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Judge Orders Mel Gibson to Appear for Deposition

10/18/2010 4:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson was ordered to appear for a deposition within the next few weeks as part of the ongoing child custody case with baby mama Oksana Grigorieva.

Mel Gibson deposition.
We're told he's been ordered to give his depo some time before November 10. Oksana will also give her deposition, but it will take place on a different day. Both depositions will be supervised by a judge.

Sources say the depo will cover child custody issues only.

We're also told that the judge will clarify on November 10 whether the $20,000/month Mel has been ordered to pay in child support includes Oksana's housing costs.


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I think if it had of been scheduled and he cancelled or didn't show up her side would have told us at the time, it was would reuqired three or four articles on ROL. I don't think they ever scheduled it. I also bet there has been some disagreement about what he could be deposed on.

1468 days ago


Alcamedes, what is your take on the california "leveling the playing field" law in regards to oksana trying to get mel to pay all her legal fees upwards of 1 million plus as opposed to the amount he has been paying his legal team of around 300k?

1468 days ago


now we know what was in the papers that Lisa handed to Gibson'e mouthy mouthpiece

Posted at 12:46 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by TMZgossip

No that would be a guess, for all we know she could have given Mel's Lawyer a notice that she will be added to the Lawyers of record for Oksana. And of course she would have had to file that with the court to be on the record.

Lisa could have given him a recipe for a great egg white omellette, who knows what is in those papers.

1468 days ago


Lisa could have given him a recipe for a great egg white omellette, who knows what is in those papers.

Posted at 1:17 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by Alcamedes

or her resume

1468 days ago


This is really looking good for MEL, here is why:

The JUDGE will be there when they take the deposition, the judge was not there before, but NOW he will be.

Second, it will only be about child custody issues and the JUDGE will see that no funny business goes on when oksana team asks him questions.

Third, the reason Mel was waiting was because Mel's Lawyers didn't know if DA was gonna file Domestic Violence charges against him, and if he gave deposition in the past the judge would not have been present and the questions would not have been "limited to just child support stuff".

So, this is very GOOD for MEL! Understand, oksana sat 2 or 3 days for questions without judge present and Mel's lawyers asked questions and they turned up the heat.

Now, Judge there, the lawyers will not be able to be in "attack" formation and going for the "kill mode". :)

They will have to be "gentler and kinder" . :)

Because the Judge will wag finger at them as say "naughty,naughty, don't go there!" :)

1468 days ago


Kali -

Thank you for the 10-8 TMZ Live tip. LMAO @ brown rice!

1468 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Lol Mel is going to go make a movie? Save your time for the deposition Mel your movies will not help as tons of fans know you hate everyone

1468 days ago


This is just routine stuff. Not a big deal.

I have said before, and I will say again, OG has not had attorneys long enough to get a deposition from Mel. I don't think that Mel is avoiding anything, but I woulddn't put it past OG's attorneys to try and make it appear that he is. It is not unusual for there to be scheduling conflicts with depositions. This is going to be for the child custody matter, which is the ONLY case currently pending.

November 10 will, on the other hand, be very interesting. I look forward to that hearing.

How much did some of you calculate on here that Mel is paying for household expenses?

1468 days ago


Curious! lol!

Was it your understanding from what Harvey said about Mel's deposition that he has not done anything wrong?

1468 days ago


Danielle -
Hiya! I'm thinking you're right. If Mr. Mel had skipped a scheduled deposition, the tabloids would have been all over it.

For all we know, Attorney Trope submitted a requested date while in for the increase support, Attorney Klodney (am I spelling his name right?) sought verification and now Judge Gordon is making it official. It fits the time parameters.

Alcamedes -
Howdy and welcome back. Ain't retirement fun?

1468 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

That picture kills me... look at how the 2 of them are looking at eachother...

he looks happy and is looking right at her... she look like she's looking through him and struggling to smile...

or... it could be all the botox and plastic surgery too!

1468 days ago


tmzgossip, served papers for the Depo that they just so happen to bring up so the judge would put down his gavel on it and say go?


1468 days ago


Another note...

This is also good that judges will be overseeing the depositions. The reason is because you can bet that OG's attorneys will be objecting right and left about questions that Mel's attorneys have. The judges will be able to overrule or sustain on the questioning. I am sure the depositions will also be video taped.

1468 days ago


she had trope for awhile but mel was gone on vacation. I am thinking the lawyers were dragging on it and not mel.

1468 days ago


Fuddy my buddy -
I've cleared my calendar for Nov. 10 and 11. =D

Kali -
I don't think Mr. Mel did anything wrong. I'm with you, Danielle and Fuddy in figuring this is normal procedure - it was just a matter of waiting for the family law attorney for Miss Oksana to request a scheduling for deposition and specify the parameters.

1468 days ago
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