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Bounty Hunter -- Glowing after Hospital Release

10/21/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog the Bounty Hunter was back out on the town following his brief hospitalization earlier this month for internal bleeding -- and we gotta say, he couldn't look more ... er ... radiant.

Dog -- whom bad guys can see coming from a mile away ... at night ... in a fog ... without their contacts in -- lit up Boa Steakhouse in L.A. last night.

Get your shine on.


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i think you all need to leave dog alone 1. try walking in his shoes 2. you know the only reason why tmz put something like this up is because they need the money and further more if you watch this crap on tmz then why dont we take a look in your closets everyone that post a neg... comment is pretty shallow and cold hearted i am PROUD TO BE A FAN OF DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER

1431 days ago


If you would like to know the FACTS about Duane "DOG" Chapman go to and you will see evidence of this man and his families AWESOME CONTRIBUTION to others and their families...You all have choose to hate on the wrong family and fan base.....that's all i have to say....
if you watch his show you will see that they break the law in just about every episode...his punk son leland loves sucker punching old drunk crack heads they they try to passs it off as him being tough.

1431 days ago


Dog and his wife are so disgusting its unreal. He looks like a toss-up of The Crypt Keeper, and Chewbacca. His wife looks like the OctoMom when she was pregnant.

1431 days ago


Hey Gimmeabreak - I read his life history too, so I know what went down. He was 1/2 block away, no weapon and didn't want to go to the house. The stupe - Donny was carrying the gun and got so nervous he fired the gun. To call Dog a murderer is just wrong. He served 18 months and was released after his case was once again reviewed and they thought he had got a bad deal. No murderer serves 18 months. Just stop with the HATE, it sounds like you personally HATE him for existing as a human being.

1431 days ago


You people making such negative remarks and calling the Chapmans names - must be the only true beautiful, virtuose and right people in this world!! If we saw pictures of you, I wonder what the comments would be, when everyone decides just to have fun taking "shots" at some celebrity. I like Dog Chapman and his show and he has millions of fans and a few of you who just exist for chat forums like this.

1431 days ago



1431 days ago


Gawww.... Who let the Haters out? The Chapman's are one of the Nicest families you would ever meet. They have taken a whole lot of people that were headed in the wrong direction in life & turned them around. And if you don't know someone personally you should not judge them. But the ones that are hatin on the Chapman Ohana are either dope heads, fugitives or just Jealous people. Haters do you surf the web just to find something on Dog to put Negative comments? Well like I always say Karma is a Bitch & What comes around goes around!!! Keep being hateful & see where you go on Judgment day!! GOD BLESS THE CHAPMAN OHANA! & MANY MAHOLAS =) Keep up the good work! LOTS OF LOVE FROM BAMA*-*

1431 days ago


This guy belongs in jail

1431 days ago


who cares about this red-neck.....

1431 days ago


Glad to see Dog out and about. He does such good work. I love how he was able to turn his life around in such a positive way and actually make something of himself.

1431 days ago


Oompa Doopa Doggitty Do...I've got another riddle for you...Oompa Doopa Doggitty Dee...light application of spray tan is the key.

1431 days ago


Dog and his family have made mistakes in their lives just like the rest of us, Unlike them, I'm willing to bet very few of the haters on here have ever gone on to do anything decent with their lives. Dog was a bounty hunter trying to help the people long before the Tv show was even thought of, and the fact that he has become such a huge icon to many different people from every backround all around the world must be hard for the narrow minded, depressingly stupid people on here. While Dog and his family may take these attacks with a smile, a roll of the eye's and their usual dignity, The fans will not. Those who support the Chapmans can shout just as loud and just as hard as you, although thanks goodness we tend to be a damn site smarter. Sucks to be you doesn't it!

1431 days ago


Heyyyy Don't talk about Leland!

1431 days ago


If all Dog's fans could be here to write - they would blow you out of the water you haters. I'm sure you think you are clever in your remarks, but you are just a little-minded person who can only make one word sentences at best. Dog the Bounty Hunter will certainly survive without you!!

1431 days ago


LOL@ whichever staffer wrote this one. Thanks for the laugh!

1431 days ago
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