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Mel's Lawyers Want a Shot at Oksana's Key Witness

10/19/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has enlisted a secret weapon in an attempt to strip Mel Gibson of overnight visits with their daughter, but TMZ has learned Mel won't give up that right without a fight.

We're told Mel's attorneys have filed a request to depose Dr. Shawn McCoy, a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in child custody evaluations.

Sources tell us McCoy was hired by one of Oksana's previous lawyers -- and submitted a declaration to the court ... which said that, generally speaking, infants should not be with the father overnight when the parents are separated.

Oksana's attorneys could have a tough time convincing Judge Scott Gordon of that. We're told Mel's had one overnight visit with Lucia per week for the past several months and there have been no problems -- so his attorneys will argue that McCoy's generalization simply does not apply here.

Sources tell us yesterday Judge Gordon gave Mel's lawyers the green light for the depo.



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There is a large amount of people who rant and rave about some facet of this case or their view of it, but when you ask them why, they have a tendancy to not anwser or they avoid even responding, ( Yes people I have heard the " you gang up on us arguement " ).

Thatbeing said ignore what you don't like, if you see something that someone say's, don't read it. It is nice to read others view points even if you don't agree with their sentiment.

Posted at 3:19 AM on Oct 19, 2010 by Alcamedes

So nicely stated Alcamedes,

Why I may strongly disagree with what some of the folks post on this thread. I would defend their right to say it.

A lot of folks now a days are like those lemens in Norway one goes crazy and starts running he!! bend to leather toward the cliff edge and suddenly the whole dang group is running right behind him toward that same cliff edge. None of the take the time to think what's going to happen when they get to the edge they just run. Over the edge they go the whole darn group plunging into the sea to their deaths. The only ones left are the few that stopped to think about what they were doing. Just like the Bill O"reilly thing on View those two women are so narrow minded in their view of things they don't think they just jump and run.

You have to open your mind to see the facts and their are a lot of narrow minds out there . To much trouble to think for themselves they let somebody else to it for them . Thats a dangerous way to live. Know the facts first before you cut and run.

This is going be a big push for Oshanna and her backers they know that they are losing and a losing dogs fight as dirty as they can.

Two weeks to election for you folks time to clean house in CA the world is watching and sorry to say laughing. Hate to say I'm a little ashamed of all these shena****ns myself.

1473 days ago


little aussie reader

Tanks Panky...there are alot more if you go back and read all her list grows

1473 days ago


I wonder if Oksana or Mel have read the list???

1473 days ago



I doubt Ox can read...and I am sure LB is looking at the list and devising a game plna on how to counter all teh lies....Whorowitless said there was a reason Ox seems to make up lies, then we got the spin of her having battered wife syndrom

1473 days ago


Does anyone believe OG when she stated in the People article that she wants Mel to be part of Lucia's life?

This seems rather contradictory.

1473 days ago

little aussie reader    

And what happened to the key witness, Tony? lol

Posted at 5:30 AM on Oct 19, 2010 by Shell

Shell - Big Tony or Little Tony? Little Tony I can see being a "squealer". Big Tony - not so much. Oh! I just answered my own question - we're looking for Little Tony.... Besides, with all those others, the nanny, alex, jimmy the sound guy - Big Tony wouldn't fit under the bed. LOL!

1473 days ago


So this is why OG wanted to change pediatricians?

I think she wanted Lucia's pediatrician to also testify to the effect that overnight's were not in the best interests for Lucia.

1473 days ago



That was stated for the Judge, to show fairness....but they make the grave mistake of going completely against what they say in court.....stupid....

1473 days ago


Hey, Mike--aer you still keeping the score on your imaginary wins s for OG?

Looks like Mel scored another victory in court yesterday!!

Chalk another one up for Mel!

1473 days ago


If Oksana keeps up these charades she stands a good chance of losing Lucia. If the judge sees through her lies and manipulation she's toast. These types of lies are being shot down in courts now and the child then being handed over to the fathers that will not teach the child to hate the other parent and use any means possible to manipulate the other parent. Sickening that she is resorting to such underhanded tactics. They need to make Oksana take a parenting course for separated parents asap!! They also need to put someone in place to monitor HER with Lucia!

1473 days ago



I stated earlier that I was relieve the Judge did not allow a switch...Ox shopped till she found a doctor willing to give any testimony against mel

1473 days ago


KM...exactly. OG's statements were only for PR and that's it. Her words and her actions don't ever match up. She is a walking contradiction.

1473 days ago


McCoy, Shawn , PhD
4311 Wilshire Blvd. #500
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Fee per hour: $225
Speciality Area: General Custody and Visitation Issues
730 Evals,Special Master,Mediation

1473 days ago



Ox Wins

1. Barely able to keep custody of LG, hanging in the balance with her antics
2. $20,000.00 a month support...but there is a hitch she has to give up everything else to get that.

So as it stands it's pretty feeble for a gal who had 15 million signed and sealed at her finger tips....

1473 days ago


Interesting read :D

1473 days ago
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