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Alicia Keys

New Mom State of Mind

10/19/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Four days after giving birth, Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz took their baby boy Egypt for a checkup in NYC on Monday.




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Isn't she still with Eve? Anyway, I wish her luck and, truly, hope she comes out someday (and Queen Latifah should, too) ! At least Queen is doing the Anderson Cooper thing...obvious and not denying it.

1402 days ago


What kind of joke of a name is that?
It's not a name, they must be hiding the real name of the baby.
Calling a baby egypt is just moronic, just by how the name sounds and what nicknames can come of it.

1402 days ago


Angel, just because I don't agree with you does not mean that I'm a sorry person who lives in my own little world. I would say there are lots of people who disagree with you. I'm just not one of those naive people who believe everything that I hear. Especially not from these gossip sites or from ex wives. Homewrecker we know absolutely nothing about that. Just what ex says. Why didn't she speak before about his affairs? Oh yeah, she had nothing to lose or gain by doing it then. She had to wait until she could gain something from it and ruin something for someone else or at least try to. Otherwise why wouldn't she have cared before? She evidently seemed not to care until she knew she was going to lose him and she could bank in. Some kind of love. Sounds like a lot of people on here are jealous because she is just out walking. What's with that? It's their child if they want to walk with him, it's their business and there goes the rumors again, (They're shopping with their child and that is wrong). Well maybe they were and maybe they weren't but I would say more than likely the baby was not with them while they were shopping. Maybe they realise that keeping the child hidden is only going to make people more curious, so they're just trying to keep things as normal as possible, by taking him to the dr's appt., yes in public. OH MY! The umi thing is so over. We all know that could have been handled much better and didn't need to be brought public. Again just to make someone else look bad and of course, not thinking about the child. These people can't even get out and walk without someone shoving a camera in their face, that's bad enough without all the negativity and criticism that comes along with it. Yeah, I think a lot of you enjoy bullying people you don't even know for no good reason just because you can and for some strange reason it makes you feel better about yourself. God help you. Alicia looks like a saint compared to some of you. I can't wait for her to make more music because for me nothing has changed other than the fact she had a baby. Her personal life is her business. I think she is not only a super woman but going to be a super mom. Stop the hate.

1402 days ago


I'm surprise the baby's name isn't JaEgypt. LOL!!!

1401 days ago


she looks good for just having given birth a few days ago

1401 days ago


I have thought it was odd that the media (including us) have not really "called out" Alicia for engaging in a relationship with someone who still had legal attachments to another person. However, we seemingly cannot overlook Fanatasia's affair. What's the difference? They both engaged in an intimate relationship with another person's husband.

1399 days ago

Chee Chee    

All you people need to get a life, leave them alone. What they do is no one's business but their own. You people keep dragging up this old news, and the sad thing is you do not know if it is true or not. Again get a LIFE there is no WHO HAS NOT EVER MADE A MISTAKE INCLUDING YOU ALL.

1399 days ago


Everybody makes mistakes, this is her business, and her life how she wants to live it is whatever, I am on nobody's side because this is not my business.The real story was swiss was with his ex wife and alica he had annother mistress and got her pregant, That's just another day of life it happens all the time get over it!!!! Famous people always get in to a big scandal its like a tradtion with them!!! Its NBD!!! cause its over!!! we lost they win whatever I'm out of this b---h.It does mean anything

1379 days ago


What does her personal life have to do with her music. I don't give a flyin **** what she does behing closed doors as long as her music is still good lol. I can't judge someone else just because their entire life is on blast 24/7. Do you Ms. Alicia....As long as you're happy do you. Lol.

1356 days ago
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