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Lindsay -- Work Can Be Hazardous to Her Health

10/23/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's management team is already lining up projects for the actress as soon as she steps out of rehab in 2011 ... but LiLo's closest friends are concerned that rushing her back into the spotlight could be a dangerous move.


Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Lohan's team has been devouring movie scripts, furiously setting up meetings, and organizing fashion projects, all in anticipation of LiLo's release from rehab -- January 3, 2011.

But one friend tells us the people who still care about LiLo's well-being feel that she "shouldn’t be working the first week. She shouldn’t be working the first couple months. She needs to be attending daily meetings to stay on track for sobriety." Another adds, “Lindsay needs to focus on herself for some time."

As we previously reported, LiLo has recently expressed concern about her career and her crumbling fashion line. But according to her probation officer, Lindsay also acknowledged that her "lifestyle" is filled with temptation.

Fortunately, Lindsay will have a couple of months to think about her next move.



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of course they are. Can't make money unless LILO is subjected to something.

1463 days ago


Talk about insuring failure here! She will need a month or two to figure out how life without being monitored can happen. If they push her, they will return her to a life of addiction.

1463 days ago


This is undoubtedly Dina's plan since she will have had no income as Lindsay's manager in quite some time. She's never cared what happened to Lindsay. She delayed admitting to a drug prob and worst of all, her treatment. BAD BAD mother.

1463 days ago


Boy is the judge gonna look like an azz when Lindsay tests positive again -- as she will. Lindsay''s still playing the courts and the judge is going to get a big fat egg on his face. Every time Lindsay gets close to having to go to jail, she runs to rehab with her mom ('the great enabler')and then Lindsay convinces everyone at rehab that she's all better and they let her out early. Anyone see a cycle here? This has been going on for years! The judge may have just put the nail in her coffin by letting her out of jail time -- what a genius. He's about as smart as Meg Whitman -- and that's as brain dead as you can get.

1463 days ago


Mother Dina Dearest will try her best to get Lindsay back to work as soon as possible. Time is money and Dina wants money. Dina probably says to herself "It should have been me. I could have been a better actress than my Lindsay. I could have been an Oscar contender."

1463 days ago


"As we previously reported, LiLo has recently expressed concern about her career and her crumbling fashion line."

And yet when the creditors come to collect for monies owed on her fashion line Lindsay will claim she had no day-to-day involvement with the line but rather was just a spokesperson. Just like she did with the orange oompa loompa tanning spray she hocks.

As far as Lindsay being sent scripts... the public doesn't want to see her in anything ever again, so send the scripts to a working actress and not this former child actress.

1463 days ago


By the way... Lindsay really needs to stop shooting Bondo (or whatever) in to her upper lip. She looks like a duck. It's hard to sell the idea that you're not mentally ill when you constantly inject your upper lip to make it appear fatter.

1463 days ago

Jim in Cali    

I feel bad for Lindsay. Its obvious everyone wants to pimp her out to make money as fast as they can.

1462 days ago


her career is over , after rehab she should just disappear from the public eye

1462 days ago


gosh, what a miserable bunch you are, I'd hate to spend any time with some of you, time I'd never get back! Lindsay is in rehab until Jan 3rd. There comes a time when even the most head strong person will see sense. I hope its now for Lindsay so lets wait and see.

FYI Dina is NOT her manager and hasn't been for a few years.
The tanning spray lawsuit is a joke, no offense to Lindsay but she wouldn't know what a formula was if you put a dress on it and pranced it down the catwalk.

Lindsay is worried about her fashion line because she isn't there to monitor it. NOT because of any other reason. Its actually doing very well. Lindsay should stop worrying about things like this and concentrate on herself.

Good luck Lindsay.

1462 days ago


When are all the pssy california judges going to stop giving this doosh bag special treatment ?

1462 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is in the spotlight because TMZ keeps her there!!
Otherwise, who cares?

1462 days ago


There comes a time with every child actor when the parents have to
move out of their child's nest.

Lindsey is in her 20's and time for MOM to get the F OUT! It's Diana
that kept saying there is nothing wrong with Lindsey's partying and
drug/alcohol consumption. She said that all girls her age do it.

Really? Every day? Mom is a huge negative influence on Lindsey, and
nothing, NOTHING will change until Lindsey distances herself from
her influence and get with better family members. Ooops, there are none.

No problem. Just look at Drew Barrymore as your role model.

1462 days ago


Her "people" are just trying to make as much money off of her as they can until she finally flames out. Given her track record, it's not an unlikely scenario.

1462 days ago

South Beach    

"Work" is not 24/7, and you know what they say about "idle hands" or kids with "too much time on their hands"..Trouble starts brewing. In a "professional" environment, surrounded by a bullet proof team with her best interests at heart, she can exhaust herself by being the leader of her life, in control. Work all day, go work out, go to meeting, no time for the cracked outhangers-on.

The Betty Ford Center is a REAL, no BS hub of some of the best addiction professionals in the world, and they have dealt with and advised 100's in the same situation as LL, monied, famous, with user parents and friends. Getting through today focused, and as time goes by, a real plan for ongoing. She's in excellent hands.

Old "contacts", regardless of who they are, need to be treated like possible "allergens". One at a time, and if a "non-positive" reaction occurs, they're history. You can easily throw money at someone if one feels the need, without being in their company.

1462 days ago
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