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Mel's Lawyers Want a Shot at Oksana's Key Witness

10/19/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has enlisted a secret weapon in an attempt to strip Mel Gibson of overnight visits with their daughter, but TMZ has learned Mel won't give up that right without a fight.

We're told Mel's attorneys have filed a request to depose Dr. Shawn McCoy, a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in child custody evaluations.

Sources tell us McCoy was hired by one of Oksana's previous lawyers -- and submitted a declaration to the court ... which said that, generally speaking, infants should not be with the father overnight when the parents are separated.

Oksana's attorneys could have a tough time convincing Judge Scott Gordon of that. We're told Mel's had one overnight visit with Lucia per week for the past several months and there have been no problems -- so his attorneys will argue that McCoy's generalization simply does not apply here.

Sources tell us yesterday Judge Gordon gave Mel's lawyers the green light for the depo.



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The only people who support Oksana anymore are middle aged women who dumped their husbands at 40, so they could live on almony and child support, and date 25 year olds.

Of course, by the time they hit 45 even the 40 year olds wont date them anymore and they can't find a decent job. Fast forward to 55, the kids are long gone and they've lost 1/2 of their income [child support], and they end up living in a trailer eating cat food, going to senior dances hoping to get lucky. Oksana is the poster girl for that crowd.

Posted at 3:03 AM on Oct 19, 2010 by Michael

LMAO That's quite the observation. I can see where some people ( women and men, and some of the different ethnic backrounds ) would have a biased view.

But I think more people who actually backed there points on this up with an actual basis of fact for their opinion on the case and the issues in it would be welcome.

Yes you will get some who will dimiss their views outright, but it would still be interesting. Sorntolc for example is very profound in his opinions with regards to the issues surrounding Mel and Oksana.

While I will say I don't agree with his views, I do like that he does say why he thinks this for that point, and that for another point.

There is a large amount of people who rant and rave about some facet of this case or their view of it, but when you ask them why, they have a tendancy to not anwser or they avoid even responding, ( Yes people I have heard the " you gang up on us arguement " ).

Thatbeing said ignore what you don't like, if you see something that someone say's, don't read it. It is nice to read others view points even if you don't agree with their sentiment.

1474 days ago


Typical woman just trying to hurt the guy the only way she can thru the kid. I've lived it. Get the best lawyer u can and make sure u get joint custody!

1474 days ago


he had 7 children up to this point you dumb azz goldigger. as if he's not capable of taking care of a single infant with all the staff he can muster up. give OG enough rope she'll hang herself.

1474 days ago


In May, Ox signed the short form mediation agreement knowing full well that Mel got overnight visits with Lcuy. She had no problem with that until she decided there wasn't enough money in the settlement for herself.

Posted at 3:15 AM on Oct 19, 2010 by Sam

Sam She definetly did sign it no matter how much she is trying to ignore the fact she did and claim she didn't understand and was pressured.

Mewl has been seeing Lucia overnight for how many months now. Not only that but as I stated earlier,she attempted to get his visitation yanked earlier and the Judge said "No".

Then she came up with Mel was a danger to the baby, but Mel had supervised visits and the monitor reported to the Court that they saw no ill will or no hesitation from Lucia in her interaction with Mel and that he had an interaction with her like any normal parent would.

I hope the Judge see's thru this pathetic ploy for what it is, a bargaining tool to use against Him. She needs some serious Psychological help, and Lisa Bloom should be admonished for using false accusation for her client when they are not based in truth.

1474 days ago


Just look at her eyes, sociopath alert!

1474 days ago


Thatbeing said ignore what you don't like, if you see something that someone say's, don't read it. It is nice to read others view points even if you don't agree with their sentiment.

Posted at 3:19 AM on Oct 19, 2010 by Alcamedes

Sure enought...
I'm just calling it the way I see it.

Sorry, Oksy has zero credibility because she is a perpetual story teller. She has spent the last 25 years financially manipulating men for personal gain, and she's good at it.

So, The fact that she's burned through 40+ attorneys over the past 5 months is not surprising to me.

As for people who side with her, they either are blinded by the media blitz, not very bright, or they are making money from her rants. That would include the dozens of attorneys who charge upwards of $500 per hour and who have no interest in right or wrong, only in billable hours. As you can see they are lining up for the chance to cash in and Oksy is hiring as many as she can, while they are free.

1474 days ago


Like your "musical career"
Like your use of plastic surgery to hold back the hands of time
Like your ability to keep a man in love with you
Like your ability to keep any lawyer with integrity on the case

This is another big FAIL, Oinky.

1474 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Good luck Mel and Lucia belong with Mel he has shown he love hers and adore her.

Team Mel/Lucia

1474 days ago


Out here in the real world the overnight visits start at 6 mos or when the baby is weaned if arrangements can't be made. Since she's gone on record that she's breast feeding she might have to pump some milk. I wonder what Mel feeds Lucia when she's with him now?

Posted at 1:20 AM on Oct 19, 2010 by Wiley

The child is a few days short of 12 months and I thought Gibson bitched on the recording about her being unable to breastfeed. My guess is she is being fed the same things as she is when with her mother. So I guess in the real world things are still
the same.

you would NEVER put an infant in this man's care.

Posted at 1:51 AM on Oct 19, 2010 by JLS

Apparently miss Oksana thought it was a fantastic idea to have a child with the man and claimed he was the best father ever after the recordings even. Remember the police incident happened before she met him. It's either he'a a good father period or he was only a good father when she was getting dresses, pianos, and walks down red carpets. And for the record I wouldn't leave my kids with either them but if forced with a pretend choice I'd pick him as she would most likely sell them.

1474 days ago


Did that "social worker" buy his degree online?
What kind of idiot says it's better for a child not to stay overnight with her father??
He sure as hell did not follow an education!!!

1474 days ago


Man,that is cruel! As much as I didn't like my ex, I never did anything like that because it would be hurting my child!

She is gonna have that kid so twisted!

1474 days ago


I think Oksana's father
most likely sexually abused
her as a child.
He was probably selling her
like a sack potatoes too.
money WAS tight then.

And I'm not making light
of incest or child prostitution.

It WOULD explain Oksana's behavior.

1474 days ago


I hope the judge doesn't allow Oksana to get her way. She may hate Mel but that doesn't mean their daughter has to lose time with her dad.

1474 days ago


She looks evil. She has no soul, as Mel said.

1474 days ago


pleas STOP the mel and oksana postings!!!! it's really getting old

1474 days ago
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