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Willow Smith

Whippin' It Up in NYC

10/19/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

The same day her new video was released, nine-year-old pint-sized celebuspawn popstar Willow Smith whipped her hair in NYC on Monday.


How old were you when your first music video came out?


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BARF. Work that attitude girl, just like your momma.
Can't stand Jada, Will or their kids.

1463 days ago


Never had a music video, but I can safely say that when I was 9 I dressed a lot better than that! What the hell were Will and Jada thinking?

1463 days ago


I really don't see anything big about this video. I have seen better. I think this is just another Celebrity trying to push their life style on their kids.
She is not all that.

There is no way in hell I would like my child wear some of those clothes that I have seen her wear.

And yes I am a mother of 3 boys. they are 19 12 and 3.

And again I would never let my any of my kids dress the way she is allowed to dress.

1463 days ago


Oh my! She is just too, too cool for the room, isn't she?! I always liked Will Smith. He always seemed level-headed and congenial and genuine to me. His children, however, are striking me as totally full of themselves. Usually when you plant corn, you get corn; so I don't understand this at ALL!!

1463 days ago



1463 days ago


In all fairness, timmsa, your boys would probably look worse in her clothing that she does...

1463 days ago

nikki king    

UGH. **** the whole bunch.

1463 days ago

tom in chicago    

I was too busy attending school.
Not being part of a 'closeted' Scientology family.
Willow and her equally untalented brother can join L Ron Hubbard in Hell, while Daddy finally gets to Come Out with Tom Cruise...

1463 days ago


Ugh, ugh, and double-ugh. This repetitive "hook" is the thing my nightmares are made of!! They could use this on prisoners of war, and they'd tell you ALL their country's secrets!!!! Yikes, that was awful!!!

1463 days ago


She is way too young for all of this crap! The only reason she even has a video is because of who her parents are. Money CAN buy anything. Spoiled brat. What the hell is she wearing? Maybe she will be the next Fishburn girl! I can't stand that whole family! Just plain gross!

1463 days ago


"I always liked Will Smith. He always seemed level-headed and congenial and genuine to me. His children, however, are striking me as totally full of themselves..."

I feel the same way about Will. Once he became the "star" of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, his head got VERY big. Remember when the first Aunt Viv was fired because he felt like she was too "negative?" The woman was pregnant for crissakes. I guess Will wasn't around his first wife when she was pregnant. Hormones, hello? I haven't like him since back then. He can act his ass off, but he appears to be an a-hole in "real" life.

1463 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Geez. Must all Will's kids look like him. They should look more like Jada. Will is too goofy looking.

1463 days ago


Might possibly be the worst F#@$'ing song EVER.

1463 days ago


seriously, will needs to stop...expected from jada, but not will haha!

nasty brat, not starting off with a good image here...and her upset to be subjected to this kind of entertainment.

couldnt they just do home videos and share it amongst themselves, does he really think his daughter's a star >_

1463 days ago


Peopel, lighten up, she's 9, no matter what a-holes her parents are, she's 9, cut her a break, her song might be terrible, so what she's just a kid, I feel sorry for all the kids, especially Will's oldest, that kid has been forgotten since that video they did cause Jaduh is not his mommy, the parents are pushing these poor kids and not letting them have a life and be kids, so remember, THEY ARE JUST KIDS!

1463 days ago
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