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Mel to Oksana

Relax, You'll Get Your Money

10/17/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson ain't gonna pay Oksana Grigorieva the $20,000/month in child support until the judge clarifies if OG's housing is included in the payment -- much to the dismay of Oksana's layers, who were shot down in court on Friday ... TMZ has learned.

Oksana's 39th lawyer, Lisa Bloom, said Friday that Mel Gibson was a deadbeat dad, insinuating he was behind on child support. But sources connected with the case tell us ... the new child support order signed by Judge Scott Gordon is unclear as to whether it includes Oksana's housing payments -- payments Mel has been making from the get-go.

Mel has been paying Oksana $5,000/month in child support in addition to all of Oksana's housing expenses. But now that the judge has upped the monthly child support to $20k, we're told Mel's team wants clarification -- is it 20$k including or plus housing expenses?

Until the judge clairifes his order ... Mel will continue paying $5,000/month.

Oksana's lawyers tried to force Mel to pay the $20K immediately, but we're told the judge said he would take the matter up in November ... as previously scheduled.


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Maybe we can start a California FAD:

You guys that happen to run into Gloria A or Her daughter on the street or resturant.

Say "How's it going GloriaHOLE , or Aren't you GloriaHOLE's Daughter. I hear you are just as delightful as your mother when you OPEN your MOUTH.

You know what. GloriaHOLE and Daughter make a living from "slandering/defaming" the rich. So FOLKS , how about we give them some of their OWN medicine. See how they like it to be called names. :)

I mean Gloriahole's daughter called mel a "deadbeat dad", right?

Maybe make T shirts "GloriaHOLE and daughter the defender of whores/Con artists".

1432 days ago


Funny ... Team Mel/Truth International has been wondering about all those freebies and extras too for a long time now.

Maybe now we'll know the answer.

Lisa Bloom ... your actions yesterday were a cheap shot ... shame on you.

Everyone knows Mel has been far from a deadbeat dad from the start.

1432 days ago


Hey Lisa moved out to CA to be closer to your younger lover, did your kids' Dad pay for that?
I worked to pay for myself and my share of child support into the raising of my kids, in addition to the child support from kids' Dad. That's how it is suppose to work, what does Oksana contribute to her own rent/support, let alone her daughter's (or son's) support??

Posted at 8:55 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by kickaboo
Lisa Bloom said in her Exclusive Interview with ROL on Friday, that all the court cases requiring her to be in the court room are wearing her out along with having to care for her two children, so I guess that means she is too tired to work. :-)

I want to know why Oksana has to appear at each of these hearings, Mel doesn't?

1432 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

Mel scores a point here. If she wants the $20,000 per mo., she should have to move out and pay all her own housing expenses. @ Danielle, reading that ROL article made me roll eyes, OMG, Camp OX put quite a spin on that "baby Lucia having to pay rent". So you can have a child by a rich man and never pay any expenses ever, including lawyer fees to sue the baby daddy?

1432 days ago


I find the headline for this story VERY misleading. "Mel to Oksana". as if they're speaking to each other, AS IF he would be talking to her when he has a restraining order against her.

1432 days ago

Cougar Lawyer Moves for Love NYPost – Which divorced lawyer, a regular talking head, moved from New York to Los Angeles with her children because of her love for a much younger suitor?

Guess who?

1432 days ago


Why does Mel have to pay for her housing? I dont understand why some women think their intitled to all kinds of money,just cause they have a child with someone.if they would keep their legs closed or use protection they wouldnt be in the Situation they are in. its as much as the womens Responsibility as it is the mans.

1432 days ago


Did Timothy Dalton provide housing for Alexander after they split, always? Why did David Foster provide housing for Oksana? Mel Gibson is not asking Lucia to pay rent, he is asking the mother to pay rent. Big difference. She can always move.

1432 days ago


Does Mel pay living expenses for his other minor child or does Thomas have to pay rent?

1432 days ago


oh no, she wants every red cent for her. Her paying rent means less money to waste. I can't stand this woman. Will that judge wake up!

1432 days ago



1432 days ago


Does Mel pay living expenses for his other minor child or does Thomas have to pay rent?

Posted at 9:15 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by FLO

Troll Flo now jumps on the wagon and goes with this...
with this idiotic dumbazz question of a legitimate child from a loving 28 year marriage!

just to pathetic to answer this one!

1432 days ago


Some of them are spelling it wrong on purpose because that is the way ox spelled it in here correspondence with mel.

1432 days ago


Maybe if someone buys Oksana those gallons of chapstick for her ridiculously cracked and wrinkled lips she can get a job with that "Plumping Lips" company that advertises on this site. Granted they look like wax Halloween Lips in the advertisement, but it may help Oxy with all her "lowers" fees.

1432 days ago


misread you mighty, sorry.

1432 days ago
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