

There is no motivation to push this case through, and I'm guessing the earliest anything happens is after the holidays in January. In fact, it could be pushed back as late as May or June of 2011, just watch and see.

1469 days ago


How many lawyers does it take to screw Mel? Apparently we're not at that the magic number yet.

Con artists posing as police, changing versions on a weekly basis, extortion, dentist changing his version, tapes mysteriously leaked. Idiot PR guys whoring out for some cheap fame. It's like watching a reality version of Airplane! "Surely you must be kidding!"

1469 days ago



1469 days ago


By the way, Lisa can't be a spinner,
her nose gets in the way.

Team MEL!

1469 days ago


Bloom's strategy to win sympathy for her client won't work on this case.

Posted at 2:57 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by waka

Do you know what I always tell people when they are looking for sympathy? Look in the dictionary, its located somewhere between **** and Syphlis...

We all need a to laugh right about now.

1469 days ago


if the female wasn't directly named in headlines, would she have an even bigger melt down ....
only known as the one standing next to M.G.s second daughter
like the Lohan girls mum
L.B. #40 ?

1469 days ago


I worked on a similar case four years ago -- where the skank tried to employ fraud on the court by claiming "domestic violence." She lost. I am so tired of women resorting this strategy and the ones who are seriously battered are too afraid to come forward. Shame on Oksana. If she had settled this quietly and decently she probably would have done better on all levels -- financially, emotionally, etc. She is a fool and I hope Mel has to pay only for the child support. Lisa won't last -- in fact, I think Oksana interviewed her early on and went with another attorney. So Lisa is showing her colors as well -- a publicity hound just like her mommy - Gloria Alfred. Finally considering that one has not heard from Mel (which is the correct strategy), one assumes that he is not mounting large PR bills.

1469 days ago


Maybe Lisa Bloom is the next one on the cover of the People Magazine? Seems that she has no problem with that someone in a middle of a custdy case is doing that! Way to go, really professional, ha ha ha!

1469 days ago


@Michael....I hope it gets pushed back to June next year because by then, Greedisana Grigorieva (thank u Sincerity)would have dug a 12 foot grave with her mouth. That means she would need to spit out the acorns in her cheeks....oh wells, she might have to use Lisa's nose.

1469 days ago


brb Team, I have to iron some clothing for work, keep up the good job:) hugs

1469 days ago


@random - EXACTLY. This b just needs more rope to hang herself. As I have stated before on these boards the significant loss (other than the $15MM she left on the table) is that no man other than one living on Mars will ever go near her again. Hopefully, her garbageman is hot, because this harpy is done, baby, done. Did Mel ever get a DNA test on Lucia?? TEAM MEL. Think I'll get that on a T-Shirt this morning and then go hit the Palms for brunch...

1469 days ago


I'm sorry but how is this even acceptable, if her lawyers bill mounted to $1million, then she should pay for it, i mean it was greed of getting the poor guys money regardless of what might have happened between them, has caused her to think she can demand anything and be awarded for her tantrums, you want to have tantrums do so but geez be ready to pay for it....what mel should foot the bbill of her lawyers? ridiculous!!!

1469 days ago

LA me    

Hiya KB...sorry I didn't answer right away, I was posting on the other thread.

Gotta try and get some sleep. Gotta be back up in 3 hours. Ack

1469 days ago


"...Nevertheless, she has had to fight for justice for herself and her baby daughter against the
largest law firms in Los Angeles and the top lawyers in their field..." -cuz Ox fired all her top lowers.

"...who apparently have unlimited access
to Mel's hundreds of millions..." -cuz Ox's "immaculate interception" was fubar.

" his fight to not be accountable for his violence and to pay his baby daughter less than what the court has ordered..." -cuz Ox turned down a whole lot more for "rear" love.

1469 days ago


mel's a deadbeat, we're concerned about mel and lucia, this is nothing but a lying p.r. war. and bloom won't win with all this hot air comimg out of her big snout.

Posted at 3:06 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by jechrist

And if Mel's a deadbeat what would Horse Mouth call Dalton whose support payments don't even put a roof over his kids head. The perfect dad. It is the deadbeat dad after all that provides the shelter, food, the vehicle and gas, that take Daltons kid to the movies or anywhere else Mommy Dearest takes him to. Yup deadbeat dad provides perfect dad's kid with almost everything except birthday gifts which is the Lakers responsibility. Lucky for Lucia and Daltons kid Mel is a deadbeat dad and not the perfect dad too.

1469 days ago
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