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Tyra Banks

I Fear My 'Mentally Unstable Stalker'

10/19/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyra Banks is scared to death of a "mentally unstable celebrity stalker" who has allegedly bragged about killing "George Bush Jr." -- and now she's asking a judge for protection.

Tyra Banks stalker.
Tyra has requested a restraining order against 39-year-old Marten Williams, Jr. -- 6'2", 220 lbs -- claiming he has "targeted and harassed and stalked" Tyra and her family since 2006.

In the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Tyra claims the man has a history of mental illness -- and that he believes "he killed George Bush Jr. and that Michael Jackson is alive and living in Long Beach."

Tyra also claims the man has left several "ominous frightening letters and items" at her Beverly Hills home -- including his prescription medication, L.A. County jail wristbands and note referencing a wedding ceremony set for 1/08/11... the day he believes he will marry Tyra.

In the docs -- filed by top gun lawyer Evan Spiegel -- Tyra states, "I am in fear from Mr. Williams for my personal safety, and that of those around me, including my family and employees."

Williams was just arrested earlier this month for trespassing on Tyra's property. Williams told cops he was bringing Tyra "offerings." He was later placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold ... but Tyra's people believe he may have already been released.

Tyra wants Williams to stay at least 100 yards away from her and her family -- fearing that Williams' conduct will "likely continue and escalate" unless the court steps in.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned ... Tyra was granted a temporary restraining order against Williams which is valid until October 28 -- when a hearing will be held to determine if the restraining order will become permanent.


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Tyler F. Long    

I can't understand what the rationale for stalking really is. In general, it seems stalkers have the thought patterns of "I love them so much I have to scare them to death!" It just doesn't make any sense to me!

Tyler F. Long
Dunwoody Norcross GA

1433 days ago


The restraining order just allows them to arrest him, which I'm guessing could very well happen. Tyra has too many people and too much security for this guy to actually reach her. But if he's caught even attempting it, he'll be arrested. And my, guess arrested long before he actually reaches her.

And yes, Ronald Reagan tore down the mental healthcare system in this country, so you have him to blame. Most mentally ill people are relatively harmless though. Many are homeless, or in jail, because, either way, they can't take care of themselves. Most of them do not go around theatening other people's lives. It's a very small percentage of the mentally ill that are truly dangerous. Then again, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch and there are definitely bad apples out there.

But Reagan tore down mental healthcare well over 20 years ago. It's not like we couldn't fix it, if we so chose too. We could fix the system, but nobody really seems committed to doing it.

I shutter to think what would have happened to Britney Spears if it wasn't for that 150 million dollar estate of hers. 150 million dollars is what saved Britney's life. Most mentally ill people are broke, can't care for themselves, and living off their families, or are homeless, or in jail.

1433 days ago


Notice how they bolded the "Michael Jackson" to stress the "Michael Jackson is alive". (They didn't bold George Bush Jr's name).

I guess there's no reading between the lines required this time..LOL..

Waiting for the "Michael Jackson Is Alive" article title to hit the site. Watch..everyone will think THAT is a hoax.

1433 days ago


Tyra we've seen enough of you and stop facking the funk....pleae go away

1433 days ago


Tyra should fear her big giant forehead...She is so annoying and silly!! Glad she's gone..have to put up with reruns i dont watch..

1433 days ago


She's probably staged it for attention. She's the worst.

1433 days ago


Pot, meet Kettle.

1433 days ago

Gsharon 710    

The stalker is unstable as Tara seemed to be with several of her contestants. Think about it.

1433 days ago

Zung Pow    

Deal with it, it comes with the price of Fame!

1433 days ago


Hope he gets the loud mouth skank....

1433 days ago


That's so awful. I can't imagine what it would be like to be actually stalked by someone like that. I hope that he is caught and nothing bad happens.

1433 days ago


If the guy doesn't like George Bush Jr and Tyra, he can't be that bad.

TEAM STALKER! Now give him Kim K's address!

1433 days ago


I cannot believe this is happening in THIS COUNTRY!

The law is treating this mental unstable guy like if he is totally sane!

Do you think he is going to UNDERSTAND what a restrain order is?

Gez!I think we all lost our minds!

1433 days ago


Someday Tyra Banks and I will meet each other on purpose. To see Tyra Banks totally in the nude on purpose is my all-time #1 favorite way to see Tyra Banks. I have to make love to Tyra Banks all 4 ways on purpose while Tyra Banks and I will be both totally in the nude on purpose in private only with Tyra Banks' permission. From Tyra Banks' next stalker,from Tyra Banks' only male slave and from Tyra Banks' future husband.

1433 days ago

South Beach    

All stalkers should be shot on sight. Live for years in fear for one's life at any juncture? Screw that.

Florida has it's problems no doubt, but the Castle Law protects it's residents against freaks like this guy. Break into someones home and you get shot, tough. End of story.

The law has not resulted in open warfare. Not 1 single questionable shooting. It has, however, permanantly "retired" several with long arrest records.

1433 days ago
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