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Bounty Hunter -- Glowing after Hospital Release

10/21/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog the Bounty Hunter was back out on the town following his brief hospitalization earlier this month for internal bleeding -- and we gotta say, he couldn't look more ... er ... radiant.

Dog -- whom bad guys can see coming from a mile away ... at night ... in a fog ... without their contacts in -- lit up Boa Steakhouse in L.A. last night.

Get your shine on.


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Y do he got    

If he gets any redder I`d run for cover looks like his pin legs are about to blow off.His face looks like his fattass wife`s falling off bloobs who give a rattass about this loser JOHN WALSH is the real deal dooggie an`t payed the dues and the movie would suck worse than david the duddy dogsmit eater.WOW sir get some real COPS not thug fake actors again and again and again.A fake badge makes for a fake show and if he was`nt a joe blow red neck and was black he would be dwn4LIFE by now.JOHN WALSH is the only enforcer PR person I watch on the air as most are pure dirt bag clony island frat MOOBSTERS hidding behind their sheilds these is just one more.Done more puta ways and self defences than anyone BUT sure would never take dime one or be on some lame tv show4that.Showboat loser run away when the bullets fly and the knifes start cutting.

1461 days ago

your mom    

wow i don't understand why everyone hates on dog either.. he's the good guy here you all just don't see it.. you always wanna see the bad bigger picture well hope you can see my middle finger up!!

1461 days ago


Fakes! they say they love God but yet they treat people like crap! and his fatass wife talks so much crap to women and he backs it up because he's probably afraid of his cow wife! yeah! I was on his twitter and he's a rude PIG!!

1461 days ago


Ya know, I live in Honolulu and I have always found his angle of "all of Oahu is a slum, and we're all ice addicts", tiring. He and his wife use the very thing that Hawaiians in general hate, all the "Brah and sista" and fake pidgin. They may bring in bail jumpers and such, but they have elevated themselves to what they are not.

His place on Queen Emma st. is now run down, tagged, and empty during the day, but people still stupidly pose for pictures outside and look in like they are going to get a personal invitation....

I guess in reality, without the show, they would just be another racist, redneck country couple that had the fortune to live here, but living in a luxury house in Portlock provided by the network, is a lot different than living in public housing in Waianae...Without the show, they are really just an oddity.

1461 days ago


Look, Charlie Brown, it's the Great Pumpkin! And just in time for Halloween!

1461 days ago


Wow, the ignorance of people continues to astound me on a daily basis. I seriously wonder those who are posting negative comments about Dog's and family's appearance etc. really look like. Chances are they are pretty nasty looking and in dire need of a fashion intervention with Stacey and Clinton. Easy to make nasty comments about people from the safe anonymity of your computer. But put everybody in the same room face to face with the Chapmans, how many of you would make those same nasty comments? None, I bet.

1461 days ago

northern gypsy    

that's what i'm talking about...
someone on staff has a wicked sense of humour !!!
thxs...i needed that laugh...

1461 days ago


Some of you really do show your ignorance. You assume all fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter are trash, and not worth anything. I have never heard such garbage in my life come from supposed intelligent people. Yeah this is a site for comments, but you should keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you are ignorant, or open it and remove all doubt!!

1460 days ago


I have never seen such hatred expressed whether as fun or a joke. But now it is easy to understand why some poor kids end up committing suicide because of hate-filled remarks. You are the type of people who set the examples.

1460 days ago


Scared Straight: Now this is what you call "VISUAL BIRTH-CONTROL"! One too many looks at his blue ribbon pig wife and VIAGRA would be useless!!!

1460 days ago

Dog Shrink    

What a DOUCHE! Really??? I think some one changed the can in his spray tanner booth to indaglo idiot insted of mellow yellow.

1460 days ago


wth?!?!?! and button up your blouse, mutt.

1460 days ago


snooky's dad?

1460 days ago


I think we found the missing link.

1460 days ago


lol@ him standing up to bullying. That is for PUBLIC consumption, we all know what he thinks when the cameras are off. I have no respect for him. He is like so many people, saying the right thing in front of the camera, but making racist rants in private life. You think this man supports Homosexuality when the cameras are gone? He's probably beaten up a few himself. Who wants what he has; a dumpy big boobed wife and 14 children from goodness knows how many baby mamas, a face that looks like 20 miles of bad road and hair that looks like it grew out of a scarecrow's head. Yeah #30 we're all jealous of that. He's only being more cautious now because he got caught once. I wish him well, but he's no one to look up to.

1460 days ago
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