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Michael Lohan Storms the Desert -- Rehab Bound

10/18/2010 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan has arrived in Palm Springs ... photographed this morning at a hotel just miles from the Betty Ford clinic where Lindsay Lohan is receiving treatment ... and TMZ has learned he's got a new plan to see his daughter that he intends to execute in just a few hours.

We're told Michael knows it's currently "Family Week" at Betty Ford ... and thinks he should be included in any "family counseling sessions" that go down over the next few days. If Michael isn't allowed inside the clinic, we're told he plans to drop off a letter that he hopes will get to Lindsay.

When called for comment, Michael told us, "If Lindsay's problems stem from me, then I should be involved in the treatment ... right?"

Sources close to the family tell us Dina is currently "on her way" to Palm Springs ... but she'll actually be allowed inside the rehab center.



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1431 days ago

for now    

The brain damaged losers are always mad at Lindsay or Mike or Dina
because the Lohans have wealth and talent and fame.
The losers should get a life and stop hating people.

1431 days ago


Michael Lohan is a drama queen, he needs attention an the spot light so bad. I wonder if they do rehab for celebrity seekers.

Besides that isn't he considered a convicted felon, she shouldn't be associating with her father anyway, that's one of the things that just got TI jammed up.

1431 days ago


Have to admit that Michael has been saying from the very beginning that family counseling is needed. I don't think he has denied being at least part of the problem.

But - my guess is that they're not ready for that, either Dina or Lindsay. He really needs to back off. The counselors know he's ready and willing, that's all that's needed at this point. He has to get away from the idea that he has to prove himself to the public. He can't force Lindsay to meet with him.

Maybe the first step would need to be family counseling between Dina and Michael...

1431 days ago



1431 days ago


You need to divorce yourself from your Toxic Parents. Not go for "family counseling" with them. Let Dina and Michael go for their own counseling to help straighten their attention 'ho selves out.

1431 days ago



1) I cannot change other people by direct action.
2) I can only change myself
3) Other have a tendency to change in reaction to my change.

1431 days ago


Michael's the only one who cares, whether or not he has faults. That skank DIna denied Lindsey had a problem, and would have rather seen her daughter die than care for her. That skank Dina is a tramp, and probably a coke head herself. Without her daughter's connections, where is she? Nowhere.

Michael at least seems to genuinely care, and was the only one to identify LIndsey's real problem. DINA IS A TRAMP!

1431 days ago


The Bombshell Theory

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7 NIV)

• I cannot change another person by direct action
• I can only change myself, by God’s grace
• Others may have a tendency to change in reaction to my change

The second step in the Family Recovery process is called the “Bombshell.” Once you begin to work on this simple theory in your life it will “blow your mind!”

As family members, we have been consumed with trying to fix or change another. All our mental energy has been placed on the person. We hope to cure them of their problem. As co-dependents, we spend more time and energy tying to change our loved one than we spend taking care of ourselves.

When the Bombshell Theory sinks in, our familiar thought patterns are challenged. As we seriously apply the truths in the Bombshell Theory to our own lives, we immediately begin to experience a healthier and more intimate relationship with God. This produces a less stressful relationship with that person. Here are the basic concepts of the Bombshell Theory:


If we will pause to look back and measure the time, energy and resources we have spent trying to change others, we will have to admit what we have done has not worked.

We have spent many hours, exhausted our resources and drained our mental energy, hoping to change the lifestyle of our loved one. Not only did our best efforts fail to change them, it also made us sick. Our focus has been on them, not on ourselves. As a result, the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of our lives have suffered greatly.

When we realize we can neither change nor control someone else by direct action, we take our first step out of co-dependency.


When we finally come to the conclusion that we can’t change the person, we are free to work on ourselves, the one person we can change.

We need to take our minds off the person’s problems and examine our own responsibilities. We are responsible for our reactions to the person. In the past, we were not even aware of our reactions; we were concerned only with their actions.

When our focus in life switches from the person to ourselves, we begin to see the character defects within us that God wants to deal with. At this point, we can begin to admit our own problems and through prayer, ask God to help us overcome them.


Over the years the reactions of the co-dependent have become predictable. The reaction of the co-dependent in the past was to try to rescue or to clean up the messes of the other person in order to avoid the shame and embarrassment to the family. The co-dependent has treated the person as a child, rather than as an adult. Their behavior may have been very childish, but it is time for them to grow up. This often takes tough love and allowing them to face consequences.

When the co-dependent makes some positive healthy changes in their own life, their reactions to the individual will also change. They will respond to the person differently than their old patterns of reaction. They will begin to let the person be responsible for themselves. That means they will have to clean up their own messes and face their own problems.

This new response, in which the person is allowed to face the reality of their condition, is absolutely necessary for the recovery of both persons involved.

Without the continuous enabling of the co-dependent, the person will find themselves in a unique situation. They have no one to take care of them. They have no one to clean up their messes or to blame for their problems.

1431 days ago


Just a thought Lindsay... for the right price a crackhead will make him disappear from your life.

1431 days ago


I agree that TMZ should quit posting on this guy (like, etc. did), but that doesn't seem likely to happen. So here's an idea: TMZ should stalk Michael Lohan. Find out what so many are asking.

Where does he get his money to stalk his daughter?

Has he ever been committed to a phyche ward?

How many business failures has he had and why?

Film every crazy thing he does. Sell any personal information you can get hold of. Or post it.

Then he would know what it feels like to be stalked, visits to this site would be more entertaining, and TMZ could keep up this obsession with Michael Lohan.

1431 days ago

Sad sad    

He's tweeking. I swear to god he must have been reading TMZ last night and conjured up this idea for more press. He needs counseling for fame addiction and he is a stalker that's obvious. He needs a drug test cause if he is not on something then there's a bigger issue that needs to be dealt with.

1431 days ago


"If Lindsay's problems stem from me, then I should be involved in the treatment ... right?"
No you should not be involved. You have done enough damage. You have a personality disorder than can never be ammended enough to be of help to your daughter. You continue to create stress in her life. If you really care about her you will crawl back into your hole and hope that someday she will reach out to you when she is ready. Meanwhile you should work on being the kind of person she would want to reach out to. Keeping yourself in the spotlight and publically humiliating the family you were never there for seems to be your number one priority.

1431 days ago


He was staker because he will be go hiding to Betty Ford for her room. He will be go to jail because he was very trouble.
And he must go to angry class and three months jail now.
She want alone and keep out for her father. He is crazy and angry and other everything more trouble.......

1431 days ago


HE is right, according to everyone associated with the train wreck called Lindsay Lohan everything points right back to him, SO FREAKING INCLUDE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he is a famewhore ****head, BUT at some point SOMEONE needs to be the adult and face the issues head on and deal with them, because she will never stop doing drugs because she has a daddy issue, thats her excuse and Dina she is doing nothing to control her daughter like she should have when she was 17 yrs old then maybe none of this would have happened
Here is a great article about Lindsay's undoing

1431 days ago
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