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Michael Lohan's Conservatorship Try Has Britney Ties

10/18/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained letters sent to Michael Lohan from his lawyers concerning Michael's attempt to put Lindsay Lohan under the control of a conservatorship -- and wouldn't you know it ... Britney Spears' name came up.


The letters make several mentions of trying to curb Michael's antics with the media -- including his uninvited trip to the Betty Ford Center. Lohan's headline-grabbing ways are deemed by his lawyer as being "against my express advice."

But when it comes to actually trying to get Lindsay under a conservatorship, that's when the Queen Conservatee comes up. The lawyer mentions a Dr. Stephen Marmer as having been used as an expert on Britney's case. But the lawyer concludes, "Frankly, I do not think he would agree to be retained as an Expert in this case."

It doesn't end there -- Dr. Robert Bilder, another doctor who worked on the Spears conservatorship was brought up: "He worked on the Spears Conservatorship and would be an excellent expert witness in this case."

Calls were made to both Dr. Marmer and Dr. Bilder -- we never heard back.


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If they could somehow exclude Dina from Lindsay's existence, she'd probably get sober. Dina has taught her rehab is a game you play to get around jail and the judge. Dina doesn't even think Lindsay is there to get well. She taped their visit this weekend and is attempting to sell it for high five figures. For years she's denied LL the treatment to get well. Dina is Lindsay's biggest problem and obstacle in life.

1410 days ago


Lindsay could benefit from a court appointed conservator to protect her interest until she gets her act together, but it sure shouldn't be any of the whack jobs related to her!

1410 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    

@dee... why not Spears father? He seems to have done okay.... although I have not watched closely. If he has done a good job, at least he knows how it all works.

1410 days ago


I agree! Go forward with the conservatorship and appoint a third party to look after LL's assets. Michael has already said he's fine with that situation but I'd bet my life Dina isn't! She's draining Lindsay dry keeping her on drugs.

1410 days ago


Jamie Spears only did it because it was his daughter who needed him. He's not some professional conservator LMFAO. He's actually an accomplished chef who put his life on hold to save his daughter's. He is the best dad EVER.

1410 days ago

Sad sad    

5150 this guy. All I can think of every time he opens his pie hole. I'm mean if we all are sick of him just think how Lindsay feels.The mere thought of him being my dad makes me want to go out and shoot up. He has no concept how vile he is. He is so self absorbed. If he really gave 2 cents for Lindsay he would let her be at the moment. It's like having an open wound and he keeps ripping off the bandage and digging deeper and deeper into it causing a massive staph infection that just can't heal. He's the puss coming out of the festering wound. Just make it go away!

1410 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Unless Lindsay is diagnosed by medical physician that she is incapable of handling her own affairs and is a danger to herself (usually means suicidal), she isn't a candidate for a conservatorship. Being a drug addict isn't enough.

Again, Michael will stoop to anything to get publicity and it now seems he's ready to put Britney's name out there. Really pathetic. He's really a sick human being who should be locked away for the rest of his life.

1410 days ago


So, Michael Lohan has shown these letters to TMZ as a last resort for publicity. He is such a despicable human being and a loathsome father. God, this guy can't sink any lower, he is permanently in the gutter.

Lindsay has a drug problem, she is not mentally incapable. Any attempt by a conservatorship would be kicked out of court. Michael Lohan has been to 4 lawyers and they have all told him the same thing...not a chance in hell.

Michael, go get a job you piece of dirt and give your daughter some peace of mind to pull herself together.

1410 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

I think someone needs to put Michael and Dina under conservatorship first.

1410 days ago


To someone who does not want it, conservatorship is unlikely to buy love or family happiness, nor will it buy respect. It is likely however to cause the reverse with increased enmity.

Apart for her substance abuse problem, Lindsay is a mentally fit and capable adult woman the same as probably thousands of other mentally fit adult substance abuse users who are still capable of managing their own lives. She certainly is not daddies little girl any more. All parents learn at some stage that their children have become independant adult human beings both legally and mentally and who must be allowed to lead their own lives.

Conservatorship should be reserved for people incapable of their affairs like some ageing parents.

It makes one wonder if Lindsay would stand a greater chance of a conservatorship application over her father at some stage of his life rather than the other way around?

In my country, conservatorship would not be allowed on mentally fit adults or even eccentric people as it would be considered a form of slavery as it takes away a persons freedom. I am surprised that in a progressive society this idea is even entertained or that victims of substance abuse are treated as criminals, probabtioners or not.

If you are a sane adult, how would you like your freedom taken away by a parent who does not approve of your lifestyle?

1410 days ago


On Sept 3 of this year Michael Lohan said he was going to stop talking about his daughter to the media, that lasted 2 whole days. Liar and untrustworthy, you bet. Instead he's spent the ensuing weeks making himself look like the most unhinged, foolish, insane stalker, making extortionist threats, harassing his daughter at her rehab, harassing the rehab center and being an unstable, bizarre ass who has acted in his own interests and made Lindsay's rehab stressful nearly everyday she's been treated for a deadly addiction. He doesn't care about what she wants,he certainly doesn't care if she recovers and he will continue to torture her until he gets his way. He has shown he can't control himself and can't be controlled as a client. It would be impossible for him to go into court now, no expert would want the smell of Mike Lohan s**t on them, and his narcissistic circus of one that he's put on for the world has saved his daughter loads of legal bills. He's a mentally ill sadist. He's supposedly sober and he's more out of control than his daughter ever was and she's a drunk and addict. His excuse? He wants total control of an adult. Brittny is mentally ill, his daughter isn't. She's like millions of people affected with addiction, struggling but not incompetent to care for herself - which is THE requirement for conservatorship in this state. He needs to really read the Bible and beg God to forgive him for daily trying to derail her treatment. He wants her to fail in order to attempt to take over her life. He's moved from creepy leech attention whore to dangerous evil monster. He's absolutely sickening for behaving the way he has. It Sounds like Lisa Bloom is as disgusted with him as everyone else. His rehab is dead too. Thank God for small favors.

1410 days ago

Sad sad    

Mick totally agree with you. I think under extreme cases of mental illness and such should that be an option just for the sake the person is taken care of. I think Lindsay is sane but I do not think Michael is at all. Completely delusional and possibly schizoid. Did anyone see Perez H. interview with him? It's no wonder Perez looked like he was going to crawl over the side of the couch. I honestly try to see a caring father in him but I don't. He's constantly running to the media. It has NEVER once helped Lindsay. This situation that is going on right now should be very quiet as far as media attention. She should be in rehab and really nothing else to report on. It's like he can't stand not seeing his name everywhere. It baffles me all to hell. Then tie up our court system with utter nonsense (not just Lindsay related). He almost doesn't seem to realize Lindsay is an adult and not daddies little girl. The only reason she contacted him in the past is because well lets face it he's her dad. And he uses that against her. He continually betrays her trust. He has probably permanently damaged any real healthy relationship between the two. He probably knows it subconsciously and is grasping at straws now. He needs to go work on himself first before he even attempts any contact with her.

1410 days ago


i doubt these professional thugs , i mean doctors , but i use that word lightly . lindsay may not have as much money as britney , well maybe more after the e- trade settlement but she will fight the doctors fiercely , to the point that i would venture that those doctors could be before the state medical boards , ready to lose their license . there is no way that lindsay even is close to conservatorship . one doctor is not willing to put his license on the line , the other would be a idiot to put it on the line , like that octo- mom doctor . lindsay has good attorneys and this would be a fight were careers would end over it .

1410 days ago


I don't believe she'll see 30. Then Dina and Michael will spend the rest of their lives blaming each other for her death. The best thing their other children can do for themselves is to get as far away from those toxic people as they can, or they too, will end up like I know lindsey will: A dead lesbo at about 28.

1410 days ago


He is interested in one and only ONE thing; MONEY. He doesn't really give a rats tushie about her, he is just trying to get control of money, although I wonder if she even has any at the moment.

1410 days ago
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