John Stamos on 'Fuller House' I Was 'Angry' w/ Olsens for Bailing Water Under a Bridge Now

Yeah, I was Peeved ...
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John Stamos says he was sour over Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen skipping out on the "Full House" reboot a few years ago -- but in the same breath, he also says they're all good now.

The actor dished on his feelings over their glaring absence from "Fuller House" just earlier this week -- admitting to "Glee" stars Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz on their podcast that he was, in fact, "angry" over their decision to not star in the revived Netflix series.

He says he and the rest of the OG cast didn't stay in close touch with them post-'FH' -- with the late Bob Saget being the exception, he notes -- which probably didn't help when it was time to approach them about reprising their role as Michelle ... something they declined.

JS explains, "When I did 'Fuller House,' they didn't want to come back and I was angry for a minute, and that got out." He goes on to explain that there was a misconception that the girls hated their childhood and their time on "Full House" by extension ... but says that's BS.

John adds, "But they said, 'We loved our childhood. We loved being with you. We miss Bob.'" He also mentions a recent visit they made to his home when they brought grub/sage.

Since then, John says he and the Olsen twins have "stayed very close." It sounds like this all might've happened after Saget's death last year -- which, in hindsight, is a shame ... 'cause John himself has also conceded that he might've been able to get the twins back on TV if he'd gone about it the right way. Namely, talking to them personally ... which he didn't.

As John explained to THR in 2016 -- when "Fuller House" was first launching -- Mary-Kate was apparently somewhat interested in "Fuller" and wanted him to try to convince Ashley, who was wearier of getting back into acting. He also says they told him never heard an official request from anyone ... despite him thinking he'd gotten a hold of their agent.

In the end, it appears there was a communication breakdown ... and some hard feelings in the wake of not getting them. But, like John make sure to clarify, he's got nothing but love for the Olsen twins ... who've arguably moved on to bigger and better things in fashion, etc.

Like the song says ... what ever happened to predictability? It sure don't live here anymore!

Chord Overstreet Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Chord Overstreet's looks over the years will have you feeling gleeful!

Here is a 22-year-old version of the Sam Evans "Glee" actor looking devilishly handsome at the premiere of "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie" in Westwood, CA, back in 2011. This was just one year into his 5-year run on the hit show.

And, 11 years later Chord recently kept up his swoopy hair and pursed-lipped look at the premiere of Apple TV+ series "Acapulco" in West Hollywood, CA. He is currently gearing up for the release of Netflix's holiday film "Falling For Christmas" with Lindsay Lohan.

'Tis the season.

The question is ...

Chord Overstreet ...

'Glee' Star Blake Jenner Hits Wrong Note with Cops ... Arrested for DUI

Blake Jenner, one of the stars of "Glee," has a legal battle on his hands after cops hauled him in for an alleged DUI ... TMZ has learned.

The Burbank Police Department tells TMZ ... officers pulled over the 29-year-old actor when they noticed he failed to stop at a red light around 11:30 PM.

During the traffic stop last weekend, officers felt Jenner -- no relation to the you-know-whos, BTW -- was showing signs of intoxication, so they put him through the paces of field sobriety testing.

That didn't go so well for him, according to cops at least. Blake was arrested and booked for misdemeanor DUI. He was released shortly thereafter with a citation, and will have to appear before a judge at a later date.

"Glee" fans will remember Blake for his role as Ryder Lynn on the hit show. He also co-starred with Renee Zellweger in the Netflix mini-series, "What/If."

Matthew Morrison I've Got $4.7 Mil Worth o' Glee!!! Sells H'wood Hills Home

Matthew Morrison has a lot to sing about right now after selling his Hollywood Hills home for nearly 4 times what he paid for it ... TMZ has learned.

The 'Glee' star purchased the 3 bedroom pad for $1.2 mil, back in 2010 -- right around the time his career took off with the show's success, and he decided to make a smart investment in the property.

Matthew and his wife, Renee Puente, gave the pad some major renovations -- totaling about $1 million -- which included adding a bedroom and an additional 1,000 sq ft. to the home.

The home is now 3,146 sq ft. and completely surrounded by nature, giving it a very charming feel. Inside, it's got French doors, a sunken living room and a chef's kitchen with a doublewide island.

The new owners will also enjoy a built-in barbecue, in-ground infinity spa and smart home technology that controls the security and sound systems.

Matt and his wife previously sold their 2 properties in New York, and they reportedly plan to travel for a while ... before settling down and buying a new home on the East Coast.

Morrison grew up in California before going to NYU and spending 10 years living on the East Coast, and now it looks like he'll be headed back for good.

Heather Boyd of Hilton & Hyland had the listing.

Darren Criss Brother Dead by Suicide at 36

Darren Criss' older brother, Charles Criss, has died by suicide -- and his sibling is sending out a powerful message about mental health in the wake of such a tragedy.

The actor revealed the sad news Wednesday in a social media post, throwing up a bunch of photos of his bro, as well as a lengthy statement about what had happened ... and what the takeaway is for him as a result.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Charles -- who Darren refers to as Chuck -- took his own life sometime last month ... although the exact circumstances are unclear.

What is clear, however, is how much thought Darren put into breaking this to the public -- because his note here is incredibly powerful and well worth a read in full.

To sum it up, he says that Chuck -- with whom Darren actually started a band -- had apparently suffered from depression ... something DC says he and his family were somewhat aware of, but not to the extent they thought it would ever lead to this.

He says his brother lost sight to the darkness -- despite the fact he was so very loved -- and also takes a moment to acknowledge ... this is something that cannot be discussed in just a sentence or two, going on to acknowledge the complexities of mental health that any one individual may be going through ... even if everything looks okay from the outside.

Darren writes, "There is simply no sense, nay, compassion or decency, to try to find blame in any direction other than the inner most tragedy of an untreated illness," going on to add ... "Which is why it is paramount for me to remind anyone reading this that may be feeling consumed by any similar kind of darkness -- that there is absolutely no shame in feeling shame, and furthermore, nothing wrong whatsoever with seeking help."

He also makes sure to hit this point home ... that Chuck's life is not defined by his suicide, and that it was so much more than just that -- acknowledging the great things he contributed to this world, including three young children that he leaves behind.

Darren's brother was just 36. RIP

If you or someone you know is thinking of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK.

Naya Rivera Dad Slams Ryan Murphy for 'Broken Promises' ... 'Glee' Creator Responds

Naya Rivera's father called out Ryan Murphy for allegedly failing to come through on promises he made after her drowning death ... but Murphy says he's still committed and working on it.

Naya's dad, George, went off on the "Glee" co-creator Tuesday night on Twitter, saying ... "Everyone needs to know what Ryan Murphy really did … or didn’t do !!! I’m about to blow up this story …. and make sure he’s knows that I know …."

George was responding to a tweet from July in which a woman said she had "so much respect" for Murphy and the other creators of the show for setting up a college fund for Naya's son, Josey.

According to George ... that hasn't happened, and he also seems pissed Murphy hasn't been in contact with him because he tweeted, "Broken Promises..... fake outrage .... hollow gestures ..... no phone call."

Naya's dad added ... "Promises made in public, only to fade with time and excuses .... even in a unexplainable tragedy ..."

Murphy caught wind of George's outrage, and quickly tweeted a response -- "Myself, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan have committed to create a college fund for Naya Rivera’s child Josey through the Naya Rivera Estate Trust. We have been in repeated conversations with the appropriate executors of her estate."

Apparently, those executors don't include George.

As we reported ... Naya died in an accidental drowning in July at Lake Piru after taking her son out on a boat. The boy was found on the boat with a life jacket, and told authorities his mom didn't make it back after they went swimming.

'Glee' Star Amber Riley Trump Supporter Spit on My Car ... I Will 'Beat Your Ass!!!'


"Glee" star Amber Riley says she nearly beat the crap out of a Trump supporter who blocked her car, and then spit on it ... before cooler heads prevailed.

The actress is pissed about what recently happened to her while on her way to a store. Amber says she was driving into the parking lot when an older white man in a MAGA hat jumped in front of her car and "takes his Trump hat off and uses it as some kind of badge as if I need to stop."

She says she blew it off at first, telling the guy to move it along but what really got her riled up was when he spit on her car. Amber fumed ... "In 2020, he saw a Black woman, decided he was gonna punk me and the mother f**ker spit on my car. I don't have words for this."

As for why she didn't shoot video of the altercation, Amber says she's not one of those people to take out her phone and record a racist to make him famous. You gotta see her alternate plan, 'cause it's awesome to hear it in her words.

Let's just say it involves beating his ass. Amber says, "If I would have found him in the store, I would have been in jail right now."

@franciaraisa / Instagram

The actress mentioned she was FaceTiming Selena Gomez's kidney donor, Francia Raisa, when she herself was recently tormented by Trump supporters on the 405 freeway.

Amber says she doesn't care who anyone supports but, "I care about you keeping your hands to yourself, I care about you keeping your comments to yourself and I care about you keeping your bodily fluids to yourself."

She added ... people may respond to her by saying, "Don't incite a race war." But, she's not having it, saying, "We've been in a race war since we were brought into this country. And people are going to start fighting back. But around these parts, you spit again, you get your ass beat."

Naya Rivera Lake Where She Drowned Reopens ... No Swimming Allowed

The SoCal lake where Naya Rivera was found dead after drowning is open to the public again, but her tragedy is having an impact on operations there.

TMZ's learned Lake Piru reopened Thursday, 43 days after the "Glee" star went out for a day of boating and swimming with her son. The man-made reservoir had been off-limits since Naya went missing. After authorities recovered her body, the lake remained closed as the COVID-19 pandemic intensified in L.A. County.

Ventura County Sheriff's Office

Now that the public can return there are restrictions. For starters, swimming is absolutely banned. Lake officials say that's due to COVID-19, but locals tell us they believe the ban is really about Naya's drowning.

As we reported ... more than 12,000 people signed a petition demanding more effective warnings to swimmers about debris under the water's surface.

As for boating on the lake ... that's back in full swing, along with picnicking, hiking and fishing.

However, the pontoon Naya rented on the night she went missing has been taken out of the fleet and it's been placed in storage.

Remember ... locals had reason to be concerned. Naya's drowning is the 9th death at Lake Piru since 1994.

Ryan Dorsey Speaks on Naya Rivera's Death ... 'This is So Unfair'

Naya Rivera's ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, has broken his silence on her untimely death -- and his tribute to her is gut-wrenching.

Ryan -- who's also the father of her son, Josey -- took to Instagram Saturday with a heartfelt post about his ex-wife for the first time since she disappeared and was later discovered dead at Lake Piru, throwing up a photo of her and their boy together along with a lengthy caption.

He writes, "This is so unfair...there's not enough words to express the hole left in everyone's hearts. I can't believe this is life now. I don't know if I'll ever believe it. You were just here... We were just in the back swimming with Josey the day before."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Ryan continued, "Life just isn't fair. I don't know what to say...I'm thankful for our times and our journey that brought us together and gave us the sweetest and kindest smart little boy we could ever hope for. I remember sometimes you used to get annoyed at me: 'Ryan can you stop snap chatting!' Haha. I'm glad I didn't listen to you because I have hundreds and probably thousands of snaps and videos that Josey will have forever and know his momma loved him more than life, and how much fun we had together as he was growing up."

He went on to say that Josey's presence alone would make any bad times a little less because a piece of Naya will forever live on within him, and by extension ... with Ryan. He added, "(Josey will) never forget where he came from. We miss you. We will always love you. Love you Meep."

Ryan went on to thank everyone for the outpouring of support, saying ... "I'll just say in closing, be kind to yourself, be kind to others, forgive...forget...don't hold grudges....if you have nothing nice to say maybe try not to say anything. There's peace in silence." He finished, "Time on Earth is precious and you just never never know what could happen. Hold your loved ones close, and cherish the times you have with those you care about."

Ryan was one of several members of Naya's loved ones who went to Lake Piru in the days after her disappearance -- even getting in the water at one point to feel a connection.

They had a somewhat tumultuous 4-year marriage -- Naya was arrested for domestic violence in 2017 after an argument over their kid turned violent. She filed for divorce shortly thereafter.

Naya Rivera Autopsy Completed ... Family Speaks Out


3:55 PM PT -- Naya's family has released a statement saying they're grateful for the outpouring of love and prayers over the past week. They added, "While we grieve the loss of our beautiful legend, we are blessed to honor her everlasting legacy and magnetic spirit. Naya was an amazing talent, but was an even greater person, mother, daughter and sister."


The family also went on to thank the men and women of Ventura, Tulare, and San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Departments for their commitment and unwavering effort to find Naya. The family said, "We extend endless gratitude and ovation to the heroine who found her. Thank you to her friends, colleagues, and fans for your continuous support. Heaven gained our sassy angel. We kindly request that our privacy be respected during this very difficult time."

Naya Rivera's autopsy is now complete and officials confirm she died by drowning.

According to the Ventura County Medical Examiner's Office ... they had to confirm Naya's identity using dental records. The cause of death is listed as drowning and the manner of death is an accident.

Officials say the autopsy findings are consistent with a drowning and the condition of the body is consistent with the time that she was submerged. They also said, “There is no indication from the investigation or examination that drugs or alcohol played a role in the decedent’s death, but specimens will be submitted for toxicology testing.”

TMZ broke the story ... the "Glee" star's body was recovered from Lake Piru Monday. Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub's said there was nothing to indicate any foul play took place or that she died by suicide. Sadly, he said this was simply a tragic accidental drowning death.

Naya's body was discovered in the northeast portion of the lake, near the surface of the water. The sheriff also said that, based on conversations with Naya's 4-year-old son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, the 2 of them went out for a swim. But, while she was able to boost him back on the boat ... she had disappeared below the surface.

The current was, apparently, very strong the day Naya went missing. Ayub said that may have contributed to her drowning. Also, the boat Naya and her son had rented that day was not anchored when they went for a swim.

As we reported ... Naya was reported missing last week. She was later presumed dead as the search shifted from a rescue to a recovery mission. She was 33.

Originally Published 2:16 PM PT

Naya Rivera 'Glee' Creators Starting College Fund for Son

The "Glee" family is looking after Naya Rivera's kin ... the TV series' creators are setting up a college fund for her son.

Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan announced plans Tuesday to set up a college tuition fund for Naya's 4-year-old son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, as part of a touching tribute to the late "Glee" star.

The show's creators said "the three of us are currently in the process of creating a college fund for the beautiful son Naya loved most of all."

In their statement to the Hollywood Reporter, the group also remembered Naya, who played cheerleader Santana Lopez, as "warm and caring and fiercely protective of the rest of the cast."

The show's creators said Naya was tough, demanding, fun, kind, generous and had "the rare combination of humility and endless confidence in her talent."

As we reported, Naya's body was recovered Monday from Lake Piru after the actress went missing last week while swimming and boating with her son.

Naya, who shared custody of Josey with her ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, posted a picture of her kissing her son with the caption "just the two of us" in what turned out to be her final Instagram post.

Naya Rivera Dead at 33 ... Sheriff Says No Sign of Foul Play or Suicide


2:26 PM PT -- Sheriff Bill Ayub says they’re confident the body discovered in Lake Piru today is Naya Rivera, and there’s nothing to indicate any foul play took place or she died by suicide ... this was simply a tragic accidental drowning death.


Ayub says Rivera was discovered in the northeast portion of the lake, near the surface of the water. Her body will be taken to the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s office for an autopsy and positive identification.

Fox 11

The sheriff says investigators used FaceTime calls Naya had with family members to help focus their search, along with speaking to other people who rented boats the day she went missing and saw her on the water.


Ayub says based on a conversation with Naya’s son, the 2 went for a swim, and she was able to boost him back on the boat ... but when he turned around she disappeared below the surface.


The current was apparently very strong the day Naya went missing and Ayub says it may have contributed to her drowning. He says her boat was not anchored when she went for a swim with her son.


Naya's family was taken to her in a boat after her body was discovered.


1:40 PM PT -- The Ventura County Sheriff's Department is set to hold a press conference at 2 PM PT about the recovery of Naya's body. It's unclear if any friends or family will speak ... but TMZ will be live streaming.


1:11 PM PT -- A powerful moment just occurred at Lake Piru, where Naya's body was found Monday morning -- fellow costars of hers from "Glee" stood shoulder to shoulder with members of Naya's family ... holding hands and looking out at the water.


There's also this eerie fact -- Cory Monteith, who was a lead on the show in its heyday, died 7 years ago on the same day Naya's body was discovered ... July 13. He was killed in 2013 by a deadly cocktail of intoxicants, including heroin and alcohol.

Naya Rivera's body has been recovered from Lake Piru ... TMZ has learned.

Ventura County officials said Monday that a body had been found at the lake, and our law enforcement sources have confirmed it is, in fact, her. A press conference sharing the news publicly is forthcoming.

As we reported ... Naya and her 4-year-old son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, were swimming in Lake Piru when something terrible happened Wednesday. Josey got back in the boat and when authorities arrived for a check, he told them he and his mom were swimming and he didn't know what happened to her.

Naya made a name for herself as a child actress and model, who appeared in various national TV commercials. She landed the role of Hillary Winston on "The Royal Family" at just 4 years old. She received a nomination for a Young Artist Award.

Naya's big break came in 2009 when she landed the role of Santana Lopez on the FOX hit series, "Glee." She was a talented singer ... signing with Columbia Records in 2011. That same year ... she was part of the "Glee" ensemble nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals for "Don't Stop Believin'."

In 2013, she released a single, "Sorry," featuring Big Sean, whom she dated and was briefly engaged to in 2013, before ending the relationship in 2014.

Naya later dated Josey's father, actor Ryan Dorsey, marrying him in Cabo San Lucas in July 2014. They divorced in 2018 and had been sharing custody of Josey.

She was also no stranger to the big screen ... making her debut in 2014 in the horror film "At the Devil's Door." She also appeared on Lifetime's "Devious Maids."

Last time we saw her was in October 2018 at LAX, ... where we talked to her about doing her own lobbying for a part in Steven Spielberg's flick, "West Side Story."

October 2018

Naya is survived by her son. She was 33.


Originally Published -- 9:53 AM PT

Naya Rivera Search Will Include Cabins on Lake Piru ... Intensity to Lessen


12:32 PM PT -- According to reports, Ventura County's search for Naya will continue on a day-to-day basis, but not at the same intensity it's been at these past few days. Sonar scans of the lake are said to be completed by end of day Sunday.

Authorities will search cabins that line Lake Piru ... not because they believe Naya Rivera is there, but because there has been so much social media activity about the cabins that law enforcement wants to put the theory to bed.

An official from the Ventura County Sheriff's Dept. tells TMZ ... they have been seeing a ton of Twitter users imploring cops to search the cabins in the area ... presumably, because they think Naya may have made her way to one.

The official tells us ... they do NOT believe Naya is in a cabin. They're confident she's still in the water, but nevertheless, a search team will walk the area where the cabins are located.  Deputies will knock on doors and ask if they know anything about Naya's whereabouts.

If a cabin is not occupied, deputies will peer inside for any signs.

That said, the focus of the search is still Lake Piru, where Naya went missing Wednesday while swimming with her 4-year-old son. Because of extremely poor visibility due to debris in the water, searchers will be primarily relying on sonar.

Originally Published -- 9:19 AM PT

Naya Rivera Ex Ryan Dorsey's Emotional Trip to Lake Piru

Naya Rivera's ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, made his way to Lake Piru Saturday, and the emotion was palpable.

Ryan, whose son was on the boating trip when Naya disappeared last Wednesday, ventured out into the water -- just like Naya's dad -- as if to gain a connection to her. He then sat by himself as authorities continued their search for Naya's body.


Naya's father, George, and her brother also went into the water and stood, as if to pray.

As we reported, Naya and her 4-year-old son, Josey, were on a boating outing when they jumped in for a swim and she disappeared ... this according to what he told authorities.

The lake is littered with trees and debris and visibility is almost non-existent. So far, there are no signs of Naya's body. She would be the 9th person to drown in the lake since the mid-'90s, and locals are demanding better warnings for swimmers, alerting them to the dangers.

Naya Rivera Dad Joins Mom & Brother in Search ... Very Emotional Visit


3:11 PM PT -- Naya Rivera's father, George Rivera, just recently arrived at Lake Piru with the rest of the family -- and it's clear he was yearning to connect with his daughter any way he could.


As soon as George was withing an eyeball's distance from the lake, he beelined it for the water and went in to around knee-level. He then doused his face with the water in what looked like a very emotional moment for him.

Naya Rivera's mother and brother visited the place their loved one disappeared to help find her -- and the image of them looking out at Lake Piru beforehand is devastating.

Sometime over the last day or so ... Naya's mom, Yolanda, and her younger brother, Mychal, were at the dock where Naya's boat departed Wednesday -- only Yolanda was on her knees with her arms stretched out toward the water, and her pain is palpable.

Mychal stood by, stoically staring out as well. The "Glee" actress and singer has one other younger sibling, Nickayla, who didn't appear to be present. On Saturday, the two of them boarded a boat and put on life vests to help with the search.

It goes without saying ... the Rivera family is incredibly close.

As of Saturday afternoon, Naya's body had not been found. Ventura County authorities say she is presumed dead -- this after she took the boat out Wednesday with her 4-year-old son, Josey, but never returned. Josey was later found in the boat by himself.

Josey told officials that his mother had gone into the water but never came out.

Ventura County Sheriff's Office

Remotely operated vehicles are now being used to search the lake in the recovery mission ... but the task is extremely difficult given the debris, vegetation and trees that litter the water.

The lake itself is 1,200 acres and can reach depths of up to 130 feet.

Originally Published -- 12:56 PM PT

Naya Rivera Underwater Robots Used to Recover Body


The search for Naya Rivera continues as authorities are now using a mechanical robot to locate her body.

Ventura County Sheriff's deputies employed the ROV -- remotely operated vehicle -- after spotting a dark shape in the water, which they thought might be a body. After lowering the ROV, deputies discovered the object was a tree branch.

It's apparent how difficult the search is from the images ... divers can only see inches in front of them. Making matters even more difficult ... they don't know where Naya was when she disappeared.

The recovery effort was called off Friday night but will resume at first light Saturday.

As we reported, Naya and her 4-year-old son were swimming in Lake Piru Wednesday when she disappeared. Her son climbed back in the boat and told authorities he was swimming with his mom but she never got back on the boat.

In addition to the ROV, authorities are using side-scan sonar, dogs and divers to locate Naya's body.

Ventura County Sheriff's Office

The Ventura County Sheriff released security camera footage Thursday from the boat launch where Naya and her son rented a pontoon boat on the lake.

As we reported, more than 20,000 people have now signed a petition demanding that the dangers of Lake Piru -- with all the debris in the water -- be made clear to anyone who wants to boat or swim in the lake. Naya would be the 9th drowning victim at the Lake since the mid-'90s.


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