John Stamos 'Likes' Aunt Becky Going to Jail Tweet Oops, Itchy Twitter Trigger?

10:31 AM PT -- A source close to John tells us the tweet was "liked" on accident -- there was a ton of love for his performance last night -- and the Loughlin tweet got mixed in. John has since "unliked" the tweet.

John Stamos, or someone on his social media team, might have some 'splaining to do with his pal, Lori Loughlin ... after what seems like a Trump-esque Twitter flub.

John's verified account liked a tweet praising his performance Tuesday night on "The Little Mermaid Live!" ... but it came with a catch -- namely, a jab at his former "Full House" costar.

The tweet Uncle Jesse liked said, "Aunt Becky's going to jail but @JohnStamos is BACK and crushing it on #LittleMermaidLive."

Maybe the review of John's performance was just too flattering to NOT give it a like -- but obviously Lori wouldn't feel so good about the message. It's kinda shocking because John's been mostly mum about Lori's role in the college admissions scandal.

As we've reported ... Lori and her husband are facing new charges of bribery after allegedly paying $500,000 to mastermind Rick Singer to get their daughters into USC via the rowing team and some fake pictures. They've pled not guilty to all counts.

Fact is, John is getting plenty of praise for playing Chef Louis on 'Mermaid' ... so it's not like the Twitter user was alone with his or her review. However, we're guessing John would like to take back at least half of his "like" on that tweet.

Too bad that's not an option on Twitter. Not yet.

We reached out to John's team for clarification ... no word back, so far.

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Lori Loughlin Me? Heading for Trouble?? That's Rich, Like This Country Club


Lori Loughlin has a very serious legal battle ahead in her college bribery case -- but she hasn't shunned the life of the rich and famous just yet.

The embattled "Full House" star arrived Tuesday at the Bel-Air Country Club ... grinning ear to ear as she got out of her vehicle and went inside, donning a pretty swanky outfit that would probably sit well with the members.

She got a bit more serious as she got into motion, perhaps realizing cameras were on hand and capturing her giddy mood alongside her hubby, Mossimo.


It's interesting, 'cause Lori appears to be carrying on like normal ahead of her trial ... and it would seem she's still in the good graces of at least some at the Bel-Air Country Club, of which she's presumably a member as well. This might be telling, actually.

Of course, actress Felicity Huffman -- who was also indicted in the scandal -- just got her sentence of 14 days in jail a few weeks ago after pleading guilty. It was essentially a slap on the wrist, and a big defeat for the prosecution ... who wanted way more time -- we're told they wanted a year minimum, then scaled it down to 4 months and then 1 month.

Elizabeth Williams

It's possible Lori's feeling confident ahead of her day in court, and can't help but wear her emotions on her sleeve. Time will tell if she's got a good hand.

Lori Loughlin Turning the Other Cheek for Yoga ... Amid Felicity Huffman News


You'd think Lori Loughlin would have something to smile about after Felicity Huffman got away with a relatively light sentencing rec from prosecutors -- but she's not happy here.

The 'Full House' star was seen attempting to hide her face behind a yoga mat Saturday as she left a class in Westwood and strolled  through a parking lot back to her car ... clearly not wanting to give paps a clear shot of her mug. At least not straight-on, anyway.

Well, they got a side profile ... and based on what we see here -- Lori doesn't seem as happy-go-lucky as her daughter, Olivia Jade, was at Disneyland on Friday.


As we reported ... prosecutors this week recommended just 1 month of prison time for Felicity ... this after they'd previously recommended anywhere between 4 and 10 months.

That move could potentially be good news for Lori and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, as it appears the feds are backing down from their tough-guy stance ... which could bode well for Lori and co. Then again, they're fighting the charges -- havin pled not guilty in their case -- so it might backfire. Time will tell if prosecutors go light on her too with a new plea deal.

In the meantime, don't ask Lori to smile for the camera. She's not doing any victory dances quite yet.

Lori Loughlin, Husband We Want the Same Lawyer ... In College Bribery Scandal


1:53 PM PT -- Court has wrapped for the day ... Lori and Mossimo signed a document stating they understood there's possible conflict in having the same attorney.

Lori Loughlin and her husband showed up in Boston as a super united front, prepared to tell the judge they want the same lawyer to rep them in their college bribery case.

These pics were snapped as Lori and hubby Mossimo Giannulli arrived Monday at the airport in Beantown after flying in on a private jet.


They'll be in court Tuesday for a hearing ... to inform the judge they will waive any possible conflict of interest by having the same lawyer rep them both. It doesn't always happen this way ... sometimes, couples get separate lawyers and it turns ugly when they start finger-pointing at each other. Clearly not the case here.

As we reported ... both Lori and her hubby pled not guilty after prosecutors slapped them with a number of charges -- including conspiracy to commit money laundering that carry significant prison sentence. Prosecutors claim they paid upwards of $500k in bribes to get their daughters into USC. Lori and Mossimo claim they had no idea the scheme was to get the girls in on a rowing scholarship, despite snapping pics of them on a rowing machine.

If convicted, both Lori and Mossimo face a maximum of 40 years in prison.

Felicity Huffman chose a different path ... she pled no contest to conspiracy and money laundering and prosecutors are recommending 4 months behind bars.

The trial for Lori and Mossimo is set for early 2020.

Lori Loughlin May Score Not Guilty Verdict!!! ... With Help of USC Crew Poster


Lori Loughlin may have gotten an assist in her defense -- good old-fashioned ignorance -- 'cause her daughters almost perfectly fit the mold with how women's rowing teams recruit.

An ad for the USC women's crew team popped up on campus over the weekend -- and we for sure thought it couldn't have been real ... seeing how tone-deaf it came off and the implications behind it, considering Olivia Jade and Isabella's "no experience."

Well ... turns out, the poster is real because we've been educated on how USC women's rowing teams work when it comes to recruiting walk-ons and the like.

A USC alum who was actually a coxswain at the university tells us women's rowing teams often recruit potential teammates who have zero experience in the sport -- which is kinda what Olivia Jade and Isabella were coming to the table with.

Typically, the way it works is that you already have to be a student to qualify for the team ... it's not for some random people on the street who want in at USC.


But, here's the thing ... in Lori's case, prosecutors have to prove criminal intent to seal a conviction. Sources connected with Lori's defense claim Lori didn't know the $500k payoff was shady, even if the plan was to pretend her daughters were crew-team ready. The poster would seem to help Lori and her husband, both of whom are charged with multiple felonies, because crew experience doesn't seem to be essential.

Prosecutors are trying to squeeze Lori and her husband to cop a plea, but our sources say their lawyers believe they have a real shot at getting a not guilty verdict if push comes to shove.

Olivia Jade Living Her Best Life Her Parents? Not So Much!


Olivia Jade's a walking testament to what Sunday Funday looks like ... never mind her parents are engulfed in the biggest college admissions scam in American history.

We got Lori Loughlin's youngest daughter out Sunday in L.A. where she was dressed like your regular ol' college student but without the responsibilities anymore. We got her arriving at Fred Segal and took another stab at getting her take on her parents allegedly paying $500k in bribes to get her and her sis into USC under false pretenses.

But, check out the clip ... Olivia's clearly looking out for Numero Uno and her friends are there to make sure she adjusts back to her normal life amid the scandal. We've also got some pics ... showing Olivia surrounded by friends drinking what appear to be mimosas.

And, as kids do these days, they were also glued to their phones. You'll recall we also got Olivia out Friday leaving IKEA with a mystery man ... more evidence she's doing what she wanted to do in the first place -- pre-college.

As for her parents ... they're in the fight of their lives after pleading not guilty to a slew of charges.

Olivia Jade In Full Rebuilding Mode ... Amid College Scandal


Olivia Jade is putting her life back together one furniture purchase at a time -- at least that's what it looked like as she left IKEA with a mystery man.

Lori Loughlin's youngest daughter was walking out of the home furnishings store Friday in LA -- with a dude who wasn't her boyfriend, Jackson Guthy -- pushing a cart with just one boxed item in it. A Fjällbo coffee table? Or a Skarsta desk? Maybe even a Vittsjö shelf unit???

Who the hell knows? One thing that is clear -- she's gonna be building something, and seeing how we're told this was shot AFTER a trip to USC ... it's likely she's on the move.

Olivia didn't say much about the college cheating scandal, FWIW. The pap grilled her though, asking if she'd been in contact with her mom, and whether she was moving out.

As you know ... both of Olivia's parents have pled not guilty to the slew of charges brought against them since they were first indicted back in March for allegedly paying upwards of $500k in bribes to get their daughters into USC under false pretenses.

Felicity Huffman went a different route -- copping a plea, but still facing the possibility of jail time ... if prosecutors get their way.

As for Olivia here ... just a snippet in her wonderful everyday.

USC Women's Rowing Ad ... Taking Major Jab at Lori's Daughters???


Someone at USC wants you to think that Lori Loughlin and her daughters were NOT a one-off, but actually the status quo in that ya need NO experience for the women's rowing team.

A laminated poster promoting the D1 ladies crew team is literally hanging in the women's locker room inside USC's Lyon Rec Center right now, which has a pretty eyebrow-raising slogan ... "Join USC's Women's Rowing ... No experience? No problem."

There's even an email to contact the official asst. coach for questions, and the USC women's rowing social media handle is attached as well. Hmm ... interesting.

As you know ... Lori and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, have both been indicted and charged for allegedly paying hundreds of thousands in bribes to get their daughters -- Olivia Jade and Isabella -- into USC via the crew team ... even though they weren't rowers.

For the record ... Lori and Mossimo have pled not guilty to the initial conspiracy charges, as well as the additional money laundering charges that were filed when they didn't follow Felicity Huffman's lead in copping a plea.

Either way -- it would appear this poster is an elaborate joke that someone went to some lengths to pull off, assuming it is, in fact, fake. We only say that because it looks pretty damn real ... and it's eerily similar to an official recruiting ad the rowing team ran in 2018.

So, here's the thing .... we'd like to give USC the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a fake, 'cause if it wasn't ... it'd be incredibly tone-deaf and, frankly, dumb all things considered.

Just in case though, we've reached out to USC for official comment to see if they green-lit this. So far, no word back.

'Full House' Creator Sues Co-Exec. Producer ... His 'Me Too' Lies Got Me Fired!!!

Breaking News

"Full House" creator Jeff Franklin says he was double-crossed by one of his co-workers ... leading to Jeff getting fired from the show ... according to a lawsuit.

Franklin says he hired Bryan Behar to be a writer and co-executive producer on "Fuller House" ... but he allegedly spread lies about him to create a "false narrative" that Franklin was a sexist pig around women with whom they both worked.

In the suit, Franklin accuses Behar of taking advantage of the "Me Too" movement and telling Warner Bros. execs that Franklin told female writers to "dress provocatively," commented on their looks and discussed his sex life with them.

One of the most damaging falsehoods -- according to docs obtained by TMZ -- involved a pool party for show writers at Franklin's home. Behar allegedly told execs Franklin demanded female writers all wear bikinis at the event. Franklin insists he merely made suits available for anyone who forgot to bring one.

As for Behar's motive? In the suit, Franklin says Behar was out for his job, and "began plotting a scheme ... by secretly keeping a self-described "little black book'" filled with events he could twist or distort to make Franklin look bad.

Franklin was fired earlier this year, and he points out in the suit ... Behar got promoted to executive producer and showrunner for "Fuller House." Franklin gloats in his lawsuit, highlighting the fact the show's going off the air after its upcoming 5th season.

Franklin is suing Behar for interfering with his ability to negotiate a new contract with WB.

Lori Loughlin & Felicity Huffman Any Plea Deal Will Have Prison Attached


Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman could cut plea bargains if they want 'em -- but they wouldn't be getting off easy ... because prosecutors want prison time, TMZ has learned.

Federal law enforcement sources tell TMZ, any plea would come with a recommendation by prosecutors that the actresses serve some time behind bars. The official told us, "You can't have people being treated differently because they have money. That's how we got to this place. Every defendant will be treated the same."

Prosecutors will not have the final word if the cases are plea bargained. The U.S. Attorney would make a recommendation to the judge, but the judge has the final word.

Lori and Felicity each face a maximum of 5 years in prison if convicted of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

Our sources say it is "likely" plea bargain discussions will begin, but we're told no plea deal has been made.

Lori and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, have been accused of paying ringleader Rick Singer $500,000 to get their daughters into USC by falsely claiming they would participate in the crew team.

Felicity is accused of paying Singer $15,000 to rig her daughter's SAT test.

50 people have been charged in the alleged scams, and we're told more indictments are expected.

Bob Saget, John Stamos We Love Lori Loughlin ... But It's Complicated


A couple of Lori Loughlin's "Fuller House" costars are hesitant to talk about her legal situation, but the looks on their faces make it pretty clear ... they've got lots of love for her.

Bob Saget and John Stamos were leaving Avra restaurant in Beverly Hills Thursday when we asked if they're still supporting Lori ... or if they're upset with her in any way for her alleged part in the college admissions bribery scandal.

Bob had a little more to say, telling us you love who you love and stick with them ... echoing the message of another "Fuller House" star, Candace Cameron Bure, at the Kids' Choice Awards.

Saget was quick to add ... "Life's complicated."

That's a sentiment with which Stamos agrees, but other than that he's tight-lipped.

As we reported ... Loughlin's not coming back to "Fuller House" for its fifth season, and also lost her Hallmark gig in the wake of her arrest for allegedly paying bribes to get her kids into USC.

Her husband was also indicted, along with Felicity Huffman and several other parents with children in prestigious schools like Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Georgetown and UCLA.

Lori Loughlin Surrenders to FBI ... Bond Set at $1 Million

3:15 PM PT -- Loughlin got the same treatment as her husband ... the judge set her bond at $1 million. Just like Mossimo Giannulli, she was allowed to put their home up as collateral to secure the bond.

She will be allowed to travel to Vancouver and British Columbia, Canada for purposes of work -- that's where she shoots projects for the Hallmark Channel. However, she'll have to surrender her passport in December, once all her contracted work in Canada is completed.

The judge also instructed Loughlin to avoid contact with other suspects and witnesses ... other than her daughters and husband. She'll have to appear in federal court in Boston on March 29 ... along with Mossimo and Felicity Huffman.

Lori Loughlin just surrendered to federal authorities in Los Angeles ... turning herself in after being charged in a massive bribery scam involving some of the country's most elite universities.

Law enforcement sources tell us Loughlin made prior arrangements to meet with FBI Agents Wednesday for her surrender.

As we reported ... the FBI showed up at her doorstep early Tuesday morning, but she wasn't home because she was shooting in Vancouver. FBI agents arrested her husband, Mossimo clothing founder Mossimo Giannulli, who was also indicted in the bribery scam, and made arrangements with Lori's team for her to turn herself in when she got back to L.A.

FBI agents will now take Lori to a federal building where she'll be processed by federal marshals.

As you know ... Lori and Felicity Huffman were among the 50 people indicted for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. Lori and Mossimo allegedly paid $500,000 to have their 2 daughters designated as recruits for USC's crew team, despite the fact the girls didn't actually participate in the sport.


Huffman was arrested Tuesday -- along with Mossimo -- in an operation in Los Angeles. Both were released Tuesday night, but didn't speak with cameras.

Originally Published -- 8:47 AM PT

John Stamos & Jodie Sweetin Visibly Shocked by Lori's Indictment


Lori Loughlin's "Full House" and "Fuller House" co-stars John Stamos and Jodie Sweetin are rallying around her ... in maybe the only way they can for now on the heels of her indictment in the college bribery scandal.

We got Uncle Jesse leaving Madeo Tuesday night in Bev Hills -- where our camera guy, of course, asked him about his TV love interest getting busted for allegedly committing bribery and fraud to get her kids into college.

John whipped out a "no comment" real quick, and even though he flashed a peace sign before driving off -- with a sweet doggy bag, BTW -- it's still clear Lori's castmates are concerned.


We got Jodie Tuesday afternoon right after she flew into LAX. She seemed even more upset than John when we asked if she was surprised by the news. Of course she is.

A lot of stunned silence from Lori's pals ... which is kinda how many of her fans feel.

Trouble in the Tanner household, for sure.

John Stamos Future Papa's a Baby Whisperer!


John Stamos ain't got daddy issues ... never mind he's gonna be a first-time papa.

We got the "Full House" star at LAX with his pregnant fiancée, Caitlin McHugh, in tow and wondered what it'll be like to a first-time father at 54. Our photog might've touched a nerve there, so he pivoted and then asked ... if his TV dad skills will translate in real life.

John cracked a joke, but the future DILF revealed he's actually really great around babies.

Have mercy!!!

Jodie Sweetin Ex-Husband Getting 'Fuller' Pockets


Jodie Sweetin's ex-husband went crying to the judge for child support now that Jodie's a big star again ... and the judge agreed with him.

The "Fuller House" star has been ordered to cough up $2,800 per month to Morty Coyle ... this according to new docs obtained by TMZ. We broke the story ... Morty went to court asking for child support claiming she's now making at least $600k per year, largely in part to the new Netflix series.

When the divorce went final in 2016, Jodie said she was earning just $4,000 per month, and the judge said she didn't have to pay child support.

What a difference a year makes.

'Full House' Besties We Couldn't Date 'NKOTB' ... Not Rights Stuff


Candace Cameron-Bure & Andrea Barber could have ended up with Knight or Wahlberg as their last names -- but freakin' lawyers came between the "Full House" duo and the New Kids on the Block.

D.J. and Kimmy Gibbler caught the NKOTB show Saturday in L.A. ... and while they never say if they ever hooked up with Jordan, Donnie or any of the others ... it sounds like they would have if not for some legal red tape.

More importantly, it sounds like Andrea had a little vino ... 'cause she was giggling like a teenager.

As for the unauthorized Lifetime movie about "Full House" -- they suggest you tune into Netflix for the REAL deal ... check it out.

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