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Gloria Allred: I Smell a Meg Whitman Rat

10/20/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred says she's been sandbagged by Meg Whitman -- in a crass attempt to win the election in spite of the undocumented housekeeper scandal.


Gloria and her client, Nicky Diaz Santillan, Whitman's former housekeeper, were supposed to appear today before the California Labor Commission ... to formally protest Whitman's refusal to pay Santillan for work she did. 

But the hearing was mysteriously continued until November 17 ... two weeks after the election. A rep from the state agency tells TMZ ... the hearing was continued because Gloria wanted to amend the legal papers she filed with the Labor Commission.

But Gloria is calling BS, claiming she never asked for a continuance and believes this is a power play to get Meg elected Governor. Gloria says, "If this is how she treats her Latina housekeeper, it does not bode well for how she may treat working people if heaven forbid she is elected."

As for Meg, her camp tells us, "Someone needs to tell Gloria Allred that her political circus has left town."

Gloria's parting shot ... "This is not EBay and we are not buying the lies she is selling."


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If I have to look at Meg's fat wrinkled face for the next few years I'm gonna hurl. If her lips are moving she's lying.

1434 days ago


It's not a rat Gloria..its yoru Granny Panties your smelling. I cannot believe that Gloria and the mail order bride have not joined together...Oksana is equally as pathetic as she is.

1434 days ago

Common Sense    

Gloria, you just got out done in the Political Ring, SUCK IT UP

1434 days ago


GLORIA's still around..

1434 days ago


Apparently, Meg's lawyers are smarter than Nicky Diaz Santillan's.

1434 days ago


Nit-whit(man) is doing everything she can to get elected. Lies, lies and more lies. Why would anyone vote for his woman for anything..... Hitting her employee at E-Bay, hiring and Illegal, oops I forgot they are now "undo***ented" workers right? What a sham she will be for CA if the people here elect her.... It will be more of the same but this time it will be a B*&%h in office. Watch out California.....

1434 days ago



Get a life you stupid heap o' crap. We know you love Jerry Brown. Enough already.

When does your client get deported for your stunts? Crazy loon.

1434 days ago


When Meg wins, maybe she can deport Gloria and her client, or lock them up or shut them up! What ever, just close down Allred! There should be a bounty on her.

1434 days ago


politics has turned so ugly that I find myself checked out. that being said I'm happy that this woman can continue on her journey and will deal with this later.

1434 days ago


I wish that Meg Whitman would stand over her - pull down her undies - and S_H_I_T on Allred's face!!!!!!!!!!!!

1434 days ago

jack e. jett    

I have got to say this and I mean it in the nicest way possible....but that Meg Whitman has GOT to be the ugliest woman on the planet Earth. If there is an uglier woman out there, can someone post a link to it?

She must have been built on one of God's off days. Bless her heart.

1434 days ago


That liberal **** is useless... I change the channel when that hag comes on.

GOOOOOO MEG! You already HAVE our vote...we sent it in a week ago. Stop the Kenyan socialist!

1434 days ago


Too bad BEE-OTCH! Got played at your own game.

1434 days ago


What does a person's personal appearance have to do with their electibility. And Meg Whitman is not that bad looking. Look in your mirror yourself. What about "Alrods" appearance or Mr. Brown for that matter.

1434 days ago


We need Meg in there. We need to get Boxer out of there. These career politicians are just ridiculous. I think Meg will be refreshing. She probably won't bounce 143 checks. If the average person did that they would be in jail. And as for Gloria Allred she isn't any better. She does what ever she can to get into everyone's business. She is what they call an ambulance chaser. She and boxer have no ethics or morals what so ever and if I have to see her face on tv again I am going to scream!

1434 days ago
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