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Billy Ray Cyrus: The 'Glee' Pics are Fine By Me

10/21/2010 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Ray Cyrus -- a member of the Parents Television Council Advisory Board -- is upset with the Council's statement that the smoking hot "Glee" photos published in GQ are borderline pedophilia.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Sources connected with Billy Ray tell TMZ ... the singer is "disappointed" at the statement from Council Prez Tim Winter.  We're told Billy Ray feels like the Council "has recently been spending all its time attacking people rather than promoting family television."

The Council has also attacked Miley Cyrus for a sexy music video she recently shot.  Papa Cyrus -- who we're told was not consulted before Winter issued his statement -- is getting "fed up with the Council."

So whose side are you on?



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So why should ANYONE care what Miley Cyrus' dad says, thinks or does? He is not an example of good parenting. No one should consider his "values" of any value!

1431 days ago

todd lee    

of course billy ray doesnt mind the picture, he also doesnt mind his teenage daughter screwing guys 5 years older and grinding on a stripper pole while he has a hard-on....WHY WOULD HE MIND THE PICS?

1431 days ago


You know maybe if they weren't dressed up like "students" and the pictures were not shot in a school like setting..there wouldn't have been a big deal about it.

1431 days ago


Yeah, look at the recent pics we have of his sweet lil ol' daughter Miley! Sheesh!

1431 days ago


well, of course he's going to be like that.afterall,he's allowed his daughter to become a skank, following in Britney's footsteps...sheesh..he's peddling his daughter out to creeps and he doesn't care.

Posted at 11:53 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by Shell

I think the term is "pimping"! He's another idiot like Lohan. I'm guessing that he will be selling her underwear on EBay from the last video she did instead of some stern parenting for being so slutty in public. Typical Trailer Trash!

1431 days ago


Like many US TV programs, Glee uses actors/actresses so much older than their character's age. It's not a problem when the girls in the photos appear older than the parents of the target audience.

1431 days ago


Of course he isn't supportive of their comments because he allows his own daughter to do worse. He needs to realize that all the money his daughter is making him isn't going to be worth it when she ends up like Lindsay and Britney.

I also feel that because they play teenagers and target teenagers with their show, they should be careful how they portray themselves in other media outlets. It is their choice, and they are old enough to do what they want, but if they become to risque in real life, I won't allow my teenagers to watch the show.

1431 days ago


Who cares what he thinks about this or anything? His and his wife's parental judgment are highly suspect because they allow and encourage exactly the same public image (and images) for their underage daughter and profit from them. That makes them a pair of ... The sooner this guy is out of the public spotlight, the better.

1431 days ago


This coming from a man whom pimps out his own daughter. Nice.

{when is last time he or his wife worked?}

Give me a break, of course he would say the photos are just peachy, he let his kid ride the pole at the Nick awards show. Remember? With Daisy Dukes on no less.

That is like asking Mr. Jenner if he thinks what his daughters do is low moraled, duh. He said his 14!!!! year old daughters HIGHLY sexual bathing suit photos were "beauitful and tasteful"

Yeah, if you are a child molester you are gonna love em'!

No wonder this country is going down the sewer pipes. It all begins with the morons raising them. Clearly.

1431 days ago


I don't watch Glee but understood it to be a clean cut show. If that's the case, this picture is very inappropriate.

As far as Billy Ray goes... I remember when he did a photo shoot with Miley for a magazine. The pictures of them posing together looked very provocative. How he ever got on the Parents Advisery Board is anyone's guess.

1431 days ago


Most likely,this hilbilly will end up marrying his own daughter.

1431 days ago


I understand the concerns about the girls portraying high school students on a tv show, but we are talking about a picture in a magazine. And if your kids are looking at that magazine, then you have something bigger to worry about than what is on the cover!

1431 days ago


It looks raunchy and classless for the women to post for crotch shots in their panties. Have they no pride themselves? Forget the tv show, which I stopped watching anyway. So the "girls" are really women over twenty, some near thirty? fooling the public into thinking they are high school kids on the tv show. Looking at the photos themselves, crotch shots with underwear, women exposing themselves like that, as a female I am repulsed by their lack of pride and dignity.

None of this is necessary to achieve fame and fortune in Hollywood. They already have it.

Billy Ray is a huge disappointment. He should not be on any parental advisory council. Miley's mother is a skank who chased Billy Ray as a fan. He slept with her, got her pregnant, married her.

It is absolutely fine for a parental advisory council to exist and to have an opinion. People can either respect and follow their opinions or not, their choice. They are entitled to their opinions, though, and a surprising number of people will agree with them.

I'm sick of women thinking they have to expose their private body parts, their genitals, to get anywhere in this world. When will it ever get better for women? Perhaps when women really wise up?

1431 days ago


You know.....I really didn't care much a couple of years ago if women were posing in high school clothes in hallways and shower rooms half naked, sucking/licking lollipops half naked with their legs spread......but my daughter is now 16 and i am much more aware of what she sees and what might influence her. Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, etc all paint a picture of acceptable slutty behavior.

I do talk to my daughter about this stuff and i know she ultimately makes her own decisions on how she behaves, i just feel like parents are fighting a losing battle to instill morals in our young women. Especiallly with shows like this, pictorals like this, and songs promoting teenage sex (ala Katy Perry(teenage dream song), Kesha, Brittany).....

1431 days ago

Fifty Shades of WTF    

I have not been very impressed in the guidence Billy Ray and wife have given Miley... so really - his opinion on this is pretty moot

1431 days ago
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