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Steven Slater Pleads Guilty -- Must Get Mental Help

10/19/2010 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater just pled guilty to two criminal counts stemming from his onboard meltdown back in August -- and has been ordered to check into a mental health program.

Steven Slater meltdown.

Slater pled guilty to 2 counts of criminal mischief -- but instead of going to jail, Slater worked out a deal where he will have to spend one year in a Queens mental health program. He was also ordered to pay a $10,000 fine upon completing his program.

Not a bad deal -- considering Slater faced seven years behind bars for his post-flight freak-out.

UPDATE: Outside of court, Slater said, "At the end of the day, I am a grown adult, and must accept responsibility for my actions."



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T.I. was never given this chance. No, SEND HIM TO PRISON 11 mos. is what T.I. was given. TYPICAL

1463 days ago

artie help    

this guy looks like he was just sitting there sucking on a lemon when someone walked up and farted in his face.

1463 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Not a bad deal? Yeah Right. He just screwed his entire future employment chances anywhere. More companies would more likely hire a felony than someone who has been mentally unstable and has been committed (voluntary or involuntary).

1463 days ago


That is so ridiculous. It sure seems to have helped that he is just a "kooky gay guy". So he doesn't get in trouble. What a miscarriage of justice that he didn't have to spend at least a couple years in prison. What this guy did for fame and a reality series was so serious, but not to the State of New York. What a joke!

1463 days ago


This guy's got the worst case of gay face I've ever seen

1463 days ago


Something seriously wrong with this country! He didn't do anything except he was fed up with idiots he worked for.
This looks more like China then USA.

1463 days ago


He looks nuts

1463 days ago


I'm sure interviews and such have already taken care of raising the $10,000 fine.

1463 days ago

Austin Rob    

I'd rather read about this guy than Octomom, Oksana or the Lohans.

1463 days ago


Poor guy. I hope people donate the $$ and give the guy a break.

1463 days ago


This Mr. Slater may be abrasive and annoying, but 7 years would have been absolutely ridiculous for simply "losing it", when no one was hurt, and the flight was over. It's probably good jet plane maintenance to deploy and repack the safety chute, periodically, anyway. Hey, at least it works!!!

A one year mental health program and 10K fine seems like more than enough punishment, since he'll likely never find any noteworthy employment again, also. He'll probably have to go on unemployment or welfare, and we'll all end up paying that 10K fine. Great times!!!

1463 days ago


Omg I loved what he did.

1463 days ago


Flamboyant AND crazy? How long until he has his own show on Bravo?

1463 days ago


This sentence is too harsh! Mary did no harm to anyone.

1463 days ago


Smspang, you're a d0uche. Not only did you obviously not read the story (you must've been distracted while making out with your sister and swilling moonshine), but your grammar is almost too bad to comprehend. By the way, a retarded 5-year-old could do a better job designing a website than the one you advertised.

1463 days ago
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