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Michael Lohan's Conservatorship Try Has Britney Ties

10/18/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained letters sent to Michael Lohan from his lawyers concerning Michael's attempt to put Lindsay Lohan under the control of a conservatorship -- and wouldn't you know it ... Britney Spears' name came up.


The letters make several mentions of trying to curb Michael's antics with the media -- including his uninvited trip to the Betty Ford Center. Lohan's headline-grabbing ways are deemed by his lawyer as being "against my express advice."

But when it comes to actually trying to get Lindsay under a conservatorship, that's when the Queen Conservatee comes up. The lawyer mentions a Dr. Stephen Marmer as having been used as an expert on Britney's case. But the lawyer concludes, "Frankly, I do not think he would agree to be retained as an Expert in this case."

It doesn't end there -- Dr. Robert Bilder, another doctor who worked on the Spears conservatorship was brought up: "He worked on the Spears Conservatorship and would be an excellent expert witness in this case."

Calls were made to both Dr. Marmer and Dr. Bilder -- we never heard back.


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This is a nothing story. No judge is going to grant a conservatorship over Lindsey. You have to be seriously incompetent to warrant that. And even then it is very hard. Like Cali said above, drug addiction isn't nearly enough.

1468 days ago


TMZ "obtained" letters written by Michael's "lawyers" concerning his attempt to put Lindsay under a conservatorship.

No lawyer would release to the press letters written to a client so TMZ had to "obtain" the letters from Michael.

Explain "obtained" does that mean you bought the letters from Michael? If he gave them to you they were not obtained and if he just showed them then again they are not obtained.

Who are the lawyers who wrote these letters? TMZ is quick to name lawyers in every article where lawyers are mentioned so why not now?

Is TMZ is giving Michael money for information? Essentially helping Michael continue his efforts to bother Lindsay then writing crap like this article to get responses from the public.

Maybe TMZ should also be put under a conservatorship or at a minimum held responsible for assisting Michael's ongoing attempts to cause Lindsay distress.

1468 days ago


I find this article interesting in that you mention TMZ has letters Michael received from his lawyers, yet you fail to mention who the lawyers are! Are we to assume the lawyer in question is Lisa Bloom? Especially since we no longer see her with him when he's speaking to the media?

I think if you report on this, you shouldn't leave out a pertinent part of the story, although rightly or wrongly, most people can easily figure out which lawyer this involves.

1468 days ago


On Friday why doesn't the Judge just cut LL a break when she has to put up with her crazy dad and just sentence her for failing the drug test and end her probation.
If he wants to give her the full 30 days then give her 180 but after she is released she should be free.
If she is stuck on formal probation until 2011 she is stuck in LA with ML

1468 days ago


Lisa Bloom randomly dropped him

Maybe the actual lawyers or people associated with them leaked the letters to TMZ to show how crazy ML's plan is.

Maybe Lindsay's attorney who has connections managed to get a hold of them and leaked them to TMZ because people were so disgusted after he tried to sell or "share" Lindsay's rehab diary.

1468 days ago


I think a restraining order is called for now.
@ nicole Nope, she'd still be stuck with him , regardless of what judge decides , unless he's somehow contained. I agree she should leave LA though, probably USA as well and go to Europe for quite some time. She needs time and space to pick up her life and she won't be getting that anywhere in USA . But that should happen after she has completed the treatment FULLY.

1468 days ago


I agree with all you Lindsay enablers that she needs to just be let free so she can continue her drug addiction because, let's face it, she hasn't taken any of this seriously yet. There's probably at least a 50/50 chance she won't die on her first overdose and then maybe she will see the light (at the end of the tunnel?). She'll never get anything out of these programs as long as she has her enabling, money hungry mother around because the mother will never help her and won't let Michael back into the family so Lindsay can get his help. I doubt Michael is making much, if any, money from all this. He's just an idiot like a lot of our parents. I do believe he really does care, though, and that may be all it takes for Lindsay to change for the better. It's the enabling mother who is going for the big bucks and she is pimping Lindsay out as we speak. Lindsay's rehab is just another money-making opportunity for her and she's even trying to use it to jumpstart the sibling's careers.

1468 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Dose Michale really think he can get a conservator to take over Lindsay's money??? Britney was a 5150 that's why she is under a conservator. Lindsay is not crazy she has a drug problem and she seems to be working hard to beat it. I would like nothing more than to see Lindsay beat this demon and come out of rehab and put both her parents in check...I don't know how Michale can even look at himself in the mirror...and Dina, she's a real peach too...I never thought I'd say this, But I really feel bad for Lindsay and they way her parents are trying to exploit her when she down...Thanks Mom &'re the best.

1468 days ago



1468 days ago


Michael Lohan is crazy and angry now. he must go to angry class now. When he will be too much angry and mad for heart attack.
The Betty Ford building won't inviite him for his daugther. She want alone for her father. He is not good father for his kids.
He is wrong from he was boss push tell for what doing take his daugther go to to other Rheab building. No way. She want pickup go to Betty Ford for herself walk in and that good great help rheb for 3 months. She want alone and keep out for her father.

1468 days ago


@Spot. Thanks. TMZ is full of it. They didn't "obtain" anything and you ask the right questions. All Lohan stories should be scrutinized as most are questionable.

For those saying Lindsay doesn't have a mental condition, don't be so sure. The public and media are not privy to Lindsay's medical records and does not know for sure her diagnosis and mental/medical condition. I see little proof of any extreme substance abuse, her test since May 24th haven't shown any large amounts of substances consistently and talk of her falling in pictures as any sort of proof of addiction is ridiculous. She failed one drug test all year. One. (TMZ says 2, never confirmed by the court, in fact, the court never confirmed cocaine, just a "controlled substance")

What are Lindsay's life-defining moments and continued challenges and conditions? What's the most effective way to recognize them and organizations that treat them? I don't think those essential questions have been addressed enough, just the drug/alcohol angle being beaten to death by people with, IMO, limited perspectives and/or an interest in pushing that as an agenda.

Lawyers are frustrated by Michael Lohan, even those that represent him. He's failed most of what he's tried to do. He didn't get custody of any of his children, he lost most if not all of his courtroom battles with Dina, he failed with CPS and getting Ali not to visit Lindsay (heck, she was with Lindsay from June-mid August before returning to Long Island), the conservatorship is not going to happen, no basis for it, he's just making a lot of noise. Also, where's this bar he was supposed to open with his son, where's his all-woman rehab, his reality shows and other projects he goes on about? He's not a well man, he creates disorder and chaos for his entire family, he's abuses women, and he's just flat-out destructive. Yet, the media embraces his actions, so we see where the media's priorities are, don't we?

1468 days ago


brit not crazy.Sheis veryizbalovannaya.grow wiser.

1468 days ago


Brit not crazy.izbalovannayai che does notwant to change.It"s time to grow wiser brit.

1468 days ago


Can you imagine the sorrow of having a human turd as a father like that? This guy is nothing short of back alley white trash and he proves it every day of his life. Poor Lindsey... It must be very tough on her.

1468 days ago


She uses anyway even on probation but maybe it would be easier to deal with if the whole world didn't know when she relapsed.
Sure she admitted to relapsing on Twitter but TMZ, AP leaked it and when she was ordered to return to court the Judge said "she tested positive for a controlled substance" so everyone was finding out anyway.
The Judge should just sentence her for violating probation again and terminate her probation this case is a joke.

1468 days ago
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