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Lindsay -- Work Can Be Hazardous to Her Health

10/23/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's management team is already lining up projects for the actress as soon as she steps out of rehab in 2011 ... but LiLo's closest friends are concerned that rushing her back into the spotlight could be a dangerous move.


Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Lohan's team has been devouring movie scripts, furiously setting up meetings, and organizing fashion projects, all in anticipation of LiLo's release from rehab -- January 3, 2011.

But one friend tells us the people who still care about LiLo's well-being feel that she "shouldn’t be working the first week. She shouldn’t be working the first couple months. She needs to be attending daily meetings to stay on track for sobriety." Another adds, “Lindsay needs to focus on herself for some time."

As we previously reported, LiLo has recently expressed concern about her career and her crumbling fashion line. But according to her probation officer, Lindsay also acknowledged that her "lifestyle" is filled with temptation.

Fortunately, Lindsay will have a couple of months to think about her next move.



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I'm calling bull**** on this. Lindsay could barely land a jobs before her stint in rehab...she certainly won't be any more insurable fresh out of rehab. This sounds like the kind of crap that PR people float out there so that it looks like their clients are really in demand. Lindsay's people are scrambling not for jobs necessarily, but for ways to keep Lindsay relevant in the media while she sits in rehab for months.

1378 days ago


Alright Dina; now's the time to prove what kind of mom you are. You WILL get a job to help out your daughter, right? I mean, she has supported the whole family to the point where she cracked.
You should be ashamed of yourself, as a mother and as a "manager".

1378 days ago


@66 it can be done ( look at Drew Barrymore and Robert Downey jr. ) but it will be difficult . I'm kind of wondering who will pick up the bills NOW though. It's obvious her income is pretty much $0

Time for Mum and Dad to start working and pay the bills,me thinks.

1378 days ago


I just can't wait until she OD's so we don't have to read this crap.

1378 days ago


To the person who said she's in outpatient rehab. She is in inpatient rehab and will be for the next 70 days. I'm hoping the judge continues her probation until August 2011, but my guess is she'll mess up between her release from rehab and her court date. He's giving her time to hang herself.

Posted at 8:27 AM on Oct 23, 2010 by ilovegossip

One way or another her probation is ending on February 25th when she will either be returning to court and getting unsupervised probation OR serving a 180 day jail sentence.

The Judge said she has to stay at Betty Ford until January 3rd and if she leaves or violates she will get 180 days in jail.
On January 3rd she will report to her probation officer and participate in outpatient therapy/sessions etc and be randomly drug/alcohol tested until the court date. if she passes all the tests then the Judge has ordered her to appear in court on February 25th and her probation will be made unsupervised and he said
"If you can make it, I will convert you to unsupervised probation and you will be able to move on with your life, put the episode, this long episode behind you."

She finishes the 30 days in the inpatient lockdown clinic on Thursday. Then until January 3rd she will be doing the residential day treatment so will get more freedom but she is stuck there.

1378 days ago


This girl was just trying to use the sympathy of the court to get out of rehab. She has the E-Trade settlement

1378 days ago


As long as she and her management continue to see therapy and recovery as the problem instead of the solution, she will not get better. I spent 30 days in treatment in 1991. When I went in I thought it was the end of my life, lowest point. When I got out I realized it was the best and most impportant 30 days of my life. She is still operating under the "illusion of control". Give up, give in, get better, Lindsay. Your very best career management got you into a treatment center. Time to try something else.

1378 days ago

Just One Word    

The only work Ms. Lohan needs to do right now is on herself. If she doesn't, she'll surely die. Forget the career girl. You shouldn't want your name in the same story as Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, etc.

1378 days ago


@Jim I think she IS past the stage where she thinks rehab is the problem ( or therapy is ) and does realize the addiction is the root of all. When you read the entire report it clearly states she knows she's addicted and feels "powerless" . As a former addict I remember that stage as well and you DO feel powerless when first realizing you're addicted. It's at that stage your self-esteem hits rock-bottom as well.

But she also has to deal with very basic realities : the fact she currently has no income whatsoever ( the E-trade deal was one time deal, it's not an infinite supply of cash) poses a problem. She shouldn't be having to deal with that issue though and it's up to family and friends to make sure she needn't worry about that. Or her lawyer should find someone - not from her current circle of family and friends - to deal with the finances. That would be ideal.

1378 days ago

mitch abramson    

Most of these comments are from people who don't know what they are talking about. As someone who has been thru rehab and has been in a place (mentally) where 12-step meetings and shrink appointments are everyday behaviors, WORKING IS GOOD 4U! This idea that "focussing on yourself" means doing nothing for most of your day is CRAZY! A shrink appointment is 1 hour. 12 step meetings a similar time frame. The worst thing to do is sit around frustrated; especially when one is as talented as LiLo. Coming to grips with making a living AND staying clean is excellent therapy.

1378 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Slow news day again eh tmz? You guys really have to reach some days. Maybe you should expand the thirty mile zone a bit because BELIEVE IT OR NOT, there are more interesting celebrity items than the same old pablum you've been slinging than yet another twenty-something douchebag getting themselves into yet another jam. Don't worry, I promise they'll be just as interesting & newsworthy, but at least your readers won't feel like they need a shower simply from reading the title.

1378 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

ya gotta let a lady plow the fields as she pleases....can't put us all on a leash as soon as we start to take offf. geeze. i thought the days of the 'thumb widths switch' were passed....

1378 days ago


Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. I cant believe the content of some of these peoples character

1378 days ago


From the news:
She was ordered to stay at the Betty Ford clinic until January 3, and undergo regular drugs tests -- and the judge said any violation would send her to jail for 180 days.

"I'm not going to be manipulated," Fox said.

"You are an addict. I think you have to change your lifestyle," Fox added, warning that if she did not remain drug-free she would "destroy what is a very lucrative career and profession."

"You're staying there past the New Year -- there's a reason for that," the judge added.

I am going to believe what the news reports say before I believe what Nicole or Cali or Dumbas say. Sorry, she's at Betty Ford until January.

1378 days ago


@mitch abramson indeed it is and you are 100% right . It isn't even all that important WHAT she does as long as it's work. Besides : it's a purely BS discussion as she HAS to work anyway. She's the only source of income for all those leeches and until she cuts them loose that will remain the case . There also seems to be some misunderstanding with regard to enablers and all that stuff. Once you have kicked the habit it does not matter one bit . I can go to parties and what have you and NEVER even be tempted once to start using again. The only enabler is the addict himself or herself.

1378 days ago
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